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Hi Whited00r Community
recently I used to use an app called WallpapersHd in app time machine
but now the app just opens and crashes.
I love this app so badly that I would pike it
if someone could reupload a better .ipa file for this
app in app time machine or give me the link
for downloading the app.
Thanks in Advance
with regards

I would love to help whited00r by developing stuff but i dont know how to develop from where do i learn to becoem a developer like you and help the whited00r community please help
Please tell me what i need to learn and where can i learn
Thanks a lot in advance

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Dear Whited00r Community
When i open Talkapp app (sorry for the wrong spelling. Its the whited00r forum app)
and i click Network or search for something they show

Communication Error
Directory is currently unavaliable.please check again later

P.S I tried reinstalling the app its not helpful
Please help me with this problem
WIth regards,

Dear Admins and Whited00r Devs, and my dear friends
Well its really a sad thing that sims 3 dosent work on my iphone 3g
once i download it ti just opens up and crashes
Please help me out with this,
With Regards

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