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So I just tried to intall it today,tried some times and ended up with this error.I think windows 10 screwed up my driver for the pwned dfu mode,redsn0w doesnt detect my ipod anymore.Anybody got working driver?

Hi,before some time I installed WD7.1 on my ipod touch 2g.
The main positive thing is that is really REALLY well ios 7 themed.
And here the cons start:
-Random reboots.Random reboots everywhere(once in school it rebooted 3 times for one hour D:
-Multitasking looks nice,but doesnt work at all,playing game,pressing home button,opening the game again-reboot ;(
on 4.2.1 it worked like a charm.I managed to open 13 apps at once(like browser,settings,clock,photos,etc...)and even multitask 2 games at once.
Im pretty sure the issue is in ios 3.1.3 which never supported multitasking at all.
-Apps.I know that on 4.2.1 there werent many apps supported,but I still managed to get a ton of amazing games and other stuff.Well,here there are even less,lol.
-The main issue that its based on 3.1.3,if 4.2.1 is laggy on iphone 3g,on the ipod 2g it runs really fast.So it would be much better if you use 4.2.1 for a base.
So Im currently on a tweaked 4.2.1,I managed to make it look a bit better,not as good as whited00r,but least its more stable.

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