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I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.0.4 and I absolutely hate it. It's laggy. I used someone's iPhone 5c and it's perfectly smooth with using all of the features. I have to be minimalist with it. Apple should never have allowed us to update for the iPhone 4 or at least be nice to us and allow downgrading. Not everyone has got money to get blow it on $600 phones. :/ But anyway, enough of the ranting. Does anyone know how to downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6 WITHOUT SHSH BLOBS! Thanks

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I bought the iPhone 4 off of a guy for $120. It's a pretty good deal. I don't want to use iOS 7, because simply the performance goes dramatically down. It's just terrible on the 4. However, the 4S is basically the benchmark. If you look at the differences between what it looks like on the 4 and the 5, you'll see an enormous performance issue. Plus, iOS 7 doesn't look the best. I don't like design, they don't have that distinguishing factor anymore. I want to update to iOS 6.1.3 because it's the most recent update before iOS 7.

I just bought an iPhone 4 32GB GSM today, and it has iOS 6.0.1. I need to update it to iOS 6.1.3 (the update before the shit-tastic iOS 7 came upon us). Is there anyway to do this? Please help! Haha this really sucks. Thanks in advance.

Alright, if the cables were coming off when trying to put it back together, you either didn't plug them in correctly, or you are pulling too far away with the digitizer and lcd assembly. Heres some tips:
1. Take the motherboard out, let it stand for 10 seconds. Put it back on and reassemble it.
2. Ensure that the digitizer is in fact for a 3GS. The connectors look very similar and can even plug in (sort of) with enough coaxing. Attempting to use the phone like this may harm the logic board :(
3. Make sure the ports are clean.
4. Make sure that you are plugging them all in correctly.  The cable that slides in vertically with the white lever on it...lift the lever, then slide in the cable, then press the lever back down. If this is not in correctly you will have issues.  Make sure that you connect the LCD carefully but firmly. Put you finger on it while the plug is positioned over the port. slowly apply pressure while moving your finger around until the connector finds the right spot. It will plug in with a satisfying click.
5. Hold power and home for 10 seconds, then release both, then hit the power button. It should power on without issue.

IT WORKED! THANKS! I thought about removing the logic board, but I decided not to. So thanks for telling me I should. It worked immediately after put the logic board in and hooked everything back up! Thanks a ton! Although, I probably should get a new home button... the prongs are torn off.

Well yes of course I have, but it wouldn't necessarily wouldn't make an impact. Simply if an app doesn't work once you download from the appstore, your device won't work with it period. But yes, I understand, taking an obvious route is a good idea. I just need to find an older version, which I'd hope google would be my bestfriend haha.

Do you know what version you need?  Also, for what firmware?

I do believe I need version 1.2.5. My iOS is 3.1.3.

I was wondering if someone had an older iPA file of the Textie app, the newer version on the regular appstore closes immediately upon launch. Thanks.

Tech Talks / Re: GV SMS Extension
« on: June 25, 2013, 07:07:39 PM »
I need halp :D Can someone guide me through (or write a tutorial) on how to install GV SMS Extension for iOS 3.1.3? Please? :D Thanks.

Oh wow, I totally forgot about that topic, good find!  If that still works, then yes, you can get it working by faking the iOS version to force install the .ipa.  If it doesn't work, there is nothing you can do to make it work though.

One question... how do you fake the firmware without editing the .plist file? Because it glitches out the OS whenever I do that. Is there a more legit way to do it? Thanks.

Sadly no :/  There isn't even a partially working version for 3.1.3.   It started support at 4.x :(   (and we cannot port it backwards without source code).
Okay. But what about this topic?

Are you talking about changing the "Slide to Unlock" text on the lockscreen?

Nope. This.

Is there SMS to GV Extension iOS for 3.1.3?

I have the WSOD on my iPhone 3GS. It all began when I had finished putting a new digitizer on it because it had a cracked screen. Whilst doing that and putting it all back together, plugging the flex cables in, I would test and see if it would turn on, it did but it kept popping out while I was trying to put it back together. And with lots of testing it kept going to a white screen. Then it got stuck that way. I got a new LCD for 14 bucks on eBay in hopes of it just being a shorted LCD. Nope. Tried restoring/jailbreaking. Nothing. I think it might be the mainframe. Any help/solutions?


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FTO2g's iMessage Alpha crashes immediately on launch of the app, and I was wondering if I can make it NOT crash? Haha. :D

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