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I know that I can google that but there are so many ways and I don't know which is working on wd6 and probably is free.... And i guess mostly are apps that won't even work with wd 6, crash or have some other issue ...
actually wanted to know if anyone knows a way that works for sure ...

Hi just wanted to ask of there is a working (easy) way to download torrents from piratebay etc to the iPhone?

Thx got MXTUBE now

Anyone knows an app with which I can download videos from YouTube... I don't mean any tweaks from cydia .

Does Skype from Apptimemachine Not have push Feature?

App Time Machine FAQ - Suggestions & Problems Fix / mBox MAil not pushing
« on: February 11, 2013, 08:01:49 PM »
i got an iphone 3g with wd6 and a push certificate from pushfixer...Pushnotifications work well with iPusher and whatsapp...but not with mBox Mail from apptimemachine....anyone knows how to make it work?
ALso how can i get mails pushed from hotmail and gmail?

is there a way that mails from hotmail, and gmail are beeing pushed?

maybe i just didnt say it right, but everything is working great i just wanted to know wether its possible to disable/remove the substrate that connects cycorder to the camer app?

But the tweak would still be installed/enabled?
So there wouldnt be any speed improvement...?

Yeah but i already disabled all Features like folders etc. and also al Daemons
So the only thing that's different from safe mode is the camera slider thing?
And that's why I wanted to know if you can get cycorder back as a seperate app to make wd6 run as fast as in safe mode?!
P.S.: WD is really awesome, especially the app time machine!

i got wd 6 installed and all features and daemons disabled and it runs pretty smooth...
Sometimes when i type in my pin and then press ok, and it doesnt unlock immediately i press ok severel times again the iphone crashes and goes in, i think safe mode  but it doesnt say safe mode on top of the screen, never the less the only diffrence i noticed is that the camera slider thing wouldnt direct me to cycorder....But the point is that the iphone is even faster in that mode and i wanted to ask, if its possible to get the cycorder as a seperate app again, and if this is really the only difference between the safe and the normal mode, and wether this would make it as fast as in safe mode?

Moderator note: Edited thread title to add relevant keywords as described in WD 6: Tips to Quickly Solve your Problems/Bugs & Get Answers FAST!

im Running WD 5.2 on my iPhone 3G. After i disabled Multitasking and i enabled it again and it seemed to work Causen the Multitasking Bar Shows up and Works. But the Problem is that i cant enable Backrounding by keeping the Home Button hold...
Any idea how i can fix it?
P.s.: It worked before i disabled and reenabled it

i wanted to ask how it can be done , cause when i disable the fastappswitching and also sara , and then install darlos multitasking from the repo it works like it should except that holding down the home button long doesnt background the apps.
also installed activator , but cant find backgrounder in there...

When i click on any of the apps
There comes file error
whats the problem there?

just wondered if WD 5.2, or 5.1 didnt have fatter letters on the keyboard....kinda remember it like that..?
Looks/looked like that on the iphone 4 aswell?

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