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Hello Daniel do you try to restart iPhone with power button?.Cheers :P

Hello and welcome to the forum Whited00r is modified iOS very very old 3.1.3 which is with not support [ i think no apps will support  :'(] and it's upgrade the look and function in new iOS.Cheers

So all push apps even on stock 3.1.3 no longer work (not restored from a backup in iTunes right?) it seems... :(
That's something we cannot fix :/
Set up a new,Bruan i think Apple soon will kill us to use the new os....  :-\
Cheers ....

Stock 3.1.3 notification not work[Actived with iTunes,no Cydia installed].I think it's time to upgrade .... all apps we need is with cut support...
Cheers  :-\
P.S:Keep work team,but i think is lost time to use this device ..... In this time is useful for calling,sms,camera[maybe] and music.... battery is not strongest...

Yep,but what iTechy said will be expensive...Cheers  :)

It would have to be moderated and server hosting can be expensive...
MMM the free hosting can will be a idea?

Hello and welcome to the forums.The half bugs is of mods phone app is modified and many many things.For calculator is that because iPhone display,keyboard is modified and not be changed because will laggy,For lockscreen i think nothing do,chronometer alarm has ui bugs,In setting you are changed something to do that,Maps is not usefull because location not working...,
Whited00r working very hard to fix this bugs in new version which we waiting.Cheers  :)

It would be cool to make app like facebook messenger to chat with all whited00r users.Thumbs up for the idea isfiisfar.Cheers  :)

Well i don't know what to say you.Try to reinstall whited00r if you want.For me Viber works,did you install or delete any substrates in cydia.Cheers  :)

Well that is very interesting.Do you restore from a backup? Do you install whited00r 7 or 7.1 and cydia patch?
Insert in terminal:
Code: [Select]
alpine [default password]
kilall -SEGV SpringBoard
and try again.Cheers :P

No problem I'm here to help.Yes Viber for now is the best alternative and maybe IM+.Cheers  :)

Hello and welcome to the forum.As skype whatsapp cut support for old device and support ios 5 and above.Nothing do to fixing it :(.Cheers and enjoy Whited00r :)

Hello and welcome to the forum.Whited00r start a new project called Grayd00r which will support iPad 1 ,Ipod Touch 3G and Apple TV 2.Cheers  :)

Amateur Developers / Re: Better Whited00r 7.1 UI Theme
« on: October 19, 2014, 06:47:53 AM »
Hello I try your UI theme and is cool,but is it possible to make music app more like ios 7.I found a glitch in control center when you drag a button to volume up/down the music button come large.Cheers :)

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