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Title: iPhone 3G Will not restore to Stock Apple FW Or Boot To WD7
Post by: docaiden on December 28, 2016, 05:43:11 PM
When i try to go into pwned dfu, it enters "WTF Mode". When i try to exit it using newer version of redsn0w, it wants me to select an ipsw. I do not know the firmware on there, and  thus i cant exit wtf to get to whited00r.

EDIT- I found the iBoot version which was iBoot-636.66.33, so i might of figured out the version
EDIT 2-redsn0w refuses to accept the ipsw of 3.1.3, which has the correct iboot version
EDIT 3- i realized the firmware installed is actually whited0r but cant boot to whited00r
EDIT 4- I get error 1604 when trying to restore to stock apple firmware