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2013-05-06 PierreP moderator note: his device is an iPhone 3G Factory Unlocked so there is no need to upgrade & downgrade the modem firmware (a.k.a. baseband or bb) to carrier unlock. In that case, simply install Whited00r 6 Normal version on top of stock iOS 4.2.1 installed with iTunes as per the whited00r Tutorial - Installation


Original post:

Hello all, thanks to the authors for providing such a fine piece of custom firmware!

Here's my problem. I have downgraded my iPhone 3g from baseband 6.15.00 to 5.13.04 using Redsn0w.

I tried the downgrade to 5.12.01 BB tutorial from this site and I cannot get to the point where the BB version information is blanked out on the About page. To be honest that happened once, but I missed my chance then. I have upgraded to iPad basebad, downgraded, then restored ios 3.1.3 more than 20 times, no luck! Crazy...

Is there a secret on how to get to the "null" BB status? Why is my restore to ios 3.1.3 not downgrading? Should it? I believe once you upgrade, then the BB stays at that level, and that is what I have seen. I don't have blobs for 3.1.3 but I understand those are not needed to restore 3.1.3 as I have verified, but dunno about the BB, maybe can't downgrade BB without blobs?

Thanks for any help. This phone GPS works just fine with 4.2.1, it is only with the lower versions that it fails. Makes sense, because it came out with ios 4.0.1 !!! So it might be somehow incompatible.

Thanks for any comments, or tricks that may make this work!

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