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If an app requires iOS 5+ (like most on the app store) then sadly you can not install it unless you have an older version of that app.

Follow 4.x.x. Remember it doesn't give you iOS 5, just a replication of some features and details.

I know of the app FB2 reader on the App Store, but it requires iOS 6 sadly :(

First you need to jailbreak your iPod using greenp0ison if you have not already. There are many instructions and tutorials online. Just search on google. Then look under installation on the Archetype link I provided earlier. Add the repo listed there and the Archetype Package will be in that repo. Install using Cydia.

What do you need help understanding?

Hello and welcome to the whited00r Forums!

There is no way to get Apple's official iOS 5. Unfortunately since you have an MC Model, whited00r is also not an option at the moment. I would try a custom firmware called "Archetype" made by the forum member "bcooperizcool." You can see it here.

I have never heard of this happening, but I do not own an iPhone 3G so I can not be certain.

By default software do you mean iOS 4.2.1 Stock? If you wanted you would be able to install 4.2.1 again and iTunes would upgrade your baseband for you.

Welcome to the whited00r Forums!   :)

To answer your question, there should be no risk of bricking your iPhone 3G as long as you enter pwnd DFU mode. I recommend iReb R5, but redsn0w should also work. Even if you don't enter pwnd DFU, you will only get an error and your device will not be bricked. If you have problems you may have to downgrade your baseband. I do not think you need to downgrade BB on WD normal, but just in case here is a tutorial.

That is correct. Whited00r is based on iOS 3.1.3 and downgrading to 3.1.3 on those devices would be a feature loss.

It is sad isn't it?  :( I would like to give everyone here a warning to back up any .ipa's (apps) that they have running on now unsupported devices. (especially third generation devices) This is very important because once these apps are updated to the point where they can't run on your older device, you are out of luck.
(unless you are on iPhone 2G,3G--iPod touch 1G,2G with WD and ATM)

Haha I bet it doesn't and that's a good thing around here! We need you! I'm pretty much just sitting here laughing because I never thought it would even make it into BigBoss! I guess the guy who looked at it just thought it was funny and had some excellent Microsoft Paint memories for Himself!

Haha I didn't know! Its funny I was just bored as heck with Each icon took like 2 minutes lol!
Anyway, I upgraded to Windows 7 and downloaded the new(ish) Photoshop (trial sadly) and made my new Avatar based on the old one.
I haven't decided if I will ever do any theme in Photoshop yet. I barely have any time anymore I am back in High School :(

So the wall charger does not work? If it does or does not, This may sound silly but just leave them plugged into the wall for 2+ hours. This could help.

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