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Hi everyone.  Haksbelik here.

Just wanted to ask the masses if Whited00r's Siri is supposed to actually work, or if it's just there for cosmetics. It looks absolutely amazing and I think it's probably on eof the best graphical features of Whited00r. But I've never been able to get it to work.

Is it supposed to? Or am I doing something wrong?

P.S. I read and followed everything about Siri and Backgrounder conflicting. Just so ya know. :)

Hi.  Haksbelik here again with a wonderful tip I just happened to come across while browsing for apps. This is not exactly related to the Whited00r project and it's specific operations, but this place just happens to be a good spot to instruct people with older devices that don't have icloud. The aim of this is not to have it function *exactly* like icloud, but just to be a convenient way to transfer files onto their iPod.

There is this app called "mbDrive Free" on the Appstore, and it "transforms your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless flash disk". Personally, I think it's really neat, as I kind of have a thing with Apple blocking off the file system and such. Plus, it's wireless and you can save it as a mapped network drive (kudos to Chris M. for showing me how to do this) and then reconnect super fast whenever you need too. The only downside I have to this app is that it limits your available space to 64mb in the free version. I'll see if I can find another app similar to this that's still compatible for Whited00r users. Updates on that later.



1. Download "mbDrive Free" from the Apple app store and install.

2.  Open App and note the address at the bottom. Should look like this:  http://112.345.678.9:8080  (<-- Don't click that.)

3. Go to Computer and in the top menu click "Map Network Drive". Choose the drive letter, and type the address in the box. Click Finish.


1. Download "mbDrive Free" from the Apple app store and install.

2.  Open App and note the address at the bottom. Should look like this:  http://112.345.678.9:8080  (<--- Don't click that.)

3.  Open Finder and select "Connect to Server..."

4. Type the address in the Server Address box and click Connect.

OK. I would just like to say sorry to all the Linux users who I could not figure out how to map a network drive for. I have failed you :(

Anyway, I am going to try to find another app like this that maybe doesn't limit space like this one does. But this one's pretty good too. Oh well...

How About a Notification Center?

Apparently in the "WD8 Requests" area, I saw nothing about the notification center on iOS 7 (and 8, 9 and 10).

I was thinking about things I had seen on iOS 7 via my bro's iphone 4, and I saw he had a notification center and such. I see you guys have already apparently gotten push notifications down, and you obviously can fabricate a menu that will appear from sliding on a particular part of the screen (Control Center).

I looked at some pics of the notification center on iOS 7, and it appears it's blocks of recent app messages and stuff, and the background is whatever color, with the same blurred homescreen effect ya'll perfected so well with the CC. Basically:

You can combine these features:

1. Push Notifications
2. Control Center Swipe Menu
3. Blur Effect (Also from Control Center)

And all you would have to do is make another swipe menu like CC that swipes from the top instead of the bottom, displays recent notifications, and has the same blurry effect that CC does. Not tooo hard I hope?

Let me know how it works out.

Hi. :)

Haksbelik here.

Does anybody know any way to get netflix, skype, viber and others working? I know it's most likely Apple forcing companies to not retain compatibility on their servers for these apps, but are the apps working for anybody else? Installing the app is one thing, being able to use it is another. If not, can anybody recommend WORKING apps similar to these? I'd love to hear suggestions about those, seeing as I'm trying to use whited00r as an average user. I seem to here quite a few people talking like these apps are working, but a lot of them don't for me. Mostly chat apps, and apps that require you to have an account with them (although THANK GOD Pandora is functional though it does drain battery, but I can live with that). Just wondering if anybody else has these apps working or not.

Hi.  :) Haksbelik (Hacks Be Like :D) here.

 I'm 15, and this is the first forum I've ever attended.

So put on your welcome masks...

I've been using whited00r for about a year, and I'm pretty satisfied with it for the most part, except there are a couple bugs that I will report (not here) but today I came to cite a free site that archived just about every game that used to be available for iOS 3.1.3, 4.2.1, and so on...

I still find the appstore slightly limited game wise (not complaining, there are way more games than stock iOS 4.2.1 could EVER offer), but I found a site (and perhaps you've seen it too) that has a ton of good quality games for iOS 3, 4, 5, and so on. So I just wanted to show you all that, and what they offer, for the benefit of people using whited00r for recreational purposes.

Just go to, and in the right corner specify Apple iPhone (even if you have an ipod, for some reason there is no option for iPods.

A list of 20 of their most downloaded games for iOS 3:

1. Talking Tom Cat 2
2. Fruit Ninja
3. Angry Birds
4. Farm Frenzy 3 HD
5. Cut The Rope
6. The Sims 3
7. UFC Undisputed
8. Real Steel
9. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
10. Need For Speed Undercover
11. Critical Missions: SWAT
12. Need For Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed (World)
13. Battlefield 2
14. Ultimate Mortal Combat 3
15. FIFA'12
16. Panda Blair!
17. Fight Night Champion
18. Doodle Jump
19. Cut The Rope: Experiments
20. Vector

All of these games can be downloaded directly from the site as IPA files. I believe you have to have App Sync on your device to install apps via itunes for devices < iOS 5 though. But I think whited00r already comes with it.


I am not aware of the origin of these games or the validity of this site. However I do know it is virus free and the games are functional (I've played them myself) so have fun, but know what you might get yourself into!

Also, some games may not open, don't know why, just happens that way. But 85% of them do.

Peace.  Haksbelik.

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