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Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version / Re: enhace ios 3
« on: December 21, 2014, 05:18:09 AM »

We cant just "speed up safari." Older devices just run slower =/
However you can speed up the firmware by removing daemons and unneeded packages.

So your iPhone won't sync calenders?
And you can't manually delete them from the calender app either?

Artd00r / Re: Free signatures/avatars listing
« on: November 17, 2014, 10:32:45 PM »
lol I forgot this existed!

Maybe you should replace your phone is experts couldn't find a hardware issue.

You didn't delete any system files did you?
Also, have you tried with a different PC/USB?

Sometimes a hard surface is better then a finger, try using the edge of a table for the lock button.
I wouldn't do that ^^^
Might end up jamming in the button

I suggest waiting for the device's battery to die. Then turning it back on


What version of Whited00r are you using? Did you restore from a backup or did you set up as a new device?
Also what happens when you hold the home and power button?
Did you try using multiple usb cords/slots/computers?

Not sure, maybe I'll find out someday ;D
Forum God. Duh!


 :P Whited00r is most certainly not dead. However, I feel the need to address this because I see a couple posts questioning why nothing is coming out. Let me just say Whited00r is not dead, and development is occurring. Matt, our glorious founder and all knowing firmware builder is a busy person. We love all of you but releasing firmware does not put food on the table. We develop in our spare time and to the best of our abilities. This takes time and to make sure everything works is bug free. However all the team members have lives outside of Whited00r and can't always commit 100% of the time. We know its been a while since WD7 came out but WD7 spent a long time in development and testing (6+ months) and whited00r 8 could take longer but we have no idea....

We do have big things coming for you, but we do not post release dates, or leak details untill we are able to show something. I'm afraid you will just have to be patient  ;)

We are always looking for help and contributions as we do this for you, the community. Submit some artwork! Review us! Suggest something for future firmware! Heck even develop an app for us! We'll be more than happy to take a look at it.

Thank you,
- JustinCase
     Global Mod @ Whited00r
Edit by iTechy to add a larger basis to stop "when will whited00r 8 come out?" Questions.

Stuff is happening, things are occurring, gears are turning.

Could do speed tests
Would anyone be interested in Tech news?

Thank you for this great post! Please make sure not to post links to roms here!

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