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Is there a way to access webtimemachine on any Browser? everytime I try I get "enter validation code"
Not yet.

The enter code is for Grayd00r, not whited00r.

BIG UPDATE: is working again. Just tested :-D
(7:15 am Berlin time zone)

And 5 minutes later it's not working again. I was able to add two cities right after I booted my phone this morning
(7:20 am)

And it's again working and ongoing
(7:30 am)

That's really strange, I wonder why it broke for everyone briefly? :o

I restored whited00r (I normally do once every ~6 months) and with location services enabled it can't seem to grab any city by name or postcode (zip code :/ ) I think that's another app that has dropped support :'( I'll dig around and see what I can find...

You may still be able to modify the in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences to manually add a city, although I've not tried and figured it out 100% because I got caught up in other things while I was looking into it.

Because I want iOS 3 running on my phone.
Nevertheless it's about that weather used to work and now it doesn't anymore. Only thing is I want more confirmation about my/the problem

I'll charge up my 3G and check and see if I can get the weather here. It could be Yahoo finally did deprecate the API used in the 3.1.3 version of the app though.

It's stock 3.1.3 running on a 3GS

A 3GS?  Then I don't know what the issue is there, although if it is a 3GS (and not a 3G), then you could just update it to iOS 6.1.6 and it should work there.

Did you disable the location services in the Whited00r Configurator?

Firmware news and updates / Re: A post in this forum for you to read
« on: March 04, 2016, 12:04:07 AM »
Apparently so...

Well, I've tried Whited00r and since that's pretty awesome, and since I also have not one, but three iPod Touch 3Gs, I thought I might try this.

I'm not sure what you're intent with this post was, but I'm going to go ahead and report my bugs and suggestions here either ways to try and cover all grounds, so here goes.

Sorry for the late reply mate!

Bugs:-It won't let me register on the official forums to post about this, so that's lovely. Message above is what I get.
Ah blast. I'll see what I can do to fix that. :(

-When installing on a 32GB iPod Touch 3G, the device seems to have died. Asked Apple forums, but they're not sure what exactly happened, but maybe because I didn't mention that I had tried to install custom firmware on it? The device already had problems, so that's why it was the first to get this software. Device was fine until I was to restart it at the end of the Grayd00r Setup application on the device, in which case the device froze and went into a restart loop for a few hours until eventually it just went into a Recovery loop that redsn0w was unable to fix. As I said, the device was having it's share of issues and I think that this was just the straw that broke the camel's back in the sense that this device already had battery calibration and life issues, screen problems, button issues, charging problems, a bad internal speaker, and was much slower than the other devices despite multiple restores from both Recovery Mode and DFU / Pwnd DFU modes.

If it had those issues even after clean restores in iTunes without restoring from a backup, I would say that is a hardware issue, perhaps the flash storage failing or something of the like.

It wouldn't even let me log into iMessage either, the best it ever got to was the App Store with my Apple ID. Mail didn't even work correctly. Oh well.
On the same iPod touch? That's a bit strange.  Did you set up as a new device in iTunes or restore from a backup to get your data back?

-WiFi still doesn't work for the iPod Touch 3G that had issues with it after installing iOS 5.0 anyways. Any plans to fix this or any issues like this?
If it had issues before installing Grayd00r, there isn't really anything we can do to fix it. Does it have wifi issues on other firmwares too?

-The iPad 1G I tested with (a friend's who heard about the Grayd00r project and had seen me with my Whited00r 7.1 iPhone 2G in the office) went into a temporary reboot loop after running setup. It eventually restored properly, but this seems to be a recurring issue with some issues. Any ideas about why or if it may eventually be fixed?
This is the first I've heard of it, but that may be because the forums don't work well. (although we do have a bug report system too... so I've no clue really :s )

-The ability to charge with devices that iOS says Charging is not supported with this accessory.?
I *think* that's because it can't draw enough current from the device?  So it's more an automatic thing if it doesn't get enough power from the attachment. I'd have to check more into it though. (if it is a legitimate charging accessory that is)

-Improve speed a bit, in the quick side-by-side test I preformed between my remaining two iPod Touch 3Gs, the iOS 5 device turned out to be significantly faster than the Grayd00r 9 device with "factory" settings, as in I didn't change any settings after installing it.
I'd disable the battery saver and the round switches, as well as the round corners for slidey in the Grayd00r settings. That should speed things up a bit.

-Widgets for the Notification center? If I can't run this on my iPhone 3GS / iPod Touch 4G currently, I'd at least like to see this implemented, if only for the Weather widget.
That's something we will get into, we just haven't even started on the notification center aside from the quick tweak to blur it.

In conclusion...
I'd absolutely love to see this succeed, and I would love even more to help it get there, but despite the fact I make small PC games, I don't think I'd be much help to any of you unless you can take BATCH / VBScript / Java programs as a contribution. Maybe I could do graphics? I've got access to every generation iPod Touch and iPhone up to the 4S / iPod Touch 4G, with some in multiples as mentioned earlier. Maybe I could help with bug testing and the menial tasks if you want me to?
Well, if you have testing devices then I'm sure we could use some people who can provide detailed bug reports when issues arise!  We are working on adding 3GS/iPod touch 4G support so I'm sure there will be weird bugs there.

If you decide to take any of my ideas or have anything to say about my post or it's contents, please do tell me so that next time I may be more helpful to others (possibly including anyone that ends up reading this post) in the future.

Regards, FAMICOMASTER of AiO Softworks.

Shall do!

Quoted from
Grayd00r Custom Firmware for iOS 5 - iPod touch 3G and iPad 1G

The future of Whited00r
No, we haven't completely forgotten whited00r!  I know there hasn't been much word about anything here, and that's mostly because we have been busy putting together Grayd00r.
The plan for Whited00r is to back port what we can from Grayd00r once it is complete and stable. It doesn't make sense trying to port anything *before* then as it would just be lots more work to do everything twice and debug twice on everything every time we made a small update.
It makes sense to do it after one product is completed so we know it works there and then back port it.
No ETA, as always, and we haven't started on anything here yet. 

However, just know that the way Grayd00r handles things is much better, and provides much more longevity in terms of customization and feature support. We used what we learned from the releases of whited00r previously to try and better set up Grayd00r.

Huh. This answers most of my questions, thanks!

Exact events:
Open Notes
Open control center
change brightness
close control center
type about 7 or 8 letters
Notes crashes

Thanks for the bug report, I'll look into it when I have time/redo the control center to use the backend from Grayd00r. :)

That's a strange issue, maybe try the option for the UICache method instead, either turning it off or on and see if that helps the next time around.

How strange... :o   Guess something was up with the network setup for the wifi then, glad you found a workaround! (sorry for not replying sooner, I am busy often)

Thank you for your quick reply! How do I go back to 4.2.1? Do I upgrade through iTunes? I felt that was where I went wrong last time so thought i'd check before I take the next step!  :-[

You may need to make a custom 4.2.1 .ipsw as the baseband downgrade tutorial suggests, so that you can properly downgrade it.

Repository - Whited00r & Redd00r Official / Re: Repod00r not functionning
« on: February 23, 2016, 08:37:55 AM »
I installed Whited00r yesterday, and the first thing I did was check on Cydia. But when it tried to update the packages, it showed me this error :

Is Repod00r dead ?

It might be, but the actual OTA repo for whited00r should still be fine.

Hello, I'm new here (but not to Whited00r) and I have a few suggestions here and there for you, and I have read the posting rules at the start of the thread and have tried my best to be as constructive and helpful as is humanly possible with my vocabulary, so here goes:

Welcome to the forums then!

I'd like to request that folders be changed to look more like the quote-on-quote "Real" iOS 7/8/9 folders look like instead of the current iOS 4/5/6 look they have in Whited00r 7.1, the same goes for the Notes application. Maybe add some kind of Notifications center and / or a Spotlight search like in iOS 7 if possible, where you swipe down from the center of the screen to bring down the search bar?
That would require redoing the folders tweak, which while it is possible, probably won't happen for a while I'm afraid.
The notification center is quite easy to do for a basic one, and spotlight search is easy too. That's on the big to-do list we have :)

The Siri clone (Sara) doesn't work at all on the iPhone 2G and wouldn't even launch on the iPhone 3G. Didn't try on the iPod Touch 1G/2G because neither have a microphone, so would you mind packaging something slightly better or somehow getting Voice Control from the iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4?
Yeah, the server it used went down ages ago so it no longer works. Voice control can't be ported because it requires a higher firmware than 3.1.3. (unless the iPhone 3GS had it on 3.1.3)

The camera on the iPhone 2G is completely screwed up for both of my devices, the photos always turn out green and black (sometimes a bit of yellow but that's besides the point) and super grainy. Sometimes bookmarks won't go into folders, and sometimes all the icons won't fall all the way onto the home screen or leave a trail of sorts that goes between both pages of applications that I have.
I'm not sure about the camera, have you tried it in safe mode to see if it is a tweak causing the issue?
That's a known folders issue and won't be fixed until we remake the folders tweak. (we don't have the source to it because it was done ages ago and never given to us)

There are a few debilitating and some just annoying graphical issues, such as how in the Contact application the borders for the photos don't work, as well as the fonts in some of the applications are just barely visible by their outline (such as song title in Music), making these apps difficult and in some cases impossible (or at least nearly so) to use properly or without too much trouble.
Graphical issues will be addressed moreso after we port what we can from Grayd00r's UI tweak, because that handles things better :)

The charging lock screen is also a bit screwed up, as well as the "slide to power off" slider when shutting the device down.
This also will be fixed after we port Grayd00r's lock screen plugin system. (which also allows for even cooler stuff)

The home screen photo doesn't show up in the App switcher for the home page, maybe you could add something that takes a temporary screenshot for this when you exit the application to enter the menu?
Did you happen to disable the advanced options for "Homescreen snapshot" and "App snapshots"? (or something like that, it's been a while since I've used whited00r). Those are what make the snapshots, and it does include the homepage, or should when it works.

Also could you disable round switches by default? It does seem to make devices quite slow, especially first generation devices (iPhone 2G and iPod Touch 1G).
I think we should too, because while it makes a good first presentation visually, actually using it is not so nice. (some people like it though, which is why we have it)

If possible, since the YouTube app doesn't work anymore, could you either remove it or get it working again, even if you just hide the icon and add a Safari link instead, that would be perfect.
Perhaps just hide it is better, in case for some reason people want to use it.
As for fixing it, I don't know if we can (same with most closed API things)

The control center is awesome, but it has in the past crashed some applications and even once sent an iPod Touch 2G into safe mode. Email me if you want more or full details, but I'll save that story for later.

It depends on the usage of it, I'd need details on how to reproduce the bug.

Is it possible to let people choose what base apps they want to remove with some sort of menu or something? I'd like to know whether or not it's possible to change / hide the base iOS applications from view.

It is possible, but it's not implemented. It's easy enough to hide them via file system editing.

Finally, for my only (possibly difficult / impossible) true application request: Would it be possible to change the default Messages app to something else / get the old Skype versions working properly again? Maybe some sort of fix or replacement? I'd also like to see something like iFunBox incorporated be default if that's not too much to ask, and it seems pretty logical that you would add it at some point to me.
Sadly we can't fix old apps that no longer work due to API changes server side, as that is closed source and we also don't have the time or resources to create/maintain a patch that may work, if it's even possible.

Even though I did thoroughly read above, I'm still here to help if needed, I've got every iPhone generation up the the 4S, and the 2G in duplicates, as well as the iPod Touch 1G and two iPod Touch 2Gs. contact me if you need any help with anything hardware-related, I've got time and devices to waste if needed.

We don't have any betas at the moment, as we are working on Grayd00r for now :(

Sorry for the clearly (as I realize now) long post, but I do hope it wasn't too terribly full of errors and will be of some help in the construction of the new version of the I must say excellent Whited00r.

If you decide to take any of my ideas or have anything to say about my post or it's contents, please do tell me so that next time I may be more helpful to others (possibly including anyone that ends up reading this post) in the future.

Regards, FAMICOMASTER of AiO Softworks.

This was a very good post, thank you! :)

Firstly thank you so much for the WD software and for this awesome support forum!

In 2014 I upgraded my 3G to 4.2.1 and also jailbroke it. A few days ago I upgraded to the more recent version (well I guess downgraded as it was 3.1.3 which i didn't realise at the time) as I wanted to get more functionality (esp. whatsapp). So I upgraded to WD7 and 3.1.3. This wiped all my data (contacts, pics, messages etc.) and I was no longer able to upgrade my phone or put all my backed up contents on it (the incompatibility / corrupt error came up on iTunes). At that point my SIM was being read.

I (naively, stupidly!) restored 4.2.1 on iTunes, which most likely un-jailbroke my phone. So I then reinstalled 3.1.3 and WD7 unlocker however now my SIM card isn't being read and my baseband is 5.15.04. The jailbreak apps don't seem to offer any solutions for 3.1.3?

I've been going round in circles the past few days trying to work out a solution and have been reading the forums but don't seem to be able to find a solution for my specific predicament.

My questions are:
Can I go back to 4.2.1 unlocked and upload all my data? (I now regret trying to upgrade!)

OR can I at least unlock my phone and somehow upload my data to 3.1.3? I'm guessing it wouldn't be through iTunes. I tried ifunbox and itools but they weren't compatible. Any other suggestions?

You can go to 4.2.1 and restore your data to back it up manually before going to whited00r using this tutorial:
[Tutorial] Backup Apps & Data BEFORE Upgrading iOS Firmware WD 7 3.1.3 4.1 4.2.1

As for your cellular service, you will have to follow this tutorial:
Baseband downgrade tutorial - Whited00r Official Guide

Also, app compatibility won't be solved by installing whited00r, as it is still just 3.1.3. Nothing can help with those issues sadly :(

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