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So, I've found this steps to be enough for first look:
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# cd /usr/share/icu
# mv  icudt40l.dat  icudt40l.dat.BAK
# wget
# cd /usr/share/
# cp -a zoneinfo zoneinfo-BAK
# wget
# cd zoneinfo
# tar xzf ../tzcode2012j.tar.gz
# rm -f ../tzcode2012j.tar.gz
# zic europe
# zic asia

Repository - Archive / Re: What would you like to see in the repo
« on: January 11, 2013, 01:33:44 AM »
iOS3x has outdated timezone data. I think, that it will be perfect - possibility to download up-to-date TZ data on regular basis.

I think, that there is no usefull workaround for a new timezone in IOS3x/WD in this forum.
How can we change opinion of WD developers  to patch new WD builds for a new TZ data?

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