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Steps to solve your problem:
1) If u have chosen that you are "user" in Cydia, change this option to "hacker" or "developer" then.
2) Browse BigBoss' repo and search for "preferenceloader" package. (FYI the most recent version of pref.loader causes crash of; there's solution in the forum)

Try this one from (it's a zero in the end).
But i must say i never found one that worked without bugs. They are full of them... for 3.1.3
For example, i can only use the default effect. If i choose another it will respring and go to safe mode. :-\ 

Try it and send feedback.  ;)
I tried your method and it works perfectly! All effects works fine, but "page fade" is really cool — it makes springboard work very smooth. This repo is capable of good tweaks for iOS 3, thank you a lot!

Hello. I want to install Barrel from cydia on my iPhone 1st gen running WD6, but I always getting error "cannot comply" due to "gsc.armv7" dependency (I've tried different repos and versions). Is it something related to hardware? I remember the days when I was have Barrel on my stock 3.1.3, what's wrong with my device? ???
I've searched this forum and didn't find any solution. Sorry for my bad English.

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