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u need to update to ios 6 in order to install such apps...... dont work on ios 3 anymore...
kik messener us to work.. but idk if even that works anymore or not

it means the DFU mode drivers for ur iphone arent installed in ur PC

thats why u should make sure ur device has atleast 60% charge b4 restore it

sounds like a charging port issue

did u apply any cydia substrate updates?

almost everyone on the forum has tried to edit info.plist for the new apps to work on older ios...
believe m bro.... every single of us have failed...  the app may install but it will crash as soon as it is launched... once the API of an app has changed there's no way u can run the app...without updating....
 so as the newer version of app isnt compatible with older ios ..
 all u can do is say good bye to that app just like whatsapp..viber...nd many other apps...

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u need a PC/laptop/mac for this
make sure ur iphone is jailbroken... now install appsync for ios 3 ...
now download cracked .ipa files from internet .... if u want games then is what i suggest
 in case of apps u need to know the last compatible version of that app...
after u have the .ipa file... u can use... ifunbox/itools to install the app to iphone without using itunes

One of the Best idea regarding iPhone  is watching south Asian Television Channels online in iPhone.
umm.. brother... he didnt ask for a app suggestion.. anyways. thnx for the help ...

why u installed bootlace? just remove it if u dont need... also remove some tweaks that u dont use....
have u applied the OTA update...
 if above methods dont work... just disable some whited00r feature from settings

hey... m wondering if there's any custom firmware  like wted00r... for iphone 4... that comes pre carrier unlocked.. nd jailbroken... any help will be greatly appreciated...
  actually i have iphone 4 running ios 7.1.2 with baseband 4.12.09 .... nd i dont have its sim card.. so it isnt activated ... i hacktivated it... but i cant jailbreak it.. cauz PANGU or taig require the cell to be activated....

update... my iphone is bypassed activation... i can access the homescreen in iphone.. but when connect to pc it say that iphone not activated.. can anyone tell me hw to fix?

iPhone 4 dosent have a Lightning Port (remember?)
 @ isfiisfar: How are you brother??? ;D
1) Did you try or have you jailbroken it?
2) Does it turn on when you plug it into a wall charger? if it does how long does it charge?
3) Ya and check the battery
4) From your 1st post : 1: when i capture a pic.. the phone immediately reboots... :P
I smell software there  :P i have observed when i was on iOS 8 (really buggy!!!!!) some times thou (while unlocking)
Have you used iTools or iFunbox to put your songs? Have you put some photos too? and again this had happned on WD7 when i restored backup using iTools... :)

hey br0...  m good, hw r u,,,,
 my iphone not activated.. so cant jailbreak...
 the charging issue fixed by changing the usb port...
 but the problem m still facing is the phone shutdown issue,,,,
 i think its battery cauz when capture a pic... it turn off immediately not shutdown...
 BTW M on os 7.1.2

k so fixed the charging problem.. it was port issue...

but i cant fix the iphone turning off issue...
when i click a  pic or if there's any kinda load on iphone it just  turn off.. like someone remove battery,,,,  so is it the battery issuue?

u can use appcake

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