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Thats just 5.2.1
i mean 5.2.0 , it was better, at least for me cause on 5.2.1 icant change homescreen wallpaper and exiting apps is really slow/ lags
but i already found a link for Iphone 3G unlocked:

could someone tell me where i can download WD 5.2?
cause works better for me, and accidently deleted it

Bug Reports - Archive / Re: Whited00r 5.2.1 Bug Reports
« on: November 23, 2012, 12:57:43 AM »
for me seems when exiting apps has pretty slow animation...
also i cant change homescreen wallpaper!

When I unlocked this fw with redsn0w and orig 4.1 i didnt untick install cydia, but as cydia should be already installed in this base i wondered if it could  slow down my device?
P.S.: Also soltmeal said that it would have all multitasking etc installled/ i didnt tick it in redsnow and now its not enabled...for me thats not a problem cause i use backgrounder anyways but im just curious....specially about the cydia thing
 Hope you guys can help me ...
Btw Greeat work

great fw...
but some apps like IMDB or several RSS Readers crash.... guess bcause its atually 4.1?
solution for fixing that?

Gamecenter wont recognize my games ( Temple Run)....
Should i try gamecenter patcher
Any ideas?

do you have to set any permissions?

Bug Reports - Archive / Re: Hosts File
« on: June 26, 2012, 02:08:57 AM »
Anyone still having this Hosts file cause the link is dead....
Btw does deleting hosts file have any negative side effects?
Using redd00r base for iphone 3G and had to remove hosts because gps was inaccurate....

thx for really quick reply ... but already made it

cant hacktivate
anyone able to help?

Read the rules and dont get why its against the rules...
Even if it would im sure evrybody would be happy to have thus solution

GREAT!!!!!.....let us all know when you release it

Don't Know if anybody posted it before but theres working downgrade now!
P.S.:Nyone knows how to get push notification working besides SAM ... for free

got a question and hope anybody knows an answer...
My friend would sell me his iphone 3GS but says the battery would only last for about 3 minutes....
Do you think that if I would change the Accu it would work properly again?
Hope somebody could give me some usefil infos

Could somone tell me how to change those info.plist etc.?thx

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