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Progress in all this is really kicking off! Just a bit sad it's not going to be supported on 4.2.1 devices :/

actually... I used all the files from here and some files from some where and some files from my friends iPod and decrypted the .artwork on my iPhone 3G which is running 4.2.1
and i have put all the files (edited size and name) and encrypted back again. My phone pretty much looks like iOS 6 currently. XD
I spend hours and hours during the weekend to extract and encrypt the iOS4 Shared.artwork
I can send it to everyone if the Admins allow me. Need Permission.
You still require Winterboard to get the Status Bar white as I am not a pro modder. I just do the themes. (Im only 14 XD)
When I upload it... Please DO NOT SHARE WITHOUT PERMISSION! i have spend hours on it and the files belong to me.
TO NOTE: THIS IS MY OWN WORK. THE DECRYPTION AND ENCRYPTION. but the images have come from many sources.


Exactly what part of your post is "fake"?

Dammit, "manikar", I smell a ban coming your way...

Huh...? What did I do wrong?
I'm sorry if I did anything I don't understand the rules fully
You didn't do anything wrong, This "manikar" reported your post... Said it was "fake".

oh sorry... well... TELL ME IF U NEED MORE...
I've only got some tho since my friend restored his phone back to 5.1.1


Exactly what part of your post is "fake"?

Dammit, "manikar", I smell a ban coming your way...

Huh...? What did I do wrong?
I'm sorry if I did anything I don't understand the rules fully

also can some one upload the 'music default' image for ios 6

There is the [email protected]
but it is only the Launching Image... not the actual UI - FOR MUSIC APP
Can anyone tell me where the Actual UI Image for iTunes Store, App Store and Music
As in the one that have the buttons: Playlists, Album, Songs, Artists, Other

we did theme the Weather app, but only the day part of it. I don't have a screenshot of night so I can't work on it for now.

Um! I borrowed my friends iPod today which I jailbreaked it and opened the file system
I currently have the Night Image for Weather. The Original, NOT SCREENSHOT!
But It is in @2x not non-Retina, so you'll have to shrink it by half yourself
I'll PM it to you soon

EDIT: Meh! CBS.. PMing...
There it is... its @2x so u have to edit it
EDIT2: Remember to Change the PNG name into: weather_night_bkgd.png if you are on iOS4. (not sure about iOS3)

I don't even think I have over 10 Posts on this forum since i just read them
When I want to comment, I find that someone else has written the exact same thing before me.. Orz...
anyways... I would like to help out if you need.
I have Restored my phone over 30 Times (no joke, since sometimes i don't feel like Jailbreaking or when i stuff my phone up)
and I can do anything with Jailbreaking and Restoring!

You should also blame me while thanking me...
I was the one asking for the Non-Retina (I'm DoomFireInc on YT)
But anyways.. good thing i was looking for Whited00r Compatible Stuff when I found ur post and theme

and btw... Are you theming the Weather (Not Icon, but the APP) to make it look like iOS6
and is it possible to Extract iOS6 .artworks?

The The theme someone claimed theres has been taken down by my claim ^_^
(PS: Originally it was mine)

Good thing I found IT XDDD

Just to let you guys know...
a Guy on Youtube "iModzCentre" used ur theme CP
and supposingly said he "created" it.
I checked it with iFunBox and turned out to be the exact files you uploaded (
with the exact directories and Spelling mistake on Weather lol (Wheather)

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