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Archives / Re: How To Backup your Push Notification Certificates
« on: June 20, 2011, 10:56:52 PM »
No...... just use ./inject ONE TIME.  Then reboot your phone.  That's all you need to do... no switching push on and off or anything.  You can test with iPusher :)
ok up i did everything. i restored, SSHed the push certs back into Keychains.  ran the commands "cd /private/var/Keychains" then "./inject". then i went into ipusher and i got the "yay me...." but as soon as i resprung and tried ipusher again it said "please wait" and i tried the other apps and it still didnt work. help please.
Ok thanks, its working i have am iphone 2g wid latest Unlocked WD firmware. As soon as i placed my tmobile sim into it, my push notifications stop. Ive restored wid wd everytime nd den tha push works BUT as soon as i switch to my tmobile sim, it does not work. Please help me! I rlly need my push

Yes. You do need to turn Push Notifications OFF before you use Inject. Push doctor (when you install it with Cydia) automatically turns off push notifications while if injects the certs, then turns it back on. They do this so there is no need to UNINSTALL and REINSTALL every app that uses push notifications. ;) Trust me..I spent like 3 hours doing nothing but this.

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