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No payment receipt ;)  That's what I was meaning, the transaction/payment ID is I think handled by both paypal and amazon, because it has you enter the payment ID or something similar on the online interface for package owners.  I could be wrong and it is supplied by the cydia store itself and is just part of the receipt in paypal though :P
As far as I know, coinbase sends payment reciepts.. It sends them to me at least

Ohhhhh in that case then yeah it should be :P Although it probably won't be :(  (also, how would it handle refunds? ;)  Cydia itself doesn't track the payments, but rather Amazon and paypal do)
Enter your bitcoin address and recieve a refund?

Cydia supporting bitcoin would mean the developers would probably need to accept it because it's an unstable market :/
Nah, there are systems where devs set the price in dollars, when I want to pay in bitcoin the price is converted to bitcoins, I pay that many bitcoins then they're immediately converted back to dollars.
So the dev sets a price in dollars, gets paid in dollars but I can pay in BTC. If that makes sense... :P

Ehh... if you need to convert money, go paypal - they're reasonable.
I would probably pay using paypal either way... They're pretty secure.
Cydia needs to accept Bitcoin already.  :-\

Tech Talks / Re: EARPODS
« on: February 02, 2014, 09:44:47 PM »
They're horrible headphones anyway... Why would I want to use them with any device? :P

Hopefully that solved the issue though? :)
I'll need to download ifunbox and my internet hasn't been working all afternoon >:(
Mobile internet makes me mad..
I'll try it and get back to you asap, though :)

Yes, sorry  :-[  quick typing misses characters sometimes ;)

Code: [Select]
/var/mobile/Whited00r/bin/configurator manual Spotlight enable

is the right thing to run after the other commands and before the killall SpringBoard bit :)
Thanks, and don't worry about it ;-)
I've written terrible things when trying to be speedy

Is terminal hidden?  You can manually enable it by running this code in terminal
Code: [Select]
plutil -key Spotlight -1 /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.whited00r.configurator.plist
/var/mobile/Whited00r/bin/configurtor  manual Spotlight enable
killall SpringBoard

That should be the quickest it works for you to enable it again :)
Um.. Yes :$
I *should* be able to unhide it though... Thanks :)

EDIT: this:
Code: [Select]
/var/mobile/Whited00r/bin/configurtor is a typo right?
Code: [Select]
configurtor should be
Code: [Select]

Enable advanced config in the whited00r settings and go to the daemon tab. It should be in there just turn it on. It SHOULD fix your problem (but it might not)
I turned spotlight off that way, then hid settings.
Yes, I am stupid.

Hello my problem is i if i disabled App swicther and backgrounder.
and if i tap double home its open Music can i disable that ?
Install activator from cydia, then open it (from your home screen). Go to Anywhere -> Double Press Home Button and tick the option 'Do Nothing - Supress original action'.
Problem solved! :)

I may have done something very stupid..
I used poof (BigBoss repo) to hide most of my icons (I like a clean homescreen) and everything was fine, I could get any hidden apps via spotlight search.
When I installed patch 3, whited00r settings worked on my device (Thanks Brian!) but I managed to disable spotlight search. :(
So now I'm stuck without most of my apps...
My question is this: how, using iTools/iFunBox (or similar), could I re-enable spotlight search?
I guess unhiding my icons would work as well, I tried deleting to no avail.

it was pushed out, although I thought it was in the patch before, but I guess it may not have been on the MC model install script for some reason, or else built into the firmware previously (which is why I missed it).  Not the exact patch A4RON suggested, but I added more in as well to try and fix contact syncing as well.
Installed the patch.. it works! :D
Thanks so much for your work on this.

I have found the problem, it was permissions as Brian said he thought it was
I have sent the required information to him so he can update the patch with the correct permissions.
Cheers, that'll be great when it's pushed to repod00r. :)

May take you up on that ;)  I still need to figure out why resetting the permissions doesn't work but running the code manually does.
You changed the owner too, right?
Other than that, because apple.

Seeing the package resets them, and in the correct order, changing them via terminal will make absolutely no difference :(
Will keep digging for why it happens though, and look for a possible solution :)
Cheers :)
If you want any testing, etc., I'd be happy to help.

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