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I was using my beloved iPod Touch 1G as usual and had recently charged it (battery almost completely full), I stopped using for 15 minutes or so, went back to it and…nothing! Black screen!

Things I've tried so far:
-pressing the power and home buttons for several dozens  of seconds, both connected to mac/original charger and unconnected
-entering in DFU and recover mode trough redsnow and recboot and maybe something else.
-letting it charge for a couple of days (even if it's obviously not a battery problem), then tried again the steps above.

My mac doesn't see it at all (and not only in iTunes, it's as if the usb cable had nothing connected to it). It started up only once so far, while connected to the computer, and got to the Apple logo, then got stuck, at reboot nothing again and I wasn't able to repeat that again.

Any suggestion before I organize a miniature funeral?

Mine is stuck as well. I can turn it off from the Control Center but still can't go in landscape mode. Not even sure on how to change it using the app switcher.

After many years of using with my iPhone 3g with iPhoneOS3 and a few Cydia tweaks (most notably Activator, as I have a broken power button, and SMSHelper) I've discovered Whited00r and installed it without any bproblem. So far so good, system seems quite responsive (perhaps a bit more than with stock) and I know i'll enjoy a lot the control center.

Really great work, from what I see. :)

There a re few things i'd like to change, though, perhaps someone will be able to point me to the best solutions…

-First and foremost, the new iOS7 font looks less readable to my eyes, the old one was simple perfect. A quick way to go back to it (or a least: what is the path of the new and old fonts, I guess a manual replace would work fine too)?

-Second, I no longer hear the unlock sound, any way to bring it back?

-Third, I'm not much of a fan of the new volume windows that has no transparency (honestly, I've always found them ugly, both on iOS7+ and on the new OSX), there is a way to bring the old one back or to make those translucent?

-Fourth, how do I put Cycorder directly on the springboard? Doesn't make much senso to wait for the camera app to load and then switch to it and wait again…

-Fifth, this is what I get when I open up the music controls (which I've mapped to a long volume down press with activator), any fix? An obvious one would be to remap the Control Center to long volume down press with Activator, how do I do that?

Thanks and keep up with the good work!

Just had the same problem, updating Activator: seems the current version of it is not compatible with 3Gswith iOS 3 (I didn't have Whited00r when I installed it, I have now and same thing happened).

You can use recboot to reboot your device (just go to recover mode, then wait a few seconds and exit recover, you might need to exit twice), if you do so pressing volume up button you'll enter in safe mode and you'll be able to open cydia and remove activator.

You can then install an older version of it using dpkg (here: and everything should work. Remember to lock Activator updates in Cydia or you'll have the same problem next time you update.

But wait a minute: you don't need to install the current version and edit the plist to make it look older to the device: you have to install the old version, that ran on system 3, and edit the plist to make it look newer TO THE SERVER!

Did you try in this specific case? Works perfectly for me.

You need to edit it on the device, not in iTunes.

As with many of you I just thought that last year, when Skype stopped working on my 3g,  Microsoft was telling the truth saying that they had "deprecated the old Skype protocol".

Well, turns out that they were lying! All you need to do is to change the CFBundleVersion and CFBundleShortVersionString in the Info.plist file to a newer version and the application will login. Still haven't done very extensive testing, but everything seems to work properly.

For example, I changed mine from 3.0.1 to 6.3.211, not I can use the software from my old iPhone.
You'll find the Info.plist file inside the application once it's installed, you might need to reboot for this to work (but maybe not).

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