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I mean only springboard weather icon. In weather app all OK.

Funny mistake: In USA regional settings ("Fahrenheit country) wether icon showing temperature in Celsius, in Russian regional settings (Celsius country) wether icon showing temperature in Fahrenheit.

Is a  "volume booster" are present in WD4.2 full(2G) like a WD3.4(2G)?
If present, how it disable?

4.2 full(unlock)+ "Extra speed" tip on my 2G 8Gb:
1. fast
2. Folder are working (little slow, but working stable)
3. Youtube working
4. Maps working
5. Multitask (with switchable backgrounding) it's awesome
6. video not saving in foto folder (but quality is good)
7. battery not drained: 24hours stdb with 15 mins talk+ 3Mb + 3,5 hours in active = 55% left
8. with itunes working
9. Not problem with Sync Contacts,apps etc.

I dont now why, but 2g sound is less quality in earphones(too more bass and sound is hrr-hrr-hrr :) )  My 3G playing perfectly in this earphones.

In general:I am satisfied nearly completely.

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