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i used SAM unlock lol, but, it only works in iOS 4.2.1 so far in my iPhone 3G though.

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Hi, I am Kevin, from Philippines

I've had an iPhone 3G since 2014, but I gave it to my uncle since I've got a much faster Android One device.But I am still repairing software issues on iDevices, especially iPhones.

Lol believe it or not, I am still in High school haha.

I do dancing too lol. I dance ballet, hiphop, and other genres of dance. Hahahaha.

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Guys, I am currently working on bypassing the iCloud Activation permanently in an iPhone 4s, whom I bought from someone, who forgot to turn off Find My iPhone feature, and which sadly, runs iOS 9.3.2. Could you suggest ways on dealing with this as the owner can't be contacted anymore. I couldn't search for other things. Free or nah, you could put it here, as long as they work. Thank you in advance. :)

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Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version / Re: Whited00r 9 ideas
« on: September 16, 2015, 01:54:48 PM »
Umm guys. Suggestion only. No offense meant.

What if...

We skip Whited00r 8 and focus now on Whited00r 9.

As iOS 8 and iOS 7 are very much related to each other. It is just that iOS 8 has more features and bug fixes.

Also, there are ideas about Whited00r 8 which may be useful for Whited00r 9.

Also, to save time and have lesser responses of requested features from people, this may be a better choice instead of replying to very many people per day asking for features and endless requests from everyone regarding the next Whited00r version.

But if you have done it already, it is okay. Itis just that I am suggesting tips for improving time because I think we are going a bit slow in progress.

Again, it is just a suggestion. No offense meant. ^_^

Who said that? If you made it yourself nice quote.

It is a common Filipino quote. I'm from the Philippines. :) I speak Filipino.

If you want it, there are many ways. If you don't, there are many reasons. :3

It's for the users out there who were trying to speed up their poor 4.2.1. (At least)

It may be faster, but at the end of the day, it's still a 3G.

Good day!

Guys, if you have tweak that enables iOS 6 Banner notifications, can I have a .deb file too.


I am in need of it right now.  :(

Please be kind-hearted.  :( :( :( :( :(

Sometimes a better way for this is to reboot your computer, then repeat all the steps.

Stable at 141-142 if it has Homescreen WP, but stable at 142-143 when no homescreen WP.
Also, LaunchDaemons to remove are found here.

I will upload Geekbench 2.2.7 WHICH WORKS ON IOS 3.1.3 TOO!
(Bruan, I don't know how to upload, can you please upload it to ATM for me when I posted it? Thanks! :) )

I will upload some apps at a later time if I could but it may be at a different thread.

Speed Up iPhone 3G in iOS 4.2.1

1. Restore to 4.2.1
2. Jailbreak via Redsn0w - downgrade basebands and it is advisable to JUST ENABLE MULTITASKING. DONT ENABLE HOMESCREEN WALLPAPER.
3. When done, Open iTools/iFile go to System-Library-Core, change opengl-es1 to opengles-2
4. Reboot.
5. Download and Install Springtomize and Backgrounder via Insanelyi repo and iCleaner via Bigboss repo
6. When done, go to iCleaner, click the bottom left icon - languages - languages to remove - Select all, and deselect your native language and japanese (because emoji might not work)
7. Then select Language-Clean.
8. Select Keyboards-Clean
9. Go to the middle icon, set message attachments to Smart (Well it is up to you)
10. Turn on unused dependencies but NOT CYDIA SOURCES.
11. Clean (top right)
12. Respring.
13. Go to Preferences of Springtomize - General - Disable Spotlight.
Capabilities - Set to ON and select everything except unified iPod, front camera and magnetometer.
Animations - Custom Duration On - Drag it such that it will be 10% of the dragger/slider (Idk what it is.
- Vertical Animation ON (maybe you may like it too)
Icons - Hide Shadow ON
 Disable Jittering ON
Closebox Type - RED MINUS
Lockscreen - Custom String ON
Leave it empty.
Respring to apply changes!
14. Now open Backgrounder - Global - Off. Then go to Overrides - Add apps - Settings and Messages (important apps that is likely the most frequenly opened) then Set method to Native.
15. Now open iFile again. Go to System - Library - LaunchDaemons - Delete Safe daemons, the daemons to delete are in the other thread.
16. Download and Install Appsync via Insanelyi repo.
17. Download geekbench 2.2.3 in the downloads page. install it via Installous 5 (Insanelyi repo), or iTools or iFunbox.
18. Open the app and Run benchmarks.
19. Watch it score and be stable at 141-142. (Maybe that will be okay for iOS 4.2.1)

Maybe you will have a difficulty choosing your homescreen wallpaper but you can just download Bosspaper from Bigboss/Mit0's repo to have an optimized homescreen WP. That's all! Hope i helped! 

Bl4ck0ut benchmark test :3

By the way:
whited00r 6 still scored 146 even if it has:
-Safari Download Manager
-30 songs
-256MB Swap File
-20 Pictures
-30+ deb files in filesystem.
-1 Ringtone from Cydia
-Opera Mini and Facebook (of course, how would i test it if there's no Geekbench app)
-10 Mobile Substrate Addons
-Some stuff

One is Whited00r 6, One is BlackDoor 6 ^_^.
146 - Whited00r
143 - BlackDoor

We would really love to code for whited00r. All we had to do is learn obj-c.

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