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The problem should be fixed now.
Please check and confirm.
Thank you

Italiano / Re: Ipad prima generazione
« on: January 04, 2014, 04:20:22 PM »
Ci sono speranze che venga rilasciato Whited00r per l'ipad di prima generazione?
In fondo ha gli stessi anni dell'iphone 4, e quindi è più recente dell' iphone 2g e 3g
Ho letto ora il topic che dice che non verrà supportato, scusate :(

Sicuramente ci occuperemo di devices più recenti. Il progetto si chiama Redd00r:
Ma sinceramente, attualmente non ci stiamo lavorando (ma suppongo di mettermi al lavoro presto, partendo da iPhone 3G prima, poi iPod Touch 3G e iPad 1G)

A presto!

Hindi / Test
« on: September 22, 2013, 08:50:18 PM »

Per chi avesse intenzione di usare l'operatore virtuale italiano BIP Mobile con il proprio iPhone 2G o 3G (ma il pacchetto di configurazione dovrebbe essere compatibile anche con dispositivi più recenti)

Impossibile attivare la rete dati cellulare
Non sei abbonato a nessun servizio

Aprire safari sul proprio cellulare, sotto copertura WiFi (per accedere ovviamente ad internet) e scaricare il pacchetto di configurazione a questo indirizzo:

Seguire la procedura di installazione

il profilo contiene la configurazione APN
il profilo può essere rimosso da Impostazioni > Generali > Profilo

Per navigare con il proprio iPhone consiglio questa promozione: MEGABIP Bip Mobile
Megabip è la tariffa che ti consente di utilizzare il tuo PC, il tuo Tablet o il tuo Smartphone per navigare in internet su rete UMTS a soli 1€ a settimana con 1GB di traffico incluso.
Al superamento di 1GB sarà addebitata, solo nei giorni di effettivo utilizzo, la tariffa base di 1€ al giorno per ogni 50MB ulteriori di navigazione.

Поддержка Whited00r На Русском Языке / Test
« on: May 03, 2013, 03:36:52 PM »

Firmware news and updates / Whited00r Recruiting - Work for Whited00r!
« on: April 29, 2013, 12:13:47 PM »
Why we need you
Would you like to be part of Whited00r Team? We are looking for your help!

Whited00r is the biggest community about iOS modding and firmware cooking for 1st. & 2nd. Gen Apple devices in the world. Here you will find full support for all Apple devices equipped with the ARMv6 CPU: iPhone 2G & 3G, iPod Touch 1G & 2G.

We provide free modded Software updates suitable for both beginners or power users who like tweaking & modding their older iPhone or iPod Touch.

Requirements - Forum Support and Beta Testing Team

- Be able to Moderate a Forum Board localized in your native language
- Be able to understand English and translate guides in your native language
- Own an iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 1G or iPod Touch 2G with 100% working hardware
- Know Whited00r firmware very well
- Be ready to make fresh restore of your device at any time to test new firmwares
- Google Adsense Account

Requirements - Developer Team (R&D)

- Knowledge of Objective-C and Apple SDK
- Be able to develop simple tweaks for MobileSubstrate using Theos

Benefits for Team Memebers

- Early access to Whited00r Betas
- Discuss about Betas in our private BetaRoom of the Forum
- Access to a VirtualMachine with Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Xcode 3.2
- Revenue by Google AdSense in your the localized board that you are Moderating (in your language) - Display ads within posts
- Extra revenue by direct payments or donation for Developer Team members

How To Apply
- Write a mail to [email protected] with your details. Please include:
- Your experience in iOS world, in Whited00r world, in Forum moderating role (if any).
- Your native language
- Include your Forum nickname (register if you don't have one)
- What role in whited00r team would you like (forum moderator+beta tester or developer)

Yes, the baseband got updated ( 4.2.1, BB 05.15.04 )

Right now im on official unlocked and JB iOS 4.2.1. ; BB 05.13.04.

Most of time (80%) Iphone recieve and make calls but not flawless..

Maybe Ultrasn0w don't unlock SW good?  ???

I tought there was a problem with baseband flashing (corrupted), but it seems that you can move "between baseband" so it doesn't seems a software problem (or anyway not something known..). I'm really sorry..

Yes it was working. I was installing a fake profile (EDGE disable) and from that moment all went wrong. No matter how much more i install original iOS, Whited00r , Ultrasn0w - network was lost (work for about 15 secs).


When you installed the original firmware, the baseband got updated?
What is your baseband now?

Not too much time to try (for now), but I remember that it was possible with old version of TomTom navigator.

If you find a not working application, report to them at [email protected]
But first be sure it is not a problem with you device

So, i have followed the official tutorial, everything went fine except that now i have no service. And that is weird because it is factory unlocked and I can use any sim card.

It is 5.14.04 and i use windows 7.

Everything worked fine when i jailbreak it first time

I assume you installed the Whited00r Unlocked firmware instead of the Normal one. Right? Try again with the normal one. Let me know

Thank you for your helping the Whited00r community.

iOS3 apps are getting more & more difficult to find.

Please upload them to when you test and find applications that are working on Whited00r: they are collecting all iOS 3 tested apps.


I am now confused which tutorial to follow. I have iphone 3g factory unlocked, and it is jailbroken with redsn0w. And it is upgraded to 4.2.1

there are different way to install whited00r.

This is the normal installation guide that user should try to follow as first step.
You could be lucky and you could install Whited00r with this guide.

But if you get some errors from iTunes, you have to follow a bit more complex tutorials.
We are working on an Installation Wizard:
Please try the method you can find here (for iPhone 3G Normal, since your device is factory unlocked) and give us feedback. This will help us to provide a better tutorial to other users with iPhone 3G Normal like yours.

Moreover, as PierreP suggested, please provide some info about your device (I guess 5.14.04 since your device is factory unlocked) and  the Operative System you are using

Hi! Welcome to Whited00r community.

We are working to provide a 100% working tutorial for Whited00r installation.

You can read it (Whited00r Installation Wizard) here:

That page, when it will be completed, should solve any installation problem.
Currently there is not a tested method for iPod Touch 2G and OSX Mountain Lion (but I'm working on it since I have an ipt2 and Mountain Lion too), but please try using Windows with the instruction you can find in Installation Wizard.

Since it is a "work in progress" page, I would like to have a feedback. Please report here any problem. This will help me and many other users that are going to install whited00r for the first time on iPod Touch 2G.

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