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for those of you who are facing problems with the new update of cydia safe mode substrate .. try uninstalling the current substrate from cydia . then use ifunbox or any other SSh client to reinstall the substrate the .deb of the substrate is provided below
NOTE: deleting the substrate will also delete some of the apps that depend on the substrate so be sure to make a back up of ur apps
after installing the substrate go to the saurik source in cydia look for cydia substrate click modify then click on install...similarly look for other things that are missing

dont use this method unless u know something about iphone cydia and know how to treat your device if anything goes wrong.. other wise i will not be responsible for any of ur loss

Installation Instructions
Done by Bruan
Don't do this if you don't know what to do if your device doesn't boot or work properly after this, but don't worry too much as a restore will fix it anyway in most cases.  None of us are to be held liable if all hell breaks loose and something goes catastrophically wrong.

1. Download the .deb
Get the link at the bottom of this post

2. Get iFunBox or iTools or similar
(or skip this if you already know how to get files from your computer to your device)

3. Copy the .deb from your computer onto /var/mobile on your device

4. Open up terminal
You can skip this and step 5 if you have iFile or something like that, and just use that to install the .deb, and then reboot manually

5. Type in the following commands
Code: [Select]
dpkg -i /var/mobile/com.saurik.substrate*
You can type the full filename if you want, but this is easier and quicker ;)  (pretty sure it works if memory serves correct)

is there any video playing app that can play 3gp format  videos? on whited00r 7.1.4

Edit by Bruan to provide more keywords in the title :)

hey guys.. enlist your all the favorite apps/tweaks that you use :)
mine are:
stranger chat
android lock

hey guys, if u ever forget ur android lock pattern then u have no need to uninstall the application..
1:use ifunbox/itools to navigate to /var/mobile/library/prefrences and look for com.zmaster.androidlock.plist
2:open  the plist file
3:find "<key>LockPattern</key>
                     ur password will be stated here as numbers as on the keypad
4:change the password or just remember it.......

hey... mY rep0 has all ios 3.1.3 compatible tweaks

try it.. and ask for any other ios 3.1.3 compatible app i will upload it to my repo :P :P

hey.. i need the ipa file of atomic web browser lite compatible with ios 3.1.3. i need the ipa file because when ever i try to download it from the app time machine. the atm app juts crash,....
it doesnt crash when i try to download other apps :P so i need the ip afile from apptimemachine :P :D

i recently updated to wd 7.1.4 nd found a bug/problem..the music app crashes as soon as the song ends this wasn't happening before, also happens in safe mode nd i have not restored from back up .. set up as new device :P

Solution was to sync music via iTunes, it was a once off issue not related to whited00r :) - Bruan

Amateur Developers / How to change the position of passcode dots on WD7.1?
« on: November 25, 2014, 05:27:05 PM »
hello everyone, I'm trying to change the lockscreen keypad but I'm facing some problems.. can anyone please tell me how do I change the position of the passcode dots because they are not allowing me to increase the height of the keypad :) :)

o WHITED00r 8... r u ever gonna come out,, cauz everybody is waiting for u :P :P :)

 i was thinking that the developers should work to build a social app only for whited00r... so that only whited00r users could use it  :) :) :) :)

I am having problem while whited00r 7.1 on my ipod 1g. I did the following steps :
1: I put the ipod in pwned dfu mode using ireb r7
2: when i tried to restore with itunes 12.1 it gave me error message 1602
3: I tried the above procedure again and again and tried with 4 different cables
4: I tried restoring using itunes 11.0.3 but it gave m error message 1600
5: I have disabled my antivirus and firewall but still i see the errors.

in the past while installing whited00r 6 I had no issues on the same pc

please help!!! :)

Edit by Bruan to provide more keywords in the title :)

does any one has a cracked version of chaton for ios 3.1.3... btw the last compatible version was 1.5.2  :) :) :)

hello can anyone suggest the social/chatting apps working with whited00r 7 i have tried searching but only found instant messenger clients i looking for social apps that support making new friends :) :) :) :) :)

can anyone please upload lockinfo fori ios 3 and also the ios 5 lockinfo theme from ragingninja repo both in .deb files. for some reason i dont have access to cydia any kind of help will be greatly appreciated  :) :) :) :)

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