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I've used a new cable, itunes detected.
Must be some problem on pc or iphone: (
I gave up :'(

yes, on ios 4.2.1
I went back to try and the screen is like having a dark light and gets stuck there
Like this:


I managed to get the 4.2.1. thank you!

But now I have a little problem, after using redsnow follow the tutorial: "Enable" install Cydia "and" iPad Baseband Downgrade from "checkboxes. Click" next "and" next "to proceed through the usual steps DFU"
but now there is nothing showing up on my iphone, is on the screen with the light on but nothing happens


I can not do this, I have an iphone 3G with whited00r 6!
When I try go back to 4.1.2, gives error 1600

I know, but I can not, it gives me errors.

I want to downgrade the baseband 0.6.15, but I can not install firmware 4.1.2, gives error

Hello, I have an iphone 3G with whited00r 6, he has the ipad baseband and I wanted to take, but I am not able to follow the tutorial on the site, anyone know how to do?

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