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My very old used iPod touch 1G, from 2008 and jailbroken in the end of 2013 with Whited00r, was crashing and unstable. I couldn't find its reset everything back to defaults. Does it not exist and requires to restore from a computer's iTunes?

Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon. :)


Three days ago, I took out and booted up my decade old iPod Touch 1G from the closet. After power charging its battery back to life to 100%, I went to play with it. However, its App Store app crashes. Does anyone else have this problem too if they still have it? I am using iOS v3.1.3 with Whited00r v7.1 from the end of 2013 IIRC. Or is it just me? :(

Also, is Whited00r project pretty much over since it hasn't gotten any new updates for years? :(


I wonder what caused it :o  It probably was just something on that computer though, if changing something computer side fixed it rather than iOS side.
Who knows. I found that shows release notes. I don't see anything obvious since v11.1.3. :/

Maybe there was a corrupt file on the system/iPod?  Did you wipe all the music off it each time before?
Maybe, but yeah I remove all music to start clean. I will use this version for now on. Let's see how it goes in the future.

I just realized I installed the wrong iTunes version to match last December. DOH! I will have to repeat the test later when I have time. :(...
I finally had time earlier today. I tried iTunes v11.1.3.8, removed all my iPod Touch 1G's music, and resynched. It worked like the end of last year! No errors! Wow! :O

OK, so what changed in iTunes after its v11.1.3.8 to cause this problem? :(

Well I am rather slow, unless falling from a tree likened unto a sloth who grabs it's own arm thinking it is a branch :p (couldn't find a GIF of that)

Bears are scary as heck, they can run up to 30mph in short bursts :s
Hahah, arm. Maybe there is an original vidoe of it online instead.


Oh maybe it is off, should be the 8th month. I guess that is what I get for doing that early in the morning :p  Thank you for pointing that out!

I shall fix that now ;)  Gone until the 20th of August, on a hopefully nice vacation without running into bears.
Haha, see that was confusing. I thought you were just slow as a sloth. Bears. I have a friend who is a bear. :P

Oh, not sure if that is good or bad version wise :s  (probably bad for trying to sync music then?)

No, not out of date, I just put it up a day early ;)
I was using whatever (lat/new)est version back in the end of 2013 without any problems.

Oh, I thought it was supposed to say 7/20/2014 (USA). For how long?

On the iPod touch.  It could just be a one time bug rather than an issue with whited00r overall, because no one else has reported a similar issue, especially of not being able to use with the latest iTunes.
I just realized I installed the wrong iTunes version to match last December. DOH! I will have to repeat the test later when I have time. :(

BTW, your is outdated?

I would hope it didn't, it really does seem odd that it works on other computers though.  It could have just been a funky install for whatever reason :(
Install on iPod Touch or XP Pro SP3? XP Pro SP3 was a clean install of iTunes. :/

Because it worked on a different computer with the same iPod, I would say it is a bug in iTunes/the windows machine though, even though it did work with the nano.  If it was a whited00r issue I would think it to be consistent across all computers. :s

That being said, it could be something on your install on the iPod, and a restore could fix it.  (possibly allowing use of the latest iTunes version).
I wonder if Whited00r 7.1 caused this and not 7.0 that I used back then. I really like 7.1, so I don't want to downgrade! Haha. I will follow-up when we go 7.2, 8.0, or whatever. ;)

No idea why it messes up with just the iPod touch though, not the iPod nano :s  Maybe there is more going on that we don't understand that relates to the iPod touch :(
Yeah. It makes no sense. Whatever, it took me about 4/four retries to finish syncs I wanted even though it took a while. Actually, I didn't need to unplug and replug. Just exit and relaunch iTunes seems to work in resuming.

Try just remember to fully remove iTunes and the apple mobile device service + bonjour
Older iTunes v11.3 did not help. Hmmph. I did notice sometimes it say too many files during sync. I also notice I can resume where I left after disconnecting and reconnecting USB cable to manual resync. I guess this very old, Windows XP Pro SP3 is the problem.

I did more fiddling with it today:

Syncing got very slow and sometimes just stop like after ONE song. Sometimes iTunes freeze temporarily too (CPU isn't bad). iPod Touch still works to use during the sync and freeze.

"Attempting to copy to the disk '...' failed. The device timed out."

"The iPod '...' cannot be synched. An internal device error occurred."

Sometimes Windows XP Pro SP3 thinks my USB connection is not fast? Huh? I also noticed iTunes does "Verifying '...'" after connecting my iPod Touch 1G for about a minute or so. No errors ever though.

No problems when I synched almost 8 GB of music to an iPod Nano 6G from the same machine and USB connector and port. Same collection, and random songs.

I also tried 1 GB of RAM too, but that didn't help.

Tried again on a borrowed old 15" MacBook Pro (mid-2008) with Mac OS X 10.5.8 and iTunes v10.6.3. Synced from its local HDD to it without any problems.

Does anyone know where I can download the older Windows iTunes version that was the (new/lat)est in the end of 2013?

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