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Hiii well i installed it and the problem is it correct only english and i dont use it at all only french also every 2sc this apears
Ps: sorry for bothering u :/

This popup appears because Inspell isn't a free Cydia tweak, you must buy it legally to get your license or you can get it cracked by adding XSellize repo under Sources section > ~

Haha! "Dreamer" :D

To the thread author [Vihan]:
 What do you think about driving a Nissan Skyline with a.. powerful engine, insane nitrous system :P and a strong tires able to handle unlimited drifting?! :P ~ The speed itself is yours isn't it?! :D
 Don't tell me anything about [horses] riding :D


Ah that's it ;) Inventive name eh?  ;D

Move2Unlock + Move Lockscreen To Unlock = The same thing ~ Move Lockscreen To Unlock was the old name of the tweak, when its creator intended to develop something he changed the name from Move Lockscreen To.. to Move2.. with adding some stuff inside.


What is the tweak called?

Move LockScreen To Unlock.

Amateur Developers / Re: iOS7 Theme Threads (Merged)
« on: October 30, 2013, 02:41:30 AM »
1] Navigate from iFunbox or iTools.. any iPhone explorer you are using to this path > /System/Library/CoreServices/ ~ 2] Rename FSO_BG [H.S Statusbar] and FST_BG [L.S Statusbar] ~ 3] Respring.
 Mostly Backing up these two pngs is better than deleting them.

Welcome B ~ Btw nyc profile pict ;)

Not all iPhone, iPod Touch or even iPad firmware types on net should be like that .ipsw, the uploader himself uploading the file compressed in order to reduce its size a little.. that process could be done via many compressing and decompressing softwares and.. if the file type you downloaded was .zip you can extract it via one of those softwares easily, this change the type of file from .zip or .rar to .ipsw after that you can delete the .zip or .rar whatever.. if you couldn't find a way to rename it.


because it gives them more views on the videos :(

+ many ironic comments besides.
   When doing something trivial like that get ready to see unlimited amount of ironic comments.


:D a suggestion i want to make.... how abt making the most popular apps like whatsapp and others work..

Unless they are returning back to support 3.1.3.. forget the idea.


Hey what if you guys just an app? Similar to this? But same server? Just ask for a permission of the owner.. Would that work?

I think if it won't be Difficult it will be Impossible.

Ok at 1st if you don't have the original 3.1.2 already downloaded on your pc you can download it from here >, just select iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / Apple TV then iPhone - 3.1.2 like the screenshot then hit download.
If you have the fw already downloaded, download blackra1n from here > blackra1n [Windows]
 Now.. 1] open the .exe file 2] connect your iPhone to computer 3] hit make it ra1n like the screenshot ~
 It will take less than one minute then you will see a popup appears.. Enjoy your jailbroken iPhone,
Your jailbreak is done once the phone reboots...


No problem.. a Mediafire account has been sent to your inbox with 13gb space.
 Just login here and upload your apps.

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