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First of all welcome to the Whited00r Forums  :)

if you want to get rid of this screen hold the home and power buttons until it restarts. if this does not work restore in iTunes. To re-install whited00r, use ireb and then restore to the custom .ispw file. If you want a different answer, please leave more information as i am not sure exactly what you need

if you are trying to get it back to normal just click restore in iTunes and wait. there shouldn't be any error  :o

hmm, i've never experienced that error with whited00r. have you used ireb to put your iPod into PWND DFU? or did you just manually put it into dfu/recovery mode? does your computer recognize it as a apple device software update file? a .ispw? look at the picture the file should look like this. make sure to follow install instructions clearly. Keep in mind, Whited00r is not actually iOS 6, but a modified iOS 3 and cannot run apps not designed for ios 3. the only way you could try Puzzles and Dragons is if it is on the App Time Machine

Is the USB port you are trying to use working and capable of charging an iPhone? Try using a wall charger or a different sync cable :)

Ok,  I'm not sure if app time machine has those apps, but the whited00r install can be very simple and you won't have to mess with jail breaking at all, if you need a very specific tutorial, search youtube :)

Pwnd dfu is simply a mode the device is in after running ireb allowing you to restore to whited00r :)

if you erase all the content, you can still sign into your itunes account to download applications. If you install whited00r, there as an app called app market within that you can open App Time Machine. From there you can download and install old versions of apps. to install whited00r, download ireb and follow its instructions to put your device into PWND DFU mode. Then In itunes press shift(windows) or option(mac) and click restore. this will bring up your file explorer and you may select the whited00r ispw file. if your child apps are compatable with the phone, this should help ;)

Thanks! I'll look into it tomorrow

Thanks guys! Is there any plan that you maybe pay for in advance like where you buy minutes/text/data and then you can top it up?

hey does anyone know any good no contract carriers for the iPhone 2G (WD Unlocked) in the USA
specifically Minnesota?


you could try putting your iPod into DFU mode and re-installing iOS 6 in iTunes. This worked when I had this problem on my iPod. CAUTION IF YOU RESTORE IN ITUNES AND YOU HAVE NEVER BACKED UP YOUR IPOD YOU WILL LOOSE ALL YOUR DATA. you could make an iCloud Backup :) if you put your iPod into dfu and it is still not discovered, hold the power and home buttons until your device boots.

this may be the answer if you are desperate

thanks hope it helps :)

was there any physical damage done that would cause it to not turn on? drops, water? if not and the hardware on the phone is OK, leave the phone plugged in for a while. :) hope this helps....

For Messaging apps I use Text Free. The Good news is there should still be a version of the app on the official app store compatible with iOS 3.1.3 (Whited00r)  AND 4.2.1 (Redd00r, Archetype) i'm guessing your on 4.2.1 right? :)

Hi, I've had similar problems before, but I am not sure we have the same cause. Try shutting off and taking your iPhone 3GS back apart and reconnecting both digitizer and lcd connecters. make sure they are on SECURE and than test your iPhone again. Don't get your hopes up, but its a solid suggestion and it worked on my iPhone 2G

same thing as my post before in the WD room. I want to edit some files and stuff, such as icons, .plist files and such. bcooperizcool said "PWNAGE Tool allows for complete extraction of the file system from a .ipsw and modification, and then repacking it"

when i did that thread i didnt have mac now i have MAC OSX10.6.8 Snow Leopard

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