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        Im bored so i want to play a game. To play the game you have to finish the scentence the post above you started. The first person has to start with the line below. Eventually there will be a whole story. Make the story as weird as you can. 

The doctor said "oops" as he made his first incision,

(I'm sorry if this is not the place or something  ::) )
       i was looking around on cydia the other day and found this app called iAcces , its like color keyboard but nowhere near as good. It works on iOS 3 but it cost  :(
i wanted to make a theme for it that looks like iOS 7 and i got pretty far ( sort of ) and ill post a picture what it looks like. i Would say you could include this in whited00r but that would be piracy. But i was wondering can we make an app similar like iAcces but also totally different so its not stealing? like i mean totally different just use iAcces for inspiration. but anyway sorry if this is not in the right place  :-X

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