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Amateur Developers / Re: Universal custom firmware -- Resurrection
« on: August 28, 2013, 11:40:09 PM »
can I uninstall Ch40's utilities then?

WD comes Pre-Jailbroken, there is no need to use another program to install it, Just use iTunes and restore to WD.

Glad you figured it out :O

For future reference you can edit posts if no one has posted after you, to avoid cluttering up the forums/thread :)  (I edited them all together and removed the extra ones just now so don't worry about it here ;) ).

That's what I would have suggested to get around the 16xx errors, as that is what the general solution is (entering PWNED DFU mode).

Just out of curiosity, what version of iReb did you use?

iReb R5.

Hello. I was using WD but i wanted to update to 4.2.1, even if it's slow i wanted to try some "things"
Now, the problem comes when i tried to restore to stock iOS 4.2.1 with no Baseband Upgrade, I put my iPhone in DFU and selected the right .ipsw  , during the restore in iTunes said "Preparing your iPhone for Restore" and my iPhone stayed in a white screen until iTunes shows Error "1601" . and now when i power on the iPhone stays in the iTunes Icons asking to restore.
Using Windows, uninstalled iTunes and re-installed. (Now i'm trying with another pc. I'll update this thread if sometging happens)


Tried in an old mac using iTunes 9.2, iTunes can't connect to iPhone update service.

Hmmm... kind of fixed, while the screen was white, I closed iTunes and started again, with the screen still white, Pressed Shift+Restore, selected .ipsw and the Apple logo with the progress bar shows on the iPhone but iTunes is still "Preparing iPhone to restore" . I'll give it a few more minutes.

Well, Fixed, in order to fix, this is what i made.
-Use iReb for PWN DFU
-Open iTunes, press Shif+Restore and selected Stock iOS 4.2.1 Modified with Sn0wbreeze for no baseband upgrade. (It can be any firmware)
-Wait for the white screen, about 5 minutes. Close iTunes, Open again and, again, Shift+Restore and select the same firmware.
-The iPhone will show the Apple logo and the progress bar. iTunes will still show "Preparing iPhone for restore"
-About 5 minutes later, the restore will continue normally.

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This also happened to me.
Just use iReb and follow instructions, It doesn't matter if nothing shows on the screen, after you connect to iTunes you will have to restore.

You will have to restore.
Use iReb or Redsn0w to put it in DFU, even if nothing shows on your screen, do it.
Use iTunes to restore

I tried using a registered number, and it still it doesn't work.
What if i register  my Number using iDroid and after use Whatsapp on iOS?

Maybe using newer versions, like 2.5.6 and above, and maybe one of them will work, but as brian said "This is one step further..."

That is the same that happens to me

Okay, seems like 2.8.4 doesn't shows the "passcode" string in the net.whatsapp.Whatsapp.plist, but anyway I can't enable the chat.

Well, it works, but i can't chat, maybe my bad Wifi Connection it says "Sorry, we failed to register you with a chat server. Contact support? and the Favorites tab is Stuck in "Creating Favorites"
The 2.5.6 version here:

i'll try with 2.8.4 version and feedback if something happens.

It worked for me. I did the exact same procedure.

iPhone 3G, Stock iOS 4.2.1
Installed WhatsApp version 2.5.6

It said "Network Problem - Sorry, we could not connect to our sms authentication server. This is probably due to a poor network connectivity. Please try again once you have a better network connectivity"
I used iTools and opened net.whatsapp.Whatsapp.plist and there a "PassCode"
Used it and worked normal.

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Look at post #12 please. :)
Yes, but my Wifi is very slow, this method doesn't needs a Wifi connection on the iPhone.

Do i have to use Linux?
I tried to run it on a Vmware but i couldn't.
Is there another way to do this without Linux?
On iPhone 3G

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