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Title: Whited00r 7 - Patches
Post by: Bruan on January 02, 2014, 04:17:09 PM
What are patches?

As of Whited00r 7.1, this is no longer relevant. Updates come as OTA updates, via repo.whited00r.com (not the exact URL, but it is in your cydia sources by default on whited00r 7.1+)

First, it's best to say what they are not.  Patches are not OTA updates, and never will be.
Patches are used to put out fixes for essential errors that cause functionality loss, or constant crashes otherwise. They are not used to add in new features. 
An example of this was that the current patch fixes contact syncing issues on some devices, and fixes the Whited00r Settings not working on the MC model iPod touch 2G.

You can get them by adding http://repod00r.com into your Cydia sources.  If you already have it in but don't see any updates for the patch, go to "Changes" and tap "Refresh".  Allow it to refresh everything and reload data. Don't do anything else while it does that, and don't let the screen fall asleep either as that interrupts it.

How often do they come out?
No time frames. They are not constant or promised.  They may not always work either, as they go out to the masses it may turn out something doesn't work right.  They should never cause more harm to the device than good though (as in, make it crash more. That should never happen).

Why do I need them?
These patches will slowly start fixing errors you encounter with each new update. Yes, they are not essential to install if you don't mind having the issues they state they fix, but it's still nice to have ;)