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It didn't update my Baseband when I installed Whited00r. It kept the one I had prior to the installation.

Temple Run does work on iOS 3.1.3

Let's see.... Try going to ios 3.1.3, the jailbreaking and unlocking with redsnow. The enter PWNED DFU mode from redsnow, then shift+restore to WD firmware. Ultrasn0w is safe to uninstall. The cydia not respring is a common issue, my iPhone cant respring from cydia. Instead use the multitasking respring or the settings respring. Character count i am not sure. Hope it works.

Wait... Do you have MB or MC model of the iTouch?

Thing is my cycorder worked fine after installing sbsettings and after uninstalling it

I you disable it in SBsettings, you are also turning off your mobile internet

You can try to downgrade to 3.1.3, then try to install whited00r

I'll try my best and answer your questions:

1) You need MMS, which needs a data plan
2) Not sure
3) You need to access it from Terminal
4) Not sure

Sorry about the question 2 and 4. I will test whited00r on my iPhone 3G today.

It's a problem with the Whited00r firmware I'm pretty sure. Maybe it's installed by default because of a confusion between an iPhone 3G and a 2G?

It did get fixed, Luckily  :-\

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