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Thanks, it worked.

Tryed to install toggles only but somehow that didn't work.
I deinstalled my SBSettings and downloaded a new one, but during the installation the iphone turned black and didn't respond. I quit with Home+shut down button and after rebooting it worked.

:) thx very much for your help

Thanks first.

The thing was, SBSettings didn't appear even if i swiped the status bar from left to right. But now somehow it accidently worked, while opening itunes, i dunno why. Now it's there but it's almost empty.

The Icons in SBSettings (Like Wifi, 3G, Processes etc.) aren't there.
I can only see the small ones like "Refresh, Respring, Power etc."

If i go to SBSsettings-Setup and into "Set Toggles" (which i believe is for those icons??) there's nothing there...

Confusing... Any Ideas?

Hey there. I've downloaded and installed SBSettings along with other apps from RagingNinja's "Reommend Tweaks etc." Thread.
Now it appears in Cydia but there is no Icon for SBSettings in the home-menu, neither is it possible to slide on top of the screen to open it.

How can i open it?

And btw. is there a "lite" version of SBSettings that brings ONLY SBSettings options and no iDevice-slowing-content? (I think the activator makes it slow)

Hi :)
Well i finally got Whited00r.
Aaaand problems of course :p. First of all i was confused that there's no Cydia but instead an "App Market" (which i belive is the appstore from apple?).

So why do i not have Cydia?

And why does App Market not work? It just shows a black screen when it starts and than it just quits. It happened that i forgot to turn my mobile data (internet) on before opening it the first time maybe thats the reason?

EDIT: OK solved:
Ok so "App Market" is Cydia, 3Store, Appstore amd AppBackup together and the reason it turned black was because of that first mistake i made.
Well anyways i restarted it, turned on "Terminal" and klicked through the process, activating cydia autoinstall and let it reboot itself.
And finally i saw that "first" image again, now it works.

Redd00r - Archive / Re: Iphone 3G - fast AND stable?
« on: September 19, 2012, 03:12:44 PM »
Thanks alot you both for your reply :]

Thats awesome, well then i'll try to set up everything :)

To Point 4
First: I meant a Source for Cydia or Install0us in which you can find ONLY apps running on 4.2.1 so you dont have to try everything out.
And: Could you name me the source/project/thread or give any further information so i can find it? I'm sorry but i just cant find anything...

Redd00r - Archive / Iphone 3G - fast AND stable?
« on: September 16, 2012, 02:04:32 PM »
Aloah everyone :)

I just got my first IPhone (3G) and i try to get it running quick and stable. (atm with 4.2.1)

I'm not sure if i should jailbreak my IPhone as its said to make it even slower so my questions are:

1. Does whited00r make it possible to disable mobile data? (That missing + uncompatible apps would be the major drawback for me)

2. Is there a fast and stable version of Redd00r available? (I just dont want to spend to much time with setting up my IPhone)

3. While jailbreaking seems to make the IPhone slower, is it possible to speed it up again with tweaks and hints shown for example here So that, in the end, it's again as fast as 4.2.1 without jailbreak?

4. I've had an error before which came again and again (SpringBoard error), to prevent that in future, i was wondering if there is a source where i can download only apps compatible with 4.2.1

I'd really appreciate some help, my head's smoking right now from all that stuff @[email protected] :)

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