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Very true, thanks  :P
I guess I should have been more specific: I am looking for something that will backup my notes automatically over 3g/wifi, as per the implementation in iOS 4 and above as part of mail/contacts/calendar sync, though if this is to dropbox instead of gmail is fine.

Apps Compatible with iOS 3.1, 3.1.3, 4.1 & 4.2.1 / 'Notes' sync or backup
« on: February 11, 2013, 09:11:32 PM »
Does anyone know how I can backup the 'Notes' on my iPhone 3G? There don't seem to be any settings available for my Gmail/Contacts/Calendar sync via Exchange, and the DataDeposit app only seems to backup app settings to Dropbox, not the Notes. Dropbox or Gmail would be ideal. Thanks in advance.

I can't speak to #2 in the previous post, but I had the same usb connection error in redsn0w, and the trick was to get into pwned dfu with the help of iREB. Mine had nothing to do with the ports, so I guess the error comes up in different circumstances.

My Bootloader is 5.12.01.

I see there is a Bluetooth field listed in 'Settings > General > About' that has a value... not sure what that refers to, but I'm pretty sure it's just there to mock me.

The link works for me now.

However, bluetooth doesn't, even after a clean install of WD6. So I'm guessing either this is something in the firmware itself or a hardware issue. In the former case, I imagine it would be cropping up in the experience of other users as well, so it's probably the latter. Thanks for your help.

Also, PierreP, I can't seem to follow your link to 'whited00r 6 SBSettings w/ Activator Disabled + Extra Toggles + Renaming Toggles' I'm getting an error page that reads "The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you." Would you kindly post it again?

Thanks for the suggestion, PierreP. As I mentioned, I am unable to turn on bluetooth even in Settings>General>Bluetooth. This is still the case even after a hard reset (and SBSettings toggled off). I also have just tried removing SBSettings altogether and hard restarting once again, but I'm still stuck: trying to switch the Settings>General>Bluetooth on just gives me a brief spinning wheel and then it is back at off. Is there ANY chance that this ISN'T a hardware issue? Thanks again.

Thanks for the reply. No, I set it up as a new phone.

I can't turn on bluetooth on my iPhone 3G with WD 6. In Settings, turning the toggle on just spins for a bit then goes back to off. In SBSettings, the toggle will show green till refresh. In neither case does a bluetooth icon ever appear on the status bar. Wifi works fine. Is there anything I can do?

Moderator note: Edited thread title to add relevant keywords as described in WD 6: Tips to Quickly Solve your Problems/Bugs & Get Answers FAST!

Does anyone else PLEASE have a link? The one provided above now brings us to the newest version.

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