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Title: Want 2 Learn
Post by: A.R.Z. on April 13, 2011, 05:23:28 PM
I have iPhone 2G & I'm going to install IOS 4.3
In the instructions of instalation, there is strongly recomended that when the IOS instalation will be finished I have to choose "Set up as new iPhone" (To improve speed & better performance). So I think to choose that way, but the only thing I worry about is that, as I understand the whole data of my phone will be lost, I don't worry about photoes or music or apps, but I want all my contacts to be saved, cause, I have about 500 contacts & I'm not going to write all 'em down on the papaer and onces the IOS will be installed type them back to my iPhone's Phonebook.
I'm sure there will be the other way to solve my problem, I think something like this - 2 backup only Phone book & then restore from back up only phonebook + everything has to work fast and without errors (as there are written in instructions).
Thank you

P.S. If anybody knows any other better ways to solve this problem, I'll be glad hearing it....
Title: Re: Want 2 Learn
Post by: Feldoras on April 13, 2011, 08:26:39 PM
Use outlook or gmail for contacts. Outlook good for notes too. You can sync with these apps and then set up as new phone and restore contacts calendars and notes from outlok and or gmail or other that available in itunes dropdown list
Title: Re: Want 2 Learn
Post by: JustinCase on April 13, 2011, 08:28:42 PM
You can sync your contacts with iTunes, set up as a new phone then when you sync for the first time restore your contacts with iTunes
Title: Re: Want 2 Learn
Post by: mitko123 on April 13, 2011, 10:06:01 PM
Here is how to back up your iPhone contacts on a PC. I just did this and its super easy:

- Open i-tunes on your computer that you sync it to
- Plug in your phone to the computer
- open "Address book" window's address book program. Kinda lame, but it works. Its under start-programs-accessories
- Back to iTunes, click on the phone icon on the left
- Click on the Info, and under "Contacts" (the first one) check "sync contacts from" and then pick "Windows address book" from the drop down menu
- Click all contacts
- Then at the bottom right of iTunes, click "Sync" It will ask you if you want to merge or replace. Make sure you select "MERGE" or it will delete your contacts on the phone.

Thats it, check your Windows Address Book and everything should be there. All the numbers and emails that you have put so much time into adding to your phone. Pretty nice. So, from now on, if you add contacts to the phone it will back up to the Computer and the Computer's Address book (if changed) adds new contacts. Hope this helps.
Than after set up as new iphone you can automatically sync contacts to your iphone. :D