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Free Forum! - Everything Off Topic Elsewhere Goes Here! / Happy Eid!
« on: October 15, 2013, 05:04:15 AM »
Happy Eid to all Muslims worldwide.. Happy Eid to all Muslims both here and in far flung places..

..عـيـد سَـعـيـد لِـجَـمـيـع الـمُـسـِلمـيـن فـي جَـمـيـع أنـحـاء العـالـم.. عـيـد سَـعـيـد لِـجَـمـيـع الـمُسـلِـمـيـن سَـواء هُـنـا أو فـي أمَـاكِـن نـائِـيِـه 

I wish you all a very peaceful, joyous and Happy Eid..

..أتَـمَـنَـي لَـكُـمـ جَـمِـيـعـاً عـيـداً سِـلـمـي جِـداً, مُـفـرِح و سَـعـيِـد

May Allah makes all your wishes come true soon ~

~ يَـارَب يَـجـعَـل جَـمِـيـع أمـانِـيـكُـمـ تَـتَـحَـقـق قَـرِيـبـاً

How to apply themes :

1] Download & extract .rar archive below by WinRAR, 7zip..etc

2] From iFunBox, iPhoneBrowser or iTools navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/

3] Backup or rename BatteryBG_1 till BatteryBG_17

4] Copy the 17 files for any theme you want to apply into the same path

5] Respring ~

.rar archive battery themes :

1] Blue Fire Battery.. 

2] Crysis Theme Battery.. 

3] Dap Tei Thessalonikis Battery.. 

4] Digital Blue Life Battery.. 

5] Dr Pepper Battery.. 

6] Fire Painter Battery.. 

7] Many Lines Battery.. 
8] Neutra Percentage Battery.. 

9] Vista Battery.. 

Download..  B.T [WD]


How to apply fonts :

1] Download & Extract .rar archive below by WinRAR, 7zip.. any decompress software

2] Open iFile from your iPhone if installed, iFunBox, iPhoneBrowser or iTools from your PC

3] Open Raw File System, Navigate to /System/Library/Fonts

4] Backup or rename Helvetica.ttf , HelveticaBold.ttf

5] Drag the font that you want to apply into the same path

6] Respring ~

.rar archive fonts :

1] Albertino

2] Avalon

3] Boldpixe

4] Bringthanoize

5] Comic Sans

6] Desoto

7] Falsepositive

8] Georgia

9] Myriad Pro

10] Neo Sans

11] NeoTech

12] Neuropol

13] Neutraface

14] Rock Show

15] Rothwell

16] Simpsons

17] Smartism

18] Space Age

19] Waltograph

Download..  Fonts [WD]


This mod will change 'Slide to Unlock' slider orientation so that you slide from right to left instead of the stock left to right, It gonna change 'Slide to Power Off' slider orientation too. Not nearly as smooth as the stock slider but it gets the job done. No options to configure, No dependencies. Install then Respring.

How to use without WinterBoard  :

1] Extract both .rar archives
2] Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/
3] Rename Default_0_AirPort, Default_1_AirPort, Default_2_AirPort, Default_3_AirPort to Default_*_AirPortOriginal
4] Rename FSO_0_AirPort, FSO_1_AirPort, FSO_2_AirPort, FSO_3_AirPort to FSO_*_AirPortOriginal
5] Drag Signal Wi-Fi Bars or Blue Wi-Fi Logo 8 files at the same path & Respring ~ ;)

Signal Wi-Fi Bars ~

Blue Wi-Fi Logo ~

Property of Searching Websites via Voice is a Perfect idea, It allows the user to use search by speaking on a Mobile Phone or Computer. Implementing the idea in Whited00r gonna make searching Topics/Posts more ease, more fast & more effectiveness than before! Repeating successful experience of Google gonna give us more success, more power ~

Ever Wanted To Open Whited00r Website Within 2-3 Seconds Instead Of Wasted Time [Opening Your Browser] & Another Wasted Time [Selecting Whited00r From Browser Websites Directory] ~ Adding Whited00r To Win Xp, Vista, 7 & 8 Context Menu Or [Right Click Menu] Will Make It More Ease, More Fast While Opening Website! Extract That .rar Below & Try It Now ~


P.S :

GridLock Is A Powerful Cydia Tweak That Allows You To Arrange Your Icons However You Would Like, With Drag & Drop Simplicty. No Longer Blank Icons Which Have Ugly Shadows, Or You Have To Remember Not To Tap.

1] Install With com.chpwn.iconsupport v1.8.1-1 2] Respring ~

QuickReply For SMS Is A Perfect Cydia Tweak That Allows You To Reply To An SMS/MMS From Anywhere With An Awesome Interface Making It The Best QuickReply Implementation On Cydia! ~ Install With PreferenceLoader 2.1.1-1 ~

Easily Enjoy Feeling Of Using An Ink Brush To Write Or To Paint. Zen Brush Allows Anyone To Easily Perform Fluent Strokes While Not Compromising On The Fascinating Texture Of A Real Ink Brush Let You Create Works That Radiate The Right Atmosphere By Choosing The Best Background Template From A Large Collection Inside The App.

Zen Brush v1.18.ipa

Ever Wanted To Have 'Yes' Or 'No' While Sending An SMS Or Mail? ~ AskToSend Is A Great Cydia Tweak For This Job! It Asks You Before Sending An SMS/Mail, Something Like 'confirmSMS' But Better ~ AskToSend Is Not Compaitable With iRealSMS ~ Just Make Sure To Have PreferenceLoader 2.1.1-1 Installed, Install & Respring. When You Open Cydia It Should Ask You For An Update, Just Hit 'Manage' Tab, Open 'AskToSend' Then 'Change Package Settings' & Set 'Ignore Updates' To 'On' ~ Another Thing, When You Open, AskToSend, You Will See A Blank Page, To Solve That Just Navigate To /Library/PreferenceLoader/Preferences & Delete 'AskToSend.plist' ~ This Will Remove The .plist From But It Won't Be A Problem, Everything Will Be Ok & Ready To Use ~ That's It.

Ever Wanted To Completely Remove Dots From Your Homescreen, Completely Hide Spotlight Search Page & Prevent It From Appearing, Completely Stop Icons From Wiggling That Makes You Scroll Fastly Between Homescreen Pages? Well, The Three Cydia Tweaks Below Will Do This Job! ~ No New Icons Are Added To The Homescreen, No Options To Configure ~ Just Install & Respring.

Many Thanks To Robert Szeleney The Creator Of Both Games Who Made Two Of The Best iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Games Ever!

Line Runner .ipa for 3.1.3 download

Line Surfer .ipa for 3.1.3 download

It's Simple, With This MobileSubstrate SpringBoard Won't Lock When Scrolling! A Big Swipe Can Scroll Through Multiple Pages Instead Of Only One Page Per Swipe. If You Stop Scrolling SpringBoard Won't Snap To The Nearest Page, It Will Just Stay In Between Pages. No Settings To Configure, No Dependencies ~ Just Install & Respring.

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