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Well that is unfortunate. I would guess they packed up the service for whatever reason :(  (I'll check with people though to make sure)

I'm pretty sure the files there are unique to your device. The only way to get them back is to restore :(

Eventually when I clean up Grayd00r (who knows how long for that. ages still probably) I'll make it so you don't have to reinstall to fix that because the grayd00r method is much better.

Amateur Developers / Re: After emailing for a job
« on: August 06, 2016, 09:36:11 PM »
I think the forums are broken somewhat :(

Some news about that?

Well push notifications even with legitimate certificates are broken on 3.1.3 now for everyone it seems :(

Code: [Select]
Ohh. I thought that they still worked as I bought the Push Fix code. BTW Please solve my other problem which is that Viber is crashing.
And Please upload two apps, one is Tower Of Hanoi and the other is Nike+ and one more thing, is it possible to add more features to Assistive Touch like Multitasking, Ringer on/off, Siri, Rotation Lock, Pinch etc. Is it possible?

I'm not 100% sure but the certificates might still be needed for other things too aside from push notifications.   I'm not sure why viber would be crashing, aside from it no longer being supported. (there is a thread around that talks about it under the apps board).

If those apps never supported 3.1.3 then they can't be run on your device.  I don't personally have them so I can't upload them :(

It is possible to add more features, but it won't happen for a while I'm afraid.

Hi, i have a little question. What happens if i will use someone's push certificates to activate my push notifications? Thanks

Not 100% sure, it really depends some of the time. You could get their notifications, they could get yours, your notifications might not work still, theirs might stop working, or neither work anymore. It may be dependent on what device is on at the time as well. I guess I could try that out at some point to see what happens seeing as I have 3 iOS 3 devices.

I'm pretty sure push notifications are broken on iOS 3 even if you have a push certificate. :(

Thanks Bruan for responding, I finally got it. :D P.S. I have some problems enabling push notifications and ipusher gives me some errors that I don't understand. If you can, help me please, i will really appreciate it :) And thank you again for responding :D

Last I checked push notifications were dead for everyone on iOS 3, even on stock. :(

As far as I remember, it's to adjust how up/down the touch offset is. It's useful if someone has a broken screen and can't accept buttons on the bottom half of the screen mostly. (Or accept the request for veency to be enabled to remotely trigger touches)

Is the device detected in iTunes as being in recovery mode? (nothing should display on the screen though!)

Disable Windows Defender. It's litterally the worst antivirus ever. It deletes IMMEDIATLY what he thinks it's a virus, without asking for the user's choice.
Use something like Comodo instead. You won't have any problem with that one.

I wouldn't disable it... Where did you get the iReb from?   Most people need to use an older version of Redsn0w and a specific version of iTunes in order to install whited00r.

I tried every connection usb tethering, wifi, and ethernet cable and still no luck :(

It *might* be because of something in your hosts file blocking apple domains used for updating. This can happen sometimes especially if using tinyumbrella for some reason.

Make sure to check that you haven't blocked anything relating to apple in your hosts file.

This is a decent tutorial on how to edit hosts files on windows 10:
Easily Edit the Hosts File in Windows 10
(I mean, I think so. It's the first result on google for what I searched :p )


I am impressed with the fast and informative response!  I remembered WhiteD00R from years ago ( back when I wasnt quite ready to let go of my iPhone 3G ) and this project kept me going until I could upgrade.

Now I need a small phone to take to the gym.  I dont want to hunk around my expensive 6S Plus.  So I busted out the old iPhone installed WhiteD00R and am ready to hit the gym. 

Thanks for your continued evolvement and support!

One of the times I do check and respond on the forums for now ;)  That will change later on and I'll respond more of course once Grayd00r is done.

That is what I use my iOS 3 devices for as well, and I figure there will always be uses for older devices, even if not for a main device.

We've been busy with other things for newer devices with the Grayd00r project.

Once that is done and stable, we backport what we can to whited00r, which leaves it open to others to better modify the system as time goes on so no one is relying 100% on us for updates and users can make their own mods, not just for higher-iOS looks either. (although users will be able to do that as well, much easier than they can with whited00r).

That's taken from
Grayd00r Custom Firmware for iOS 5 - iPod touch 3G and iPad 1G


The future of Whited00r
No, we haven't completely forgotten whited00r!  I know there hasn't been much word about anything here, and that's mostly because we have been busy putting together Grayd00r.
The plan for Whited00r is to back port what we can from Grayd00r once it is complete and stable. It doesn't make sense trying to port anything *before* then as it would just be lots more work to do everything twice and debug twice on everything every time we made a small update.
It makes sense to do it after one product is completed so we know it works there and then back port it.
No ETA, as always, and we haven't started on anything here yet. 

However, just know that the way Grayd00r handles things is much better, and provides much more longevity in terms of customization and feature support. We used what we learned from the releases of whited00r previously to try and better set up Grayd00r.

Glad you have a new device though!  I do too and have for the whole time I've been involved with whited00r ;)  I just like to keep things going for users. There are lots of people still who use first and second generation iOS devices, and I'd like to still provide an option for them for customizing it better :)

Sad to see you go mate!  Thanks for all the fun times :)

I remember when you joined I was just a forum admin/mod, not much knowledge outside of web programming. I think I used to ask you strange questions about obj-c programming every now and then too when I was learning that (thanks for the help, much appreciated back then and now still!).  Now I too know many programming languages, but I think everyone who programs realizes that they never will know everything and all the past work they have done can be done better with current knowledge ;)  That never ends, and that is a good thing because it means you always learn!

I shall keep up with you on twitter, if you still use that (occasionally I see you post stuff :P )

Gosh. College. It's really been a long time hasn't it? All of us are now more beareded and perhaps a little wiser.
May life treat you well and you find many fun things to do with your knowledge and future computer science college stuff :) 

-Bruan (/bcooperizcool :s )

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