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That is a very nicely laid out post, Sir Roven :)  Helps to understand exactly what you meant, and good suggestions as well :)

Thanks Bruan :D i´m going to make a concept for WD7.2  :P

A) Although this has been asked before on one of the other suggestion threads (I really need to start pointing people to this thread, although they seem to be starting to use it now), the answer is, maybe ;) It could be easy enough to do, or hard to do and heavier on RAM, we just don't know yet.

R) In this case I may be totally wrong ms I tried to do some tests by changing the icon to the icon iOS7 but what really spoiled the layout was the source of number and color, that is the source for the days of the week is ugly nothing like the iOS7 weekdays and the color is white and the icon of the app calendar iOS7 is white you can not see.

In the background I think it would just be a change in font and color and some alignments, sorry if I'm saying overall waffle :)

B) We didn't enable that because of it being right in where the swipes happen. If I remember correctly, if you swipe at where the icon currently launches the notification's app, even if to just unlock, it will launch the app as well. So, if we enabled it for over the messages, if you swiped to unlock while over a message even if you didn't want the app to launch, it would :(

R)Well just hoping they can fix this.

C) Something easy, although hard at the same time because we would want it to be more like iOS 7 and animate away when sliding to unlock too.

R) As for this suggestion you (bruan) said they wanted it to be more like the iOS7 right? but this suggestion has iOS7 suggest that at this point only in version 7.1 of 7 for apple changed the arrow to show a trace like the image below, so in Apple iOS7.1 have this sugestion: D

1) Kind of hard because of how 3.1.3 handles the status bar coloring, although in theory possible by hooking it...

R)Well just for making more WD like iOS7 more amazing, but wait for WD team make this if possible and phone run with very speed like WD7.1 :)

2) We attempted that, but with a larger view for more circles, the system would push the wifi signal over to the right side of the time :( Might look more into redoing how it handles spacing, but at this time it's a no :(

R)Well just hoping they can fix this.Ok maybe more later i hope xD

Sir Roven ;D

Hello guys Whitedoor and today I bring you here my suggestion for Whitedoor Team for the WD firmware 7.2;)

a) The first modification would change the calendar icon in order to become more realistic in iOS7 apple.

b) The second modification would change the area of touch to open the application which received messages atthe screen is locked,  only open the message starting from the locked screen if not we click on the icon and in the middle of the message, by other words and if correct is to increase the touch area ...

The image show a hand with an X to point to what already works in WD7.1 and on the other hand is the suggestion.

c) The third change would put an arrow just on the lock screen as the picture shows, as iOS7, the aim is to show the user to pull up and display the control center and then disappears up arrow back equand we pull down the control center the arrow that appears on locked screen.

d) The fourth change would renew the statusbar with locked and unlocked screen ie the menu.

  (1) put on the locked screen transparent status bar as shown in the picture below andnot black with some transparency

  (2) in the unlocked and somehow also locked screen screen would increase the circles of 3 to 5 circles network; wifi icon change to left side after the carrier like iOS7 not in right; graphic change battery icon to iOS7 more.

I apologize if someone has already done some of these suggestions and I re-do them because I never saw something ... Roven: D

How extract artwork file ? or you can extract it for me because i try ios artwork master but dont work :S

Bruan maybe to change the color of sms text original blue to green change with code not png  ? ::)

Hi Bruan or anyone can tell me where located pngs for change color of sms native or the color is in code ? i try in applications/ and nothing :S

Português / Roven | [Mods] [Gráficos]
« on: April 10, 2014, 02:49:04 AM »
Olá a todos venho aqui vos trazer soluções para alguns problemas que neste momento temos no WD7.1.2. :)

Eu tenho um tópico no fórum oficial do WD aqui:,11162.msg98169.html#new

Finalmente consegui resolver alguns erros de tradução / tradução incompleta no firmware 7.1.2 Whited00r para o idioma de Portugal (PT- PT) .


    Mudou Definições de Ajustes de ler cada palavra de vez em quando , antes de cortar letras.
    Resolvido bug em ambientes não traduzir a Rede de Dados Móveis

havia relatado na seção de Whited00r fórum Bug Report , mas devido a alguns ajustes que bloqueiam este problema poderia fazer uma correção para esse problema. - Tópico Fórum Whited00r ->,11128.0.html

Se você quer este adicionar este FIX add este repo para o Cydia e escolha LanguagePT pacote :D[/i ]

Para mais informações  - > [/ b]

Amateur Developers / Re: Roven | [Mods] [Graphics]
« on: April 08, 2014, 06:55:58 PM »
Finally I managed to solve some translation errors / incomplete translation in Whited00r firmware 7.1.2 for the language of Portugal (PT-PT).


    Changed Definições to Ajustes to read every word on occasion before cutting letters.
    Resolved bug in settings did not translate to Network for Dados Móveis

Had reported in the section of Whited00r forum Bug Report but due to some tweaks blocking this problem could make a fix for this problem. - Tópico Fórum Whited00r ->,11128.0.html

If you want this add this repo to cydia and choose LanguagePT package D

For more info & download ->

Amateur Developers / Re: Roven | [Mods] [Graphics]
« on: April 04, 2014, 01:16:35 AM »
Download link online check first post ;)

Can you answer me  if i can install another youtube IPA same version in iphone without any tweak ?

Because we have Youtube System app and i want install Youtube User app we can do that ?

Hi, people i made some modifications on but i cant make a ipa file to install... :(

Anyone can help me ?

PS:  I tried with itools  export but appear some error cant copy coderesources failed  :( and i skip  and then i put folder in Payload app and then zip with Youtube.IPA renamed and when i go to install with itools gave me erro epicfail or packageinspection failed  ::)

Amateur Developers / Re: Faktory | [Mods] [Graphics]
« on: April 01, 2014, 06:52:31 PM »
Soon Download link  :D

Amateur Developers / Roven | [Mods] [Graphics]
« on: April 01, 2014, 02:21:35 AM »
Hello I'm working on modifications (mods) in WD7.1 to put any more identical fashion to Apple's iOS7.1 but also in my creativity here so I just want to share for those who want to enjoy: D

I am also modifying some applications youtube, facebook,and many more a graphical level who knows more tar code but for now only graphic :)

| Changelogs |

Youtube App - v1.5

- Change initial logo
- Change Icons
- Dark Design Flat UI
- Updated language PT-PT by me :)

More Details and Download Link on  :)

Feel free to share your feedback ;)

the image is when we hold top button iphone he show to shutdown like that image

where is localizated ?

Send me whatsapp english please ...  :)

Bruan can you tell me or anyone where is localizated this images/png ?

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