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To apply just replace the old files on /System/Library/CoreServices/ with the one on the rar file and respring,

I'm on the process of looking for the way to revert the white squares to their default locations and then finding the image files so they I can replace them too. If you know their directory its a great help.

PS: Transparent Status Bar and Adventure Time Assistive Touch not included.

EDIT: Added the backspace button so it would replace the small basic one.

On iOS 4.2.1 the white squares are in the Shared.artwork ;) On iOS 3 it can be in others.artwork Just look for it

Using winterboard or writing a tweak shld help :b

only possible, if you have the source code of the app ;)
Writing it from scratch would be easier :b

download iOS 4.x, decrypt it & extract the fs :p


Have you tried just getting the file again, as perhaps the original copy over was interrupted?  Either way, you need a working file in order to inject them back into it ;)  So just having someone else extract all the images for you wouldn't work.

Would work if the guy who extracted them could inject them back to the .artwork :b
Anyway, Brian's theory about the corrupted file, is maybe the answer of your problem :b
Just copy the .artwork file from
"/System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/ "

to your desktop and use it instead of the one you used the last time.


it doesn't use winterboard, so it can't be on cydia and the maskig of the icons needs a lot of work. also the dock has to be created manually all the time.
You can create a WB theme ..
You just need the right filename & folder ;)
You can theme almost everything with WB ;)
And why you have to create the dock Manually all the time?

Are you using any tweaks from Cydia ?
They're also slow down your device.

The only way to speed up your device/ fixing your lags is unloading daemons or disabling wallpaper.
Wallpaper is using a lot of RAM and the 3G has a low amount of ram :(

maybe there's a old version which support iOS 3 . if not, there is NO way

In your first post you said that your .artwork file is in C:\***.artwork and your cmd is using C:\artwork as the spruce folder

Are you using Python + PILLOW ?
If you're using it, which command are you using?


Thanks. However, I personally prefer to use stock one, white logo on black background. So, if you guyz make a choise in WD Settings, it'll be great.


You can't change it via a UI.
You have to use redsn0w or similar tool, to change the boot logo image :b

Are you sure you have the latest version of the app?
maybe you have a iOS6 compatible version of it ;)

There's now way to get higher apps working on lower devices :(
CFW's are bringing only the look and fell from the latest iOS to older devices.

why creating a database?
it's useless until he using a sbalert to show users how much space they got ..

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