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I'm back to stock :) Can someone please upload this Apps for me? to dropbox or something ?


Thanks <3

It's called "Camcorder (for iPhone 3G and 2G)"

It's available in apple app store. The link to source file is in the app description.

Titles sais it all... Terminal is still in the folder but I can't access it :D Any thoughts?

Ok what if I don't need any extra features and skins except the folders multitasking and wallpaper on iOS 3?

Which one will be faster stock ios 3 with cydia and these 3 tweaks or the WD 6?

I think it's obvious that stock will be faster but I just wanna make sure :)

PierreP Moderator note: edited the "cydka" typo in the thread's title and changed "iOS 3" for iOS 3.1.3 and WD for Whited00r. And I do not think that "it's obvious that stock will be faster".  ;)

Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version / Replace Sara with Zypr?
« on: June 23, 2013, 10:17:51 AM »

It's free and it will solve the problem with  server overload + has much more features than Sara.

I have installed it on ios 6. Basically you can just speed up the animations systemwide. Takes zero ram cuz it just modifies the plists and resprings. There's an ios 3 version of this so maybe speeding up for example folder animations would do the job for wd 6? Has anyone tried this?

P.s. also this tweak is so simple that can be easily included in wd setup utility it takes zero resources for sure.


There's no alternative for 3.1.3 and this is really simple yet great tweak. Makes typing so much easier and convinient. Once I disabled it on the 5th iphone I realized how lazy I became at typing. Would be cool to have it on WD 6.x

P.s. I just unboxed a brand new 1st gen iPhone this thing is so hot :p installed case and tempered glass. No chance to scratch it :p

Ok I know it's my first post here but I've been here for quite a long time so I'm not actually a new user :)

First of all I wanna thank your goes for this tremendous work and bringing  the light to our old lovely devices <3

Ok now the deal.. I just want to point out that telling user's what would and/or  could expect from you in the future is a) A good tone of a developer b) better teasing for everyone out there waiting and willing for the new release.

I mean come on it's not an actual iOS from Apple witch is kept in secret till the actual Keynote )

I know you don't know when you're gonna release it but it's obvious that you know what are you working on so pls share that with us.

Other than that, just thanks and keep up the great work guys <3

p.s. I know this should go to suggestions board but IMO you should focus on bug fixes and major speed enhancements(witch are obviously possible to be implemented). Coz People are gonna get the iOS 7 theme on demand anyway and that would be enough at that point.

Ciao,  ;)


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