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Понизить версию preference loader:, установка через iFile или Cydia Autoinstall

There's a theme in Modmyi repo, but it's non-retina, so I use it on my 3GS.

It depends on amount of your posts. Color is your status (yellow = user).

If I understood correctly, you don't have "Processes" button?

46 mb of RAM is pretty enough for iPhone 2G/3G. I thought it's hardware problem (cause firmware reinstalling didn't help you), but seems like something's wrong with your internet connection. Do you have the opportunity to launch Cydia while on EDGE network?

Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings
I don't think this may be caused by a corrupted whited00r download.
Do you know if Cydia's AutoInstall daemon is active? If it's enabled, install SBSettings manually.

PierreP moderator note: all the links in this post were broken because, for example, he wrote this:

Code: [Select]
[URL=http://""]AFQRcode v1.0[/URL]
Instead of this:

Code: [Select]
[URL=]AFQRcode v1.0[/URL]
But I fixed them all for you guys.  ;)


Here's what I have:

AFQRcode v1.0
Angry Birds v1.6.3
Angry Birds Seasons v2.1.0
AniWeather v1.3
Asphalt 4 Elite Racing v1.3.8
Asphalt 5 v1.2.6
Arkanoid v1.2.1
Assassin's Creed v1.3.3
BeejiveIM v4.2.0.9
Boost 3D v1.01
Box v2.4.4
Camcorder v1.2
Command & Conquer: Red Alert v1.7.0
Cut the Rope v1.7.1
Dictionary v5.0.1
Doodle Jump v3.4
Download Manager v2.2
Dragon Dictation v2.0.2
Dropbox v1.4.6
Earth Worm Jim v1.0.8
Ebay 1.7.2
EDGE v1.83
Evernote 3.3.8
Facebook 4.0
Find My iPhone v1.2
Flight Control v1.9.2
Fruit Ninja 1.7.1
FTP on-the-go v2.2.4
Glow Hockey 2.2.4
Google Search v0.9.0
Google Translate v1.3.1.2978
Google Earth v3.2.0
GPush 2.0
IM+ Pro v5.2
Jetpack Joyride v1.3.5
M.D. v1.0
Madcoaster v1.6
Mobile RSS v3.4
Moto X Mayhem v1.4
Ninja Tower Defence v1.5
Opera Mini Browser v7.0.3.40701
Plants vs. Zombies v1.8.1
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 v1.3.0
QuickOffice Pro v3.3
Real Pool 3D v1.0
Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack v1.10
Shazam v4.8
Skype v3.0.0.189
Sonic the Hedgehog v1.0
SoundHound v4.0.1 v2.1.3
Sudoku v1.0.61
System Status v3.0
TeamViewer v7.0.9348
Temple Run v1.5
The Sims 3 v1.0.85
Twitter v3.2.1
Wallpapers HD v2.4
Wikipanion v1.7.5.4
Wolfram Alpha v1.3.0.2381523
Yahoo! Messenger v2.0.1

So you mean that iTunes 11 on Mac can downgrade 2G's FW from 3.1.3 to 1.1.4?

Itunes 7.5 is the only version that allows to manage 1.x.x-2.x.x firmwares. Your problem can be solved by modem erasing (KiPhone) and then upgrading on any firmware.

I've just downgraded 2.2.1 to 1.1.4 using iTunes 7,5 + KiPhone. This method still works.

Seems like memory pool's broken, it means that there's a lot of trash in your RAM. I suppose something has disabled autopool, broken substrate for example. Anyway, the only way to solve this problem is to reinstall current firmware on your i-device. As far as you did it and it didn't helped, try install SBSettings from Cydia and clean RAM manually.
By the way, have you tried reset network settings + hard reset (home+power)?

Which i-device do you use?

Да случай мой.
Всему виной iBlackList - аккуратнее при его установке особенно если вы жадный чел  ;D
Иконки вытащил из App Market и приложения работают. Но не нашел для исправления приложение Тime Machine  >:(
Спасибо за помощь. (правда я немного не дождался ответа и положился на свой плохой английский)
Я ведь предложила, можно выдернуть файлы из файла прошивки и вернуть их на место. Единственное, что (вероятно) придется вручную назначать права на файлы.

Помогите хотя бы разобраться с этой темой.,7183.0.html
Яне плоховато знаю английский. Но на сколько я понял это мой случай.
Случай действительно твой и, похоже, проблема решена:
This is the process step by step:
1) open ifunbox with the iphone connected to the computer
2) Open the applications folder, path:
    Raw File System -> Applications ->
    Raw File System -> Applications ->
    Raw File System -> Applications ->
    Raw File System -> Applications -> App

3)Inside every app there's a file called: info.plist
   Copy it to your computer the file, open it with notepad, find the string:

   <key>SBAppTags</key> <array> <string>hidden</string> <string>Cydia</string> </array>

   and delete it.

4) Save the info.plist file and copy and overwrite it inside the app folder in your iphone.
5) Respring your iphone
По-моему и без перевода все ясно. Но на всякий случай: 1)подключаемся к телефону; 2)переходим к директориям (...); 3)в каждой директории находим info.plist, редактируем их -- удаляем строчку (...) в каждом файле; 4) сохраняем изменения; 5)респринг.

Этот метод не чинит appmarket, он возвращает иконки спрятанных приложений из аппмаркета на спрингборд.

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