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always remove the SIM before installing any firmware.
WOW, I didn't see that in the instructions anywhere.
THANKS for all your assistance! It is much appreciated.

For no explainationable  reason, this worked today. It appears that I now have an unlocked working iPhone with the App Time Machine. It also has WiFi.

madxface--If you followed this video tutorial carefully and your iPhone 3G is/was carrier locked (doesn't matter if its unlocked before upgrade) it's 80% chance you will get NO SERVICE ERROR and your baseband is 05.15.04, or something higher than 05.14...

I've done all this before but I watched the video and already had everything I needed downloaded to a folder and did as instructed. I was fully expecting the 80% No Service/Searching error but to my surprise, it instead says T-Mobile and as stated, has the Time Machine.

I did use the Whited00r 6.0 Normal file with a SIM installed during the process.

Which version of Whited00r you download for installation?
Unlock as the instructions specified.

At least the last few times that's the one I used. Back when I was getting errors I did try both files. I will try the normal version right now. Just a straight restore from as it is now from the last time I tried this. I will report back what happens.

 . . . Nope, not anything. iTunes will not recognize it. I'll move on to the instructions linked here to the YouTube video once I get iTunes to restore the phone.

If you cannot follow either of those two tutorials made by whited00r 6 users then maybe you should pay a local geek to do it for you?  ;)

[Solved] iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 Stuck in Baseband 05.15.04

If you do not read my posts then there is no point in replying to you anymore.  :-\

Thanks. I do read the post. Sometimes it's easy to overlook one line.

I carefully followed the instructions of "[Solved] iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 Stuck in Baseband 05.15.04"
I am unable to post to that thread so I'll make my comments here:
Since I was reading each line and doing that assigned task, I feel there is one step missing from the instructions right after 1b:
1b-2. After downloading the file to your desktop, you will be asked if you wish to use it with Sno0wbreeze, Click YES. Then click the arrow to continue. (This may seem minor but since I just downloaded a lot of files to complete this task I was not sure if I had to use a different program to later install it and I could not see anything about Expert mode. So I clicked No and then had to download the file again.)
I then got to the end of step 1 and did not have the iPad baseband so I completed step 2. At the end of step 2, my baseband setting was blank. I manually rebooted and it was still blank. I took a screenshot.
Even though my iphone is already unlocked, I followed the instructions which stated to install Whited00r 6.0 Unlocked by following the whited00r Tutorial -Installation
I rebooted twice and set up as a new phone in iTunes. I now have the phone jailbroke but it's not a functioning phone (“Searching” message at the top left) nor does it have wifi.
Pushing the home button randomly will take me home or will open “Sara”. Since there is no wifi, Sara does not work.

I know there are two other options for fixing a phone stuck in baseband 05.15.04. Since I don't get online every day and have four hours per session to complete the task, I will move on to the next set of instructions.

The phone is currently in recovery mode.

I see my error on the  "Topic: [Solved] iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 Stuck in Baseband 05.15.04 - No Service" instructions between steps 1b and 1c.
Working on it again.

So you did not follow the tutorial about downgrading Baseband 05.15.04 I took the time too link to above.  :-\
I know this is going to sound like I am ungrateful, but that is not the case. I appreciate all the info. But because there is a lot of info, I am not able to go and find something you refer to as "link above".
Is it called "downgrade baseband"?

I now have a factory restored iphone with T-mobile service (unactivated but with a T-Mobile SIM and it says T-Mobile at the top left of the iPhone).

But I want the phone jailbroke so I can do two things:
1) add Facebook
2) add accessibility for someone who will be using the phone, who has a hard time seeing the tiny writing.

At this point I'm willing to do one step at a time even if I have to wait three days to get the next step. I keep spending large amounts of time downloading files that end up not helping me.

For example, I made reference to what I was going to do today and the first program does not have the options the instructions state in line 1c.

Quote from: PierreP
Screen capture of f0recast info is good but please blackout your personal info like this:
Image deleted. I didn't realize that was personal info.

I honestly don't know what to do at this point. I've been working on this for at least a month but probably closer to two.

I am trying this now.
Seems I've already done this but I also understand from reading this is where I need to be.

I'll be back after I do the above steps.

Again, & again: Baseband?
I thought I had posted this. From what I understand by the instructions I see, my Baseband or Modem Firmware is 05.15.04.

Of course I spoke too soon. I'll have to stop for now as this is very frustrating. So I get the phone jailbroke and now have Whited00r but now my phone is gone . . . meaning it no longer says "T-Mobile" but now says "Searching" which is something someone alluded to above but I have no idea what he was talking about. Why would an unlocked phone generate a "Searching" message?
The AppTimeMachine also does not actually load. I can tap on it and see the address at the top but no page loads. I'll probably be back.

I see a snowflake on my screen . . . Fingers Crossed.

Well, I did something wrong because I got it jailbroke and the icon was a snowflake with a bite out of it during the process but there is no App Time Machine, which is the only reason I wanted Whited00r in the first place.

But since I got it jailbroke using the iREB advice from above, I immediately did another restore using the right file this time and it appears I now have a Whited00r jailbreak.


BTW you did not say if you downgraded your baseband 05.15.04 as suggested in posts above.

I will read the post carefully. I know at some point I was instructed to download about six files and not sure where but I enountered errors before completing all the steps.

The phone currently shows 05.15.04 but the last thing I did was a factory restore. I'll read this thread again from the bottom up and see if there is something I skipped.

Thanks again.

I tried from a different computer and a different USB cable and a different wifi connection.
This actually makes no sense. When I have a "blank" iPhone and do a factory restore, I get no error messages. But when I hold the shift key and press the "Restore iPhone..." button, I receive an 1604 error, which is a bad connection due to several problems such as a bad USB port or cable. I've tried to do a Whited00r restore from two different computers, using different USB ports and two different USB cables and I still get the 1604 error, which makes no sense if the cable is good enough to do a factory restore.
Should I start a new thread since I seem to be past all the other errors and now know how to at least get the phone turned on?

OH, on a side note, since someone posted that my phone would never be a phone (I've asked how he came across this info but he did not reply in this thread) and one thing he mentioned is the phone may have at some point had water damage, I placed the phone in a bag of rice for a day. I have not tried to restore the phone since then but am going to work on it this afternoon.

Thanks again for all the ideas and assistance.

Just keep on posting in this thread please if it is on topic as we are a few following it.

THANKS. One of the messages above stated if I was able to get the phone jailbroke using the instructions on that page, that I should post on that page to let everyone know it worked. But I am unable to do so.
I am starting from scratch. Just downloaded the original 3G file and will try one more time tonight. If it does not work then I'll use a different computer next time.

I am trying the today as time permits. First thing I have to do is see is I can download the files from
Okay here's my update. Seems the blocking of the was the library's doing. Got all the files downloaded.
Had a problem so I edited my HOST file to get past the 3014 error and now I get a 1604 error which the Apple solution is to 1) try again 2) try again from a different USB port 3) try again using a different USB cable
You guessed it. None of those worked for me but I have not tried number three as I am not at home to look for a different cable but I am sure I have one somewhere.
I'll try again some other day.
Thanks to everyone for their assistance!

. . . Your iPhone has a BAD ESN, this means no matter what network you try to run it off of when there is a SIM in your phone it will say [/b]Searching[/b].

I'm confused. I don't know what a BAD ESN is, but how do you know my phone has one?
Okay, now if the phone has a BAD ESN, could it ever get jailbroke?
iPhone 3G purchased used and jailbroke but not able to unlock at all. I tried three or four different jailbreaks and got the phone jailbroke but never unlocked.
Finally I went to eBay and purchased an Unlock and got an email stating to connect to iTunes and do an update and the phone is now unlocked but back to the iTunes/Apple basic OS.
So now I start the jailbreaking all over again, now that it is unlocked. I am able to get it jailbroke but I can not remember which jailbreaking has the App Time Machine, which is what I need to install Facebook on this phone. I do secussfully jailbreak but none of the jailbreaking has App Time Machine.
I finally find out that Whited00r is the jailbreak I need but I now can no longer jailbreak the phone.
I did pick up a SIM from T-Mobile and the phone's upper left says "T-Mobile" and not "Searching."

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