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You can download it from my repo:  ;)

Try reinstalling or updating to the newest version of Darlo770's iOS 3 Wallpaper v1.0.2(1) (Download from )

Just try reinstalling the .deb file and see if that works.

P.S Restoring to backup is ALWAYS  a bad idea and is almost guaranteed to cause some kind of problem (no matter how major or minor). IF ever you can avoid restoring from backup by ANY means necessary... do so.

Thank you.

Since iOS 1.1.4 (when i bought this ipod) i'm using custom firmware only for every (clean) install. This was the first time to use a backup, because there are many apps and many settings. I was too lazy to spending hours for restore everything manually. So I'm aware of the limitations of backup restore.

Greetings! First of all, i wanna say thank you for whited00r v4.3.1, this is the newest dimension of iOS 3, because it is really fast! I've been following your work from betas, and it always improves to achieve best and far better attributives. Well done! :)

I installed v4.3.1 from v4.2 a couple of hours ago, i used a backup. _Everything_ works fine except for Dock Shadow. It is gone. I don't know why, but i guess it could be a backup confusion. I really want to see how looks the new modified dock shadow. Has anyone any idea on it what should i do?

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