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I had it on 4.2.1 on my iTouch 2G.

Hey guys, I'm looking for a version of AppTrailers that will work with WD6 or iOS 4.2.1. If you could upload the .ipa to Dropbox that would be best because most other sites are either blocked or take very long to load on my campus. Thank you!

The majority of popular apps (Such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik etc.) are on the WD exclusive AppTimeMachine. Just open App Market. Slide to the left and a square titled "Time Machine" will appear. Tap the square and you will be brought to a website that offers free iOS 3.1.3 compatible apps that work perfectly with WD6.

I was trying to use sn0wbreeze to downgrade my friends iPod 4 to 6.1.2 and then remove the tether and just jailbreak evasi0n but, every time I would try to downgrade with the custom IPSW, it would always flag an error. I tried PWNd DFU but that didn't work. Eventually I just settled with 6.1.3 tethered. :P

So, someone sends you an iOS 6 emoji and you copy paste the square into this website and it shows you the emoji as a picture? Seems very cumbersome just to see one emoji. 

Soltmeal Threads - Archive / Re: Redd00r 7 Alpha
« on: June 08, 2013, 02:47:54 AM »
Why make Redd00r for iPhone 4 if it will most likely have iOS 7? Won't it be supported unless it has some monster thing that takes a ton of processing power? Well, I guess it will be great to run if Apple doesn't give the iPhone 4 iOS 7. We will know for sure on Monday when WWDC starts.

Try this. This should work because its a very early stage of iTransmission. I should probably add it to my repo but I won't

Read this and it will help you with the installation:

I'm still having problems with the 3.25 version of the app and saying how I need OpenGL ES 2. It also says it's for iOS 4.3.

This is Bcooperizcool's ipsw. I haven't tried itchyballzaks's ipsw yet.

Sweet! Now Archetype is on every armv6 I own.  8)

Install with Terminal and so on?
chmod 775 /var/mobile/sbutils.deb
dpkg -i /var/mobile/sbutils.deb

I downgraded my iPod 2G to iOS 3.1.3 then jailbroke and now I want to install Archetype. Sadly, I cannot because I added your repo and went to download it but it says I need Ch40s. I went back to your repo to install this tweak manually but it says I need SButils. (I think that is the package name. Not 100% sure.) Any suggestion on how to get Ch40s?

Once I get paid this week, I will donate without a doubt. You can count on it.  ;D

I know I'm putting you guys through a lot with this stupid app but, could you upload it to DropBox? My internet isn't the greatest and it takes a few minutes to even access the download page. The WiFi here on campus is trash lol. :P DropBox seems to work best.

Oh my god this package is amazing. Way better than redd00r in my opinion. :P It actually brings iOS 6 to every device.

Sn0wbreeze says it can't recognize the IPSW that I've downloaded from numerous times. I'm just going to jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 and use Bcooperizcool's custom firmware.

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