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Title: Youtube alternative app! Watch Youtube videos on iOS 3!!!
Post by: Chris M. on January 02, 2017, 06:58:34 PM
Hello, i found an alternative app for watching Youtube videos and it works very well. I found it from a user. The app that i'm talking about is MiniBrowser pro
If you want a Fast simple browser I would suggest Mini Browser or Mini browser pro its a simple fast browser and the latest version works fine on ios 3.1.3 it also plays youtube videos fine without lag.  ipa and appstore links: http://iapps-old.weebly.com
Just go to this link( http://iapps-old.weebly.com/downloads.html ) and you will find ios 3 compatible apps, there is the mini browser too. Just click on "download" and it will redirect you to a cracked version on AppStore, install and you can use it. You can watch easily Youtube videos in HQ and normal quality and works for all, in Safari you can watch only some of the videos because ios 3 don't have all video certs.
Hope i helped :)