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still doesn't work for me.. the app won't load any games. what are the exact steps to make this work?

Where are you downloading it from?

Try this repo:
It has the gpsPhone and needed bios file.

Same issue as you I'm afraid, a black screen when trying to view google images in full screen.
I've been having the same issue too so I guess it's something to do with a code update and not our devices. Fortuately the App Time Machine has alternative browsers such as Opera mini, Atomic lite and Mercury web browser, which are much faster than Safari anyways. :P

i tried to open the web page but google chrome just says opps try again later or reload ( and reload doe's the same thing )
It could be a temporary problem with the Zamunda servers, they've had some lately. Anyways I'm working on uploading the apps so you can download them directly from this thread :P

Part 3:
Mobile Fotos (v1.4).ipa   342.26 KB
MobileChat.ipa   373.26 KB
MobileFamilyTree (v1.3).ipa   1.47 MB
MobileFinder (v1.0.1).ipa   2.65 MB
MobileStudio (v1.1.0).ipa   1.83 MB
MobilFinder_1.0.ipa   2.60 MB
Mocha VNC (v2.0).ipa   333.23 KB
Mocha VNC.ipa   577.44 KB
Mondo Solitaire.ipa   9.42 MB
Monkey Ball.ipa   35.13 MB
MonstAr Maker (v1.0).ipa   4.81 MB
Monster Memory (v1.1).ipa   2.82 MB
Mote-M (v1.2.53).ipa   2.86 MB
MotionX GPS (v2.0).ipa   2.33 MB
MotionX Poker(v1.12).ipa   7.49 MB
MotionX Poker.ipa   7.38 MB
MotoRacer.ipa   15.15 MB
Mouse House (v1.0).ipa   2.72 MB
MsPacMan.ipa   11.57 MB
Muddle.ipa   201.54 KB
Multi Quiz (v1.2).ipa   903.92 KB
My Football (v1.2).ipa   9.61 MB
myFavorites (v1.0.1).ipa   405.90 KB
MyWeather Mobile (v1.1).ipa   3.48 MB
Naboko (Sokoban) (v1.2).ipa   771.17 KB
Nanosaur 2 (v1.0).ipa   30.02 MB
NeonPaint (v1.0).ipa   163.28 KB
Net Paycheck Calculator (v1).ipa   142.07 KB
NetManiak A PuzzleManiak game (v2.1).ipa   331.41 KB
NetManiak.ipa   128.46 KB
NetShare.ipa   75.83 KB
NetSketch.ipa   504.15 KB
Netter's Advanced Head and Neck Flash Cards (v1.0).ipa   42.27 MB
Netter's Histology Flash Cards (v1.0).ipa   42.36 MB
Netter's Musculoskeletal Flash Cards (v1.0).ipa   41.79 MB
Neverputt ME (v1.4.0.1).ipa   5.00 MB
Newsstand (v1.0).ipa   391.04 KB
NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader) (v1.0).ipa   291.12 KB
Night Camera (v1.3.1).ipa   162.28 KB
Night_Camera-v1.1.ipa   139.76 KB
Ninja.ipa   777.87 KB
Nixie Clock (v1.0).ipa   737.61 KB Pro (v1.0).ipa   19.68 MB
Note Pad (v1.01).ipa   596.62 KB
Notebook (v1.0.1).ipa   208.78 KB
Numba (v1.0.0.4).ipa   7.78 MB
Numba.ipa   7.78 MB
Ocarina (v1.0.1).ipa   1.49 MB
Ocarina Spirit (v1.1).ipa   6.62 MB
Ocarina(v1.1).ipa   1.51 MB
OmniFocus.ipa   676.21 KB
OmniTuner.ipa   416.15 KB
OneTap Movies 1.2.ipa   376.46 KB
Optical Wonders (v1.0).ipa   3.10 MB
OrbLive (v2.0.3).ipa   1.74 MB
OrbLive(v2.0.8.6).ipa   1.79 MB
Orions Legend Of Wizards (v1.1).ipa   16.00 MB
Oxford American College Dictionary & Thesaurus of Current English (v1.0).ipa   30.83 MB
PAC-MAN(v1.0.3).ipa   1.62 MB
Paint(v3.0).ipa   1.31 MB
PaklSound1 (v2.00).ipa   1.75 MB
Palettes (v1.3).ipa   434.85 KB
PangeaVR Pro (v1.0.3).ipa   373.65 KB
Pano (v2.0).ipa   357.50 KB
PanoLab Pro (v1.0).ipa   757.60 KB
PaperFootball.ipa   3.48 MB
PapiJump Cave (v1.0.0).ipa   360.74 KB
PapiJump Plus (v1.0.0).ipa   287.31 KB
Parachute Landing (v1.0).ipa   1.08 MB
Paradox 3000 (v1.0).ipa   14.24 MB
ParkingLot (v2.0).ipa   690.04 KB
PathTracker 1.1.ipa   114.61 KB
Pathways (v1.0).ipa   8.78 MB
PatternManiak 1.0.ipa   129.76 KB
Payday Roulette (v1.0).ipa   6.26 MB
Pennies (v1.0.1).ipa   616.28 KB
Pennies 1.0.ipa   621.57 KB
Perilar (v1.0).ipa   1.96 MB
Pet Bugs (v1.1.0).ipa   4.86 MB
Phone Aid (v1.0).ipa   4.34 MB
Phony (v1.00).ipa   2.44 MB
Photo Hunter (v1.0).ipa   15.89 MB
Photo Lab (v1.0).ipa   1.08 MB
Photobucket For iPhone.ipa   333.22 KB
PhotoBuddy (v1.2).ipa   973.74 KB
PhotoCalc (v1.1.0).ipa   397.46 KB
PhotoFrame (v1.1).ipa   502.89 KB
PhotoWizard (v1.1).ipa   138.72 KB
Pianist.ipa   6.94 MB
Pick&Choose Groceries(v1.5).ipa   3.24 MB
PicknDaisies (v1).ipa   7.02 MB
Picoli.ipa   888.08 KB
Pictems (v1.0).ipa   6.48 MB
PicVault (v2.1).ipa   98.88 KB
PicVault.ipa   48.14 KB
Pinball RC.ipa   9.69 MB
Pinch 'n Pop! (v1.0).ipa   2.53 MB
Ping A Majig (v1.1.4).ipa   103.69 KB
Pinguin Timer (v1.1).ipa   572.12 KB
Plank (v1.0).ipa   18.52 MB
Plasma (v1.0).ipa   3.10 MB
Platinum Solitaire (v1.5.4).ipa   29.25 MB
Platinum Solitaire.ipa   30.80 MB
Platinum Sudoku (v1.4.1).ipa   50.48 MB
PlayTime (v1.1).ipa   322.17 KB
Pocket Globe (v1.0).ipa   3.36 MB
Pocket Piano Plus (v1.1).ipa   15.97 MB
Pocket Weather AU (v1.0.1).ipa   2.84 MB
PocketGuitar (v1.0).ipa   3.46 MB
PocketMoney.ipa   474.97 KB
Pointer Remote for PowerPoint and Keynote (v1.1).ipa   126.84 KB
Poker Club (v1.1).ipa   1.13 MB
Poker Timer Dealer Button.ipa   259.78 KB
Pole Position Remix (v1.0.0).ipa   8.83 MB
Poll Tracker '08 by SLATE (v1.2).ipa   185.48 KB
Pool.ipa   644.64 KB
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce; ebook (v1.0).ipa   840.05 KB
Pottery Wheel (v1.1).ipa   380.34 KB
Powerboat Challenge (v1.0.1).ipa   9.85 MB
Powerboat Challengeв„ў 3D (v1.0.2).ipa   9.86 MB
Preschool Adventure (v1.3).ipa   12.47 MB
Private Pics (v2.0).ipa   121.30 KB
Proxy Pal (v1.0).ipa   1.24 MB
pTerm 1.1.ipa   309.37 KB
PubSearch (v1.3).ipa   137.52 KB
Pulsar Interactive Particle System (v1.0).ipa   1.20 MB
Putt Putt.ipa   2.67 MB
PuzzLoop 1.0.ipa   6.96 MB
Puzzoodle Jigsaw (v1.01).ipa   4.07 MB
Pyro Mania! (v1.0.1).ipa   668.82 KB
Qibla Finder (v2.0).ipa   243.00 KB
QuadChallenge (v1.2).ipa   325.36 KB
Quadrum words (v1.0).ipa   2.29 MB
Quordy (v1.2).ipa   1.94 MB
Quordy.ipa   2.40 MB
r u drunk (v1.1).ipa   776.98 KB
R.Thunder-v1.0.3.ipa   2.24 MB
RadarScope (v1.2.0).ipa   2.67 MB
Radius.ipa   7.53 MB
Raging Thunder (v1.0.2).ipa   2.51 MB
Real Soccer 2009 (v1.0.5).ipa   63.31 MB
Record (v1.01).ipa   624.95 KB
Recorder (v2).ipa   716.68 KB
Recorder.ipa   525.93 KB
RectanglesManiak 1.0.ipa   170.30 KB
Red Rocket (v1.0).ipa   62.86 MB
Rescue Angels 60 (v1.0).ipa   3.77 MB
Revolver Puzzle (v1.1).ipa   474.61 KB
Rising Blocks (v1.0).ipa   3.00 MB
RjDj album (v0.6.3).ipa   4.00 MB
RjDj album (v0.6.4).ipa   3.99 MB
Rock Paper Scissors (v1.1).ipa   9.10 MB
Rock'n'Roll (v1.1).ipa   16.36 MB
Rock'n'Roll (v1.2).ipa   17.01 MB
Rolando (v1.0).ipa   24.96 MB
Rooms - Your Mobile Chat Client (v0.7.0).ipa   1.18 MB
Rows 3D (v1.4).ipa   4.15 MB
Rulla (v1.2).ipa   63.20 KB
Sally's Salon (v1.0.1).ipa   8.97 MB
Samurai Puzzle Battle (v1.1.0).ipa   10.78 MB
SAT Word Boost (v1.0.1).ipa   232.89 KB
Save Benjis (v1.2.1).ipa   395.24 KB
School of Rock (v1.1).ipa   113.98 MB
SciFly Dogfight (v1.1).ipa   9.88 MB
Scoops (v1.2).ipa   521.12 KB
Scrabble.ipa   6.56 MB
Scratch Away (v1.0).ipa   1.03 MB
ScribBall (v1.1).ipa   1.45 MB
Scriptures (v1.2).ipa   12.86 MB
Secrets.ipa   263.03 KB
Serpents.ipa   23.34 MB
Sevgilim (v1.0).ipa   74.49 KB
Sextuple Word Challenge.ipa   572.94 KB
Shanghai Mahjong (v1.1).ipa   1.76 MB
Sheep Count (v1.0).ipa   1.19 MB
Shinro (v1.1).ipa   1.79 MB
Shooter (v1.0).ipa   7.68 MB
ShoppingList.ipa   312.24 KB
Shout It.ipa   59.59 KB
Shuffleboard.ipa   396.63 KB
Sid Player (v1.0.49).ipa   1.30 MB
Siddur (v2.8 ).ipa   2.81 MB
Signal GH (v1.0.1).ipa   122.61 KB
Silkworm3D.ipa   1.42 MB
SimCityв„ў (v1.0.0).ipa   28.20 MB
Singing Bowls (v1.1).ipa   3.45 MB
Sketches (v1.3).ipa   2.79 MB
Sketches.ipa   2.61 MB
SkyDrops (v1.0).ipa   11.26 MB
SlantManiak 1.0.ipa   198.73 KB
Sleek (v1.0).ipa   7.20 MB
SlovoEd Deluxe English-French dictionary (v1.0).ipa   62.39 MB
Smack Boxing (v1.0).ipa   7.94 MB
Smart Sokoban Pro (v1.4).ipa   64.21 KB
Smiles (v1.0).ipa   3.89 MB
Snap (v1.01).ipa   403.35 KB
SNAP! (v1.0).ipa   15.38 MB
Snapture 2.1 Premium(v1.0).ipa   1.30 MB
Snatch (v2.2)(2).ipa   325.80 KB
Snatch (v2.2).ipa   325.80 KB
Snatcher (v1.0).ipa   3.06 MB
Snow Reports (v1.1).ipa   1.05 MB
Snow Scene (v1.0).ipa   311.03 KB
Snowball (v1.0).ipa   2.43 MB
SoccerMate (v1.0.2).ipa   495.33 KB
SolarQuest.ipa   3.71 MB
Solitaire Top 3.ipa   1.30 MB
SoloPong (v1.0).ipa   461.16 KB
Sonic Boom (v1.0).ipa   5.92 MB
Sonic Lighter (v1.1).ipa   3.22 MB
Sonic Vox (v1.0).ipa   979.52 KB
SonicLife (v1.0).ipa   73.52 KB
South Park Imaginationland(v1.0.8 ).ipa   6.76 MB
South Park Imaginationland.ipa   6.76 MB
Space Buster (v1.5).ipa   12.42 MB
Space Monkey (v1.1).ipa   32.59 MB
Space Monkey.ipa   32.59 MB
Space Out 1.0.ipa   4.09 MB
SpaceTime (v3.0.10).ipa   780.70 KB
Spacetime Converter (v1.0).ipa   1.06 MB
Spades (v1.42).ipa   1.31 MB
Spanish-English Translation Dict.ipa   60.11 MB
Spark (v1.0).ipa   336.12 KB
SpeakEasy Voice Recorder (v1.0.2).ipa   446.19 KB
Special days (v1.0.0).ipa   152.53 KB
Spectrogram (v1.0).ipa   181.38 KB
Spectrograph Wallpaper (v1.0).ipa   154.98 KB
Speed Dial (v1.3).ipa   129.45 KB
Speed Dial.ipa   128.00 KB
SpeedTester (v1.0).ipa   760.60 KB
SpeedTrap (v1.0).ipa   62.51 KB
Spend (v1.28).ipa   205.17 KB
SPiN - The Silhouette Game (v1.0).ipa   2.63 MB
SpinArt (v1.2).ipa   288.58 KB
SplashMoney (v4.5).ipa   950.68 KB
SplashMoney.ipa   840.32 KB
Spore Origins (v1.0.0).ipa   79.71 MB
Sports History (v1.0.0).ipa   5.24 MB
SpotMe! (v1.0.3).ipa   242.58 KB
Spreadsheet (v1.0.1).ipa   307.20 KB
Sprocket (v1.0).ipa   684.86 KB
SpudBud (v1.1).ipa   1.12 MB
Squiggles (v1.1).ipa   8.50 MB
Squirgle! (v1.2).ipa   15.54 MB
Stack-it! (v1.000).ipa   4.02 MB
Stackit (v1.01).ipa   570.14 KB
Star Wars Sound Board (v1.0.1).ipa   4.27 MB
Star Wars The Force Unleashed (v1.0.9).ipa   20.00 MB
Starmap (v1.2.1).ipa   7.05 MB
Starmap 1.0.ipa   5.70 MB
Starmap(v1.2.1).ipa   7.05 MB
Starsmasher.ipa   4.64 MB
Stay In Tune.ipa   5.39 MB
SteelDrum (v1.0).ipa   2.20 MB
Steps.ipa   265.50 KB
Sticky Notes - Save a Note as Your Wallpaper (v2.0).ipa   218.91 KB
STM mobile.ipa   683.75 KB
Strategic Assault (v1.1).ipa   2.04 MB
Subway Shuffle (v2.0.3).ipa   555.88 KB
Sudoku (EA).ipa   5.82 MB
Sudoku Unlimited (v1.03).ipa   1.58 MB
Sudoku Unlimited.ipa   1.34 MB
SudokuEdit (v1.0.1).ipa   217.29 KB
SudokuManiak 1.0.ipa   229.86 KB
Sumcession (v1.0.1).ipa   1.57 MB
Super Breakout (v1.0).ipa   12.07 MB
Super Mega Blackjack Supreme (v1.0).ipa   3.58 MB
Super Monkey Ball (v1.01).ipa   123.79 MB
Super Pig (v1.0).ipa   7.47 MB
SUPER SPIKE - Volley Ball (vv2.0.1).ipa   2.37 MB
SUPER STRIKE - Motion Bowl (vv1.0).ipa   23.13 MB
SuperTracker (v1.0).ipa   1.66 MB
Super_Pig.ipa   7.47 MB
Surface To Air Mayhem (v1.0).ipa   7.41 MB
Sync in a Blink (v2.0.1).ipa   541.20 KB
Table FootBall (v1.0).ipa   23.96 MB
Take A Chill Pill (v1.0.1).ipa   27.51 MB
Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens; ebook (v1.0).ipa   1.01 MB
Tales of Folk and Fairies - Katharine Pyle (v1).ipa   731.32 KB
Tank Ace.ipa   801.02 KB
TanZen (v1.3).ipa   2.74 MB
TanZen.ipa   2.72 MB
Tap 'n' Slide! (v1.0).ipa   5.85 MB
Tap Tap Dance (v1.1).ipa   48.46 MB
Tap Tap Revenge NIN(v1.0.1).ipa   54.69 MB
Tap Tap Revenge Nine Inch Nails Edition (v1.0.1).ipa   54.68 MB
Tarot (v1.20).ipa   3.35 MB
Tehilim (v1.7).ipa   504.31 KB
Telegram (v1.02).ipa   1.00 MB
Teleport.ipa   959.52 KB
Tennis Slam (v1.1).ipa   7.01 MB
Tennis Slam(v1.1).ipa   7.01 MB
TentsManiak 1.0.ipa   174.01 KB
TETRIS (v1.0.86).ipa   9.30 MB
TETRIS (v1.1.87).ipa   9.49 MB
Tetris(v1.0.86).ipa   9.30 MB
Tetris.ipa   9.31 MB
Texas Hold'em.ipa   127.87 MB
The Arabian Nights - Their Best-known Tales (v1).ipa   953.38 KB
The Concise Oxford English Dictionary (v1.0).ipa   34.27 MB
Whack the Groundhog (v1.4).ipa   2.63 MB
Whack The Groundhog.ipa   2.54 MB
WhakAPal (v1.2).ipa   525.21 KB
What's On TV (v1.5).ipa   633.36 KB
What's On TV(v1.5).ipa   633.02 KB
WhereTo 1.01.ipa   875.34 KB
White Fang by Jack London (v1).ipa   488.49 KB
WhoFast.ipa   148.68 KB
Whssp (v1.0.1).ipa   1.45 MB
Wi-Fi Video (v1.0).ipa   246.21 KB
WifiTrak-v1.1.ipa   134.23 KB
WiFiVideo_vnmagic.net_v1.1.ipa   246.21 KB
WiiGames(v1.2).ipa   379.11 KB
Wikipanion Plus (v1.4a).ipa   711.33 KB
Wikipanion Plus(v1.5).ipa   951.41 KB
WinAdmin (v1.1.0).ipa   418.82 KB
WinAdmin 1.0.ipa   392.96 KB
WinAdmin(v1.1.0).ipa   418.82 KB
Word Up! (v1.0).ipa   819.50 KB
WordSearch (v1.2).ipa   4.36 MB
World Wiki Plus (v1.0).ipa   12.95 MB
WorldView Live (v1.0.1).ipa   778.82 KB
WristPop Coin Toss (v1.1).ipa   2.65 MB
WritePad Notes (v1.4).ipa   1.01 MB
Wunder Radio (v1.4).ipa   2.05 MB
X Clock (v1.0).ipa   398.27 KB
X-Plane 9 (v9.03).ipa   14.46 MB
X-Plane-Airliner (v9.04).ipa   7.89 MB
XBMC Remote(v1.1).ipa   1.36 MB
xCube (v1.2.1).ipa   2.34 MB
xCube-1.2.1.ipa   2.34 MB
Xmote (v1.0).ipa   85.01 KB
XMote(v1.0).ipa   85.01 KB
XRay2.ipa   6.74 MB
YoMama.ipa   623.98 KB
Young Painter Plus (v1.5).ipa   907.99 KB
Zen Garden (v1.0).ipa   1.38 MB
Zen Garden.ipa   1.39 MB
Zen Pinball Inferno (v1.0).ipa   9.02 MB
ZEN Pinball Rollercoaster (v1.0.5).ipa   9.69 MB
ZeptoPad (v1.6).ipa   7.44 MB
Zombie Invasion (v1.0).ipa   8.22 MB
Zombie-v1.1.ipa   7.25 MB
Zone Warrior (v1.0).ipa   7.99 MB
Zones (v1.2).ipa   243.88 KB
Zoo (v1.0).ipa   2.90 MB

Part 2:
FIGHTER PILOT - Dogfight Battle - Jet Aircraft (vv1.2).ipa   3.37 MB
FileMagnet.ipa   422.36 KB
Files.ipa   674.52 KB
FillingManiak 1.0.ipa   162.71 KB
Finger Scan (v1.1).ipa   685.78 KB
FingerMill (v1.0).ipa   324.89 KB
Fire Words (v1.2).ipa   2.04 MB
Firefighter (v1.1).ipa   1.40 MB
FIREWALL Defender 001 (v1.0).ipa   5.86 MB
Fireworks (v1.0.0).ipa   6.82 MB
Five Dice.ipa   1.23 MB
Fizz Weather (v1.2).ipa   1.56 MB
Fizz Weather.ipa   1.51 MB
Flags (v1.1).ipa   2.65 MB
Flash Dial (v1.0).ipa   335.79 KB
FlashGram (v1.0.4).ipa   1.49 MB
FlashMath (v1.1.1).ipa   240.21 KB
Flick Bowling (v1.1).ipa   8.46 MB
Flick Fishing (v1.0).ipa   26.30 MB
Fliparoni (v1.1).ipa   47.63 MB
FlipBook.ipa   532.46 KB
FLOverload.ipa   1.39 MB
FlowMath (v1.0.1).ipa   352.58 KB
FlyingRider 1.0.ipa   187.30 KB
FMScreen (v1.0).ipa   65.99 KB
FMTouch (v1.21).ipa   644.77 KB
Folders (v1.4).ipa   178.81 KB
Food Additives (v1.2).ipa   1.06 MB
Four in a Row Pro (v1.11).ipa   1.08 MB
FreshWater Aquarium (v1.02).ipa   3.39 MB
FriendSync - Visual Caller ID (v1.0.2).ipa   107.12 KB
FriendSync - Visual Caller ID (v1.0.3).ipa   107.54 KB
FroggerGL.ipa   2.59 MB
Frommer's Paris (v1.3).ipa   10.29 MB
FTP On The Go.ipa   240.28 KB
Fuel Log (v1.2).ipa   117.03 KB
FUNKY PUNCH (v1.4).ipa   10.23 MB
Funny Twist (v1.2).ipa   3.01 MB
Fuzzle (v1.3.1).ipa   1.73 MB
G-Force 1.0.ipa   360.59 KB
G-Spot (v1.1).ipa   287.79 KB
G-Spot.ipa   176.43 KB
Galactic Invasion (v1.0).ipa   3.64 MB
GalaxiesManiak 1.0.ipa   134.28 KB
Galcon (v1.4).ipa   5.53 MB
Galcon.ipa   2.56 MB
Game Timer (v1.0.0).ipa   1.20 MB
Gazette (v1.0.1).ipa   1.03 MB
Genie360 (v1.1).ipa   780.23 KB
GenieWii (v1.0).ipa   510.88 KB
GenieWii(v1.0).ipa   510.88 KB
Geocaching (v1.0).ipa   712.00 KB
Geopher Lite (v1.0.5).ipa   773.87 KB
Glyph (v1.00).ipa   6.93 MB
GooeyFaces (v1.0).ipa   506.93 KB
gottago.ipa   7.75 MB
GPS Kit (v2.0).ipa   381.89 KB
Grafly (v1.1).ipa   647.59 KB
Grafunc.ipa   207.35 KB
Graphite (v1.1).ipa   283.39 KB
Gravitation (v1.0).ipa   384.05 KB
Green Light (v1.0).ipa   182.38 KB
Greetings (v2.2).ipa   199.10 KB
Gridlock (v1.0).ipa   600.53 KB
GritPix (v1.0).ipa   623.21 KB
Grocery iQ (v1.0.2).ipa   7.17 MB
GTS World Racing (v1.0).ipa   7.87 MB
GTS World Racking.ipa   7.87 MB
GTSWR.ipa   7.87 MB
Guitar Rock Tour (v1.0.1).ipa   148.62 MB
GuitarToolkit (v1.2.1).ipa   5.82 MB
GuitarToolkit.ipa   2.24 MB
GymGoal Lite (v2.4).ipa   2.23 MB
Hairstyle (v1.0).ipa   4.70 MB
Halloween - Cursed Slots (v1.0001).ipa   4.45 MB
Halloween Pumpkinizer (v1.0.1).ipa   1.03 MB
Hallows' Eve (v1.0).ipa   6.87 MB
Hamster.Dash.v1.0-TGBus.ipa   2.92 MB
HanDBase Database Manager (v4.00).ipa   528.02 KB
Hangman(v1.6).ipa   929.70 KB
HangmanSim.ipa   429.67 KB
Hanoi Plus (v1.2.1).ipa   971.29 KB
Happy Face Popper (v1.0.0).ipa   6.66 MB
HappyDayz! (v1.3).ipa   299.09 KB
HappyDayz!(v1.3.2).ipa   299.80 KB
HappyDayz!.ipa   81.33 KB
Harmonica (v1.0).ipa   8.36 MB
HazMat (v2008.09.11).ipa   317.62 KB
Heart Monitor (v1).ipa   1.77 MB
Hebrew Email (v1.0).ipa   315.10 KB
Hero of Sparta (v1.0.0).ipa   79.67 MB
HiBiorhythm (v1.1.1).ipa   357.78 KB
Hip Hop Top 100 (v1.0.1).ipa   488.55 KB
Hiqup (v1.1).ipa   1.26 MB
Homework (v1.1.1).ipa   167.77 KB
Homeworkr (v1.2).ipa   185.29 KB
Hooked Pocket Fishing (v1.0).ipa   9.39 MB
HupplePupple (v1.0).ipa   2.00 MB
HypnoPac (v1.3).ipa   516.94 KB
HypnoPac2 (v1.2).ipa   635.95 KB
I Am Rich 1.0 .ipa   92.09 KB
i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote (v1.1).ipa   170.83 KB
i-Finder (v1.1.5).ipa   112.36 KB
i41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printer (v1.2).ipa   6.55 MB
iAmpRemote 1.0.1.ipa   131.99 KB
IBE Star Invader (v11000).ipa   2.55 MB
iBeam (v1.1).ipa   511.64 KB
iBeer.ipa   8.83 MB
iBlogger (v1.0.6).ipa   529.85 KB
iCake (v1.0).ipa   1.72 MB
iCanSketchIt (v2.2).ipa   1.02 MB
iChalky (v1.2).ipa   768.96 KB
iChristmas Tree (v1.0).ipa   1.81 MB
iChuck Norris Joke Generator (v1.0).ipa   2.68 MB
iCopter (v1.3).ipa   505.99 KB
iCrowdSurf (v1.2).ipa   1.08 MB
iDaydream (v1.0).ipa   773.20 KB
iDialUDrive (v2.0).ipa   288.30 KB
iDiary (v1.1.1).ipa   247.02 KB
iDice (v1.1.1).ipa   164.73 KB
iDrink.ipa   2.83 MB
iDrops (v1.2.1).ipa   245.56 KB
iDrops.ipa   248.42 KB
iDrum Club Edition 1.0.0.ipa   5.51 MB
iDrum Hip-Hop Edition 1.0.0.ipa   6.35 MB
iDrum Hip-Hop Edition.ipa   6.35 MB
iEarn (v1.0).ipa   466.28 KB
iFish (v1.0.1).ipa   9.45 MB
iFishing (v1.1).ipa   52.43 MB
iFitness (v7.0).ipa   1.81 MB
iFocus (v1.1).ipa   319.51 KB
iFX Magic (v1.0.0).ipa   563.91 KB
iGeoCacher (v1.04).ipa   430.63 KB
iGold (v2.01).ipa   307.06 KB
iGotchi (v1.2.1).ipa   25.55 MB
iGotchi.ipa   6.13 MB
iGotchi1.1.1.ipa   8.84 MB
iGraffiti 1.0.1.ipa   630.00 KB
iHearU (v1.0.1).ipa   356.66 KB
iHearU (v1.0.2).ipa   356.37 KB
iHunt (v1.0).ipa   1.92 MB
iJezzball.ipa   9.10 MB
Ikanoid.ipa   2.57 MB
iKspozher (v2.0).ipa   58.91 KB
ilaugh-v1.1.ipa   194.16 KB
iLCARS (v1.0).ipa   624.52 KB
iLiga 08-09 (v1.2).ipa   3.90 MB
IM+ (Holiday Sale) (v1.6).ipa   649.42 KB
ImagePuzzle (v1.1).ipa   5.87 MB
ImageTouch (v1.0.0).ipa   7.63 MB
Imangi (v2.0.3).ipa   3.95 MB
Imangi Word Squares (v1.0).ipa   2.25 MB
Imangi.ipa   1.88 MB
iMatrix.ipa   629.26 KB
iMedium (v1.1).ipa   548.15 KB
iMilk.ipa   6.82 MB
iMineSweeper (v1.1.0).ipa   198.46 KB
imZeus (v1.00).ipa   1.77 MB
iNetwork Test (v1.0.4).ipa   102.77 KB
iNetwork Test.ipa   99.75 KB
iNoteTrainer (v1.3).ipa   3.73 MB
Inside Trader (v1.0).ipa   729.81 KB
Internet Radio Box(v1.1.1).ipa   629.62 KB
Invazion (v1.0).ipa   6.01 MB
iParrot__1.1_.ipa   5.30 MB
iPhysics Lite (v1.0).ipa   9.70 MB
iProRecorder (v1.11).ipa   1.53 MB
iProRecorder.ipa   1.51 MB
iProtractor (v0.95).ipa   268.21 KB
iPump Total Body (v1.1).ipa   6.73 MB
IQ boost.ipa   595.38 KB
IR-909 (v1.0).ipa   1.70 MB
iRelax - Ambient (v1.1).ipa   13.47 MB
iRelax - Electronica (v1.0).ipa   19.71 MB
iRSS.ipa   289.15 KB
iScores (v2.0).ipa   1.10 MB
iShape (v1.2).ipa   705.90 KB
iShoot (v1.0).ipa   15.41 MB
iSilo (v1.25).ipa   0.98 MB
iSpookU (v1.0).ipa   7.82 MB
iSpreadsheet (v2.3).ipa   495.12 KB
iStorage (v1.0.4).ipa   951.70 KB
Italian-English Translation Dict.ipa   2.18 MB
iTip (v1.0.3).ipa   85.09 KB
iTM Keys (v1.2.9).ipa   291.48 KB
iTracer (v1.01).ipa   213.73 KB
iWakeUp (v1.0).ipa   8.82 MB
ixboxlive 1.0.ipa   125.69 KB
iXboxLive.ipa   124.48 KB
iXpenseIt.ipa   430.45 KB
iZen Garden (v1.6).ipa   46.81 MB
Jaadu VNC (v1.2).ipa   0.99 MB
JackHammer (v1.1).ipa   1.60 MB
Jackpot Casino (v1.02).ipa   2.96 MB
Japanese (v1.0.1).ipa   16.39 MB
jellycar-v1.0.ipa   9.79 MB
Jerk In A Box (v1.0.0).ipa   910.89 KB
Jerk In A Box (v1.0.2).ipa   910.89 KB
Jeyo Extender for Outlook (v2.5.1).ipa   68.80 KB
Jigsawed Jigsaw Puzzle (v1.1).ipa   4.82 MB
Joe's Network Utility (Ping, DNS, Wake on LAN, Network Info) (v1.21).ipa   163.57 KB
Joe's Network Utility (v1.0).ipa   152.21 KB
Joker (v1.0).ipa   1.12 MB
Joker's Wild (v1.0).ipa   721.80 KB
Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne; ebook (v1.0).ipa   822.54 KB
JumbleXmas.v1.0.ipa   5.59 MB
Juxtaposer (v1.0).ipa   485.10 KB
Kalculator (v1.0).ipa   156.46 KB
Kaleido (v1.1).ipa   597.72 KB
Kaleidoscope 1.0.ipa   893.05 KB
Kana Flip (Hiragana Katakana) (v1.2).ipa   1.05 MB
KeepyUppy(v1.0).ipa   1.75 MB
KickScreen Movie Trailers (v1.4.1).ipa   6.62 MB
KickScreen Movie Trailers(v1.4.1).ipa   6.62 MB
KittenJump1.3.ipa   5.53 MB
Kiwi (v1.0).ipa   671.61 KB
Koi Pond.ipa   1.27 MB
Kusari (v1.1).ipa   8.21 MB
Kyodai (v1.1).ipa   4.45 MB
Labyrinth (v1.3.1).ipa   1.13 MB
Labyrinth (v1.4).ipa   1.16 MB
Labyrinth.ipa   691.16 KB
Laze (v1.0).ipa   2.19 MB
LED Basketball (v1.0).ipa   440.13 KB
Legends Least of My Brethren (v1.1.1).ipa   205.82 KB
LEGO Batman Gotham City Games (v1.0.0).ipa   89.46 MB
Lemonade Stand (v1.0).ipa   2.80 MB
Lexicon (v1.1).ipa   462.21 KB
Lie_Detector-v1.5.ipa   258.58 KB
Life Expectancy (v1.1).ipa   767.06 KB
LifeTimer (v1.2.3).ipa   156.15 KB
Light Show (v1.0.3).ipa   391.02 KB
Light Show(v1.0.3).ipa   391.02 KB
LightUp 1.0.ipa   150.87 KB
LightUpManiak.ipa   150.87 KB
Lil' BBall (v1.0.0).ipa   2.18 MB
Lil' SnowMan (v1.0.0).ipa   1.61 MB
LimeChat - IRC Client (v1.0).ipa   209.41 KB
Lingolook JAPAN (v2.21).ipa   31.31 MB
Liquid (v2.1).ipa   2.70 MB
Loan Shark (v2.0.1).ipa   876.73 KB
Local Radio Finder (v1.1).ipa   1.91 MB
LocalEats (v1.3.0).ipa   791.89 KB
LOLCats Premium (v1.4).ipa   196.82 KB
LOLCats Premium(v1.4).ipa   196.82 KB
Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook (v1.1).ipa   3.90 MB
Lonely Planet Thai Phrasebook (v1.1).ipa   6.54 MB
Loopy Laboratory (v1.0).ipa   8.24 MB
LoopyManiak 1.0.ipa   159.30 KB
Loot Wars (v1.0).ipa   4.94 MB
Loot Wars (v1.1).ipa   5.13 MB
Loro - Spanish verb conjugations (v1).ipa   323.47 KB
Loves Me Loves Me Not (v1.0).ipa   291.95 KB
Lucky 7 Slots (v1.1).ipa   600.54 KB
Lumen (v2.2.1).ipa   6.97 MB
Lumen.ipa   232.16 KB
Lumina.ipa   1.17 MB
m.o.t.e.s. (v1.0).ipa   193.25 KB
Mach Dice (v2.00).ipa   2.61 MB
Magic Match (v1.0).ipa   620.25 KB
Magic Touch (v1.1).ipa   923.35 KB
MagicDrum (v1.0).ipa   1.17 MB
MagicMatch (v1.0.1).ipa   3.52 MB
MagicPad.ipa   612.68 KB
Mahjong Palace(v1.0).ipa   6.52 MB
Make a Face (v1.0).ipa   2.39 MB
Mancala+ (v1.1).ipa   328.67 KB
Manual for the United States of America (v1.0).ipa   4.40 MB
Marble Worlds 2-1.0 Cracked By [email protected]   3.68 MB
MarbleMash (v1.0.2).ipa   5.60 MB
Mash-a-Mass (v1.0.0).ipa   9.36 MB
Mask (v1.0).ipa   283.79 KB
Masterpiece (v1.1).ipa   5.27 MB
Matchstick Puzzles (v2.1).ipa   232.67 KB
Math Magic (v1.0).ipa   2.25 MB
Maths Tool (v1.9).ipa   1.86 MB
MathTables (v1.1).ipa   585.54 KB
Mating Call (Female) (v2.0).ipa   260.23 KB
mBoxMail (v1.0).ipa   426.25 KB
Measures (v1.2.0).ipa   0.99 MB
Medicine and Dreams Dictionary (v1.1).ipa   3.70 MB
MediMath (v1.3).ipa   390.59 KB
Memory Builder (v1.0).ipa   149.33 KB
MetalAngel 1.0.ipa   2.46 MB
Metro Melbourne (v1.1).ipa   16.52 MB
Mides IDE (v1.0.4).ipa   11.30 MB
Midnight Pool (v1.0.0).ipa   71.88 MB
mind Wave (v2.0).ipa   32.70 MB
MindMaker (v1.0).ipa   86.87 KB
MindWave(v2.1).ipa   32.70 MB
MinesInSpace.ipa   16.23 MB
MinesManiak 1.0.ipa   167.02 KB
Mini Touch Golf (v1.1).ipa   12.85 MB
Mini Touch Golf(v1.1).ipa   12.85 MB
miniSynth (v1.1).ipa   546.86 KB
Missile Command (v1.0).ipa   7.94 MB
Missile Command(v1.0).ipa   7.94 MB
Mister Bumblebee Racing Champion (vv1.0).ipa   19.32 MB
MixUp (v1.0).ipa   1.40 MB
MLB.ipa   422.77 KB
Triplets (v1.0).ipa   62.36 KB
Trism (v1.2).ipa   7.56 MB
Trism.ipa   8.63 MB
TrueLove(v1.1).ipa   245.84 KB
Truth or Dare (v1.1).ipa   4.02 MB
Tuner Internet Radio (v1.4).ipa   154.71 KB
Tuner Internet Radio.ipa   156.67 KB
TurtleFlip (v1.0).ipa   13.03 MB
TV_Forecast_(v1.0.1).ipa   232.31 KB
TV_Plus-v1.1.ipa   281.91 KB
Tweetsville (v1.2).ipa   605.54 KB
Twist & Tap (v1.0.0).ipa   119.03 KB
twistedBugs (v1.2).ipa   450.83 KB
TymeLynz.ipa   144.60 KB
uFlute - Native American Flute Simulator (v1.0).ipa   7.60 MB
Units (v1.6.0).ipa   443.40 KB
Units.ipa   268.02 KB
UNOв„ў (v1.1.6).ipa   59.07 MB
UntangleManiak 1.0.ipa   153.45 KB
Urban Tycoon (v1.0).ipa   2.52 MB
Urban Tycoon (v1.1).ipa   2.36 MB
Vay.ipa   49.99 MB
Vegas Pool Sharks (v1.05).ipa   612.21 KB
Vegas Pool Sharks 1.0.3.ipa   605.21 KB
Vegas Pool Sharks.ipa   605.21 KB
Vektrax (v1.0).ipa   1.67 MB
Venger (v1.0).ipa   7.97 MB
VFCaller (T9 Dialer) (v1.2.3).ipa   446.64 KB
Virtual Fish (v1.0).ipa   168.80 KB
Virtual Pool (v1.94).ipa   10.01 MB
Virtual Villagers A New Home (v1.0.0).ipa   43.21 MB
VirtualFish.ipa   168.80 KB
VirtualNinja-v1.0-flyingguitar.ipa   4.03 MB
VirtualPad (v1.0).ipa   381.77 KB
Virus (v1.0).ipa   4.87 MB
Visual Dof Calculator (v2.0).ipa   325.68 KB
VisuaRadio 1.0.ipa   451.26 KB
Voice Changer (v1.0).ipa   1.12 MB
Voice FX (v1.02).ipa   2.18 MB
Voice4Fun (v1.0).ipa   28.82 MB
VoiceChanger(v1.01).ipa   1.30 MB
VoiceChanger_1.0.ipa   1.12 MB
WalkieTalkie VOIP (v1.3.3).ipa   154.82 KB
WallPaperSearch (v1.2).ipa   318.30 KB
WaveBlazer.ipa   4.85 MB
Web Feeds (v1.6.0).ipa   143.14 KB
Web Feeds(v1.6.1).ipa   147.95 KB
Wee Spider Solitaire.ipa   821.61 KB
Weightbot (v1.0).ipa   1.04 MB
Whack the Dead (v1.0).ipa    1.21 MB

Here's a list of all 1046 apps contained in the 3 torrent files. I'm slowly adding them as direct download links too, in case the torrents run out of seeders or you only need a single app. Use the search function on your browser ( Ctrl + S or Ctrl + F ) to find a specific app.
Part 1:
2 Across.ipa   263.86 KB
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne; ebook (v1.0).ipa   1.10 MB
24 Challenge (v1.1).ipa   415.05 KB
3-D Vector Ball (v2.0).ipa   1.77 MB
3-D Vector Pong.ipa   801.36 KB
300 Bowl.ipa   954.78 KB
360Games(v1.2).ipa   375.11 KB
3D Constructo Combat (v1.0).ipa   2.26 MB
3D Cube Puzzle.ipa   75.33 KB
3DeeVUsion (v1.0.2).ipa   495.02 KB
A Level.ipa   241.88 KB
A.I. Disk (v1.0.1).ipa   1.61 MB
AA01 LED Time (v1.0).ipa   3.02 MB
AArdvark Word Search (v1.40).ipa   877.40 KB
ABContacts (v1.1).ipa   224.02 KB
ABGroups (v1.0).ipa   50.51 KB
Absolute Fitness 1.1.ipa   2.04 MB
ACLS (v1.0).ipa   79.36 KB
ACTCurrency.ipa   276.67 KB
ACTSudoku (UNLIMITED Sudoku) (v1.5.2).ipa   471.53 KB
AdLibs (v2.0.0).ipa   1.35 MB
Adrenaline Pool Online(v1.4).ipa   10.12 MB
Aero Drum (v1.0.0).ipa   41.87 MB
Aero Guitar Ex (v1.0.0).ipa   58.85 MB
Aero Synth (v1.0.0).ipa   60.24 MB
Agents of Interpol (v1.001a).ipa   39.10 MB
Agile Lie Detector (v1.0).ipa   256.60 KB
Ah..Moemory (v1.1.0).ipa   7.51 MB
Air Cam Live Video (v1.0).ipa   110.18 KB
Air Hockey (Personae Studios).ipa   2.32 MB
Air Hockey Fingertip Sports.ipa   7.24 MB
Air Mouse (v1.1).ipa   337.29 KB
Air Sharing (v1.0.2).ipa   1.26 MB
Air Sharing (v1.0.3).ipa   1.36 MB
Aki Mahjong 1.0.2.ipa   8.86 MB
Alert Meteor (v1.0).ipa   994.75 KB
Alias-i (v1.0).ipa   246.59 KB
AlibiSMS (v1.0).ipa   228.50 KB
Alli's Jigsaw Puzzle (v1.2).ipa   7.95 MB
Alli's Jigsaw Puzzle.ipa   5.85 MB
AlloWin Pool (v1.1).ipa   8.24 MB
allRadio.ipa   451.26 KB
Alpha3D Photo Puzzle Platinum (v3.0).ipa   4.94 MB
Am I Rich 1.0.ipa   106.65 KB
Ambiance (v1.5.1).ipa   51.12 MB
Ambiance.ipa   22.69 MB
American Dominoes (v1.0.1).ipa   5.20 MB
Amnesia (v1.0.1).ipa   2.96 MB
Amy A.I. (v1.3).ipa   2.09 MB
Anatomy.ipa   44.38 MB
Annem (v1.0).ipa   64.78 KB
Annotater 1.1.503.ipa   223.79 KB
Antimatter (v1.0).ipa   3.70 MB
Apocalypse (v1.00).ipa   9.24 MB
AppSniper (v1.4).ipa   618.58 KB
Aqua Hoops (v1.6).ipa   752.83 KB
Aqua Invaders1.0 Cracked By [email protected]   1.15 MB
Aqua Slots (v1.0).ipa   2.36 MB
AquaForest.ipa   5.96 MB
Art Puzzle (v1.0).ipa   6.33 MB
aSleep.ipa   43.22 MB
Asphalt 4 Elite Racing (v1.3.8 ).ipa   87.10 MB
Asterope (v1.0).ipa   4.52 MB
AstroTilt (v1.3.1).ipa   3.55 MB
Athletics__v1.0_.ipa   8.26 MB
atomic watch (v1.0).ipa   331.30 KB
Attaining Zen 1.2.ipa   864.28 KB
Audio Notes (v2.1).ipa   328.37 KB   2.04 MB
Auto Contra Sense (v1.0).ipa   5.77 MB
AutoMangle (v1.0.2).ipa   2.45 MB
Autumn (v1.1).ipa   3.08 MB
azRSS NewsReader.ipa   289.79 KB
Babam (v1.0).ipa   83.34 KB
Baby Animals for Kids (v1.0).ipa   14.01 MB
BabyBabble.ipa   17.07 MB
Baccarat Pro (v1.0).ipa   5.57 MB
Backgammon Online (v1.0).ipa   820.97 KB
Backyard Soccer (v1.0).ipa   2.14 MB
BallMazing (v1.0).ipa   659.57 KB
Ballz__vnmagic.net_v2.2.ipa   7.20 MB
Band.ipa   8.50 MB
Basketball (v1.1).ipa   549.31 KB
BattleAtSea.ipa   1.82 MB
BattleBrain (v1.0).ipa   5.70 MB
Battleship2Go(v1.0.0).ipa   4.36 MB
BeatMaker   114.58 MB
BeatMaker.ipa   115.18 MB
BeatMaker1011.ipa   114.85 MB
BeeCells (v1.1.6).ipa   1.73 MB
BeejiveIM(v1.1.1).ipa   830.18 KB
Beer (v1.0).ipa   3.20 MB
Beer Pad (v1.2.0).ipa   126.49 KB
Bejeweled 2(v1.0.1).ipa   8.86 MB
Bejeweled 2.ipa   8.29 MB
Belote Expert Online (v1.5).ipa   11.68 MB
Besiegement (v1.0).ipa   7.11 MB
BGB Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (v1.0).ipa   512.96 KB
Big Bang Board Games (v1.2).ipa   31.23 MB
BiiBall 3D (v0.9.6).ipa   4.29 MB
BikeOrDie.ipa   1.38 MB
Billy Frontier (v1.0.3).ipa   29.34 MB
Bingo Caller (v1.0).ipa   307.87 KB
Black Book (v1.1).ipa   1.68 MB
Black Jack Pro (v1.01).ipa   2.03 MB
Black Mamba Racer (v1.0).ipa   2.14 MB
Blackbeard's Assault (v1.0.1).ipa   9.10 MB
Blackjack 21.ipa   1.17 MB
BlackJack.ipa   1.33 MB
Block Breaker Deluxe 2 (v1.0.5).ipa   42.19 MB
Block Breaker Deluxe 2(v1.0.5).ipa   42.19 MB
BlocksClassic (v0.9.9).ipa   2.38 MB
BlocksTouch 3D (v0.9.8 ).ipa   2.51 MB
BlogWriter.ipa   338.87 KB
Bloom (v1.0).ipa   10.50 MB
BlueRadiology 2.3 (v2.1).ipa   3.72 MB
BlueSkies_20_v3.1__1_.ipa   49.71 MB
Bobble Surfer1.0 Cracked By [email protected]   2.42 MB
BobbleHead (v1.0).ipa   5.20 MB
Bomberman Touch - The Legend of Mystic Bomb (v1.0.1).ipa   9.35 MB
Bomberman Touch(v1.0.2).ipa   9.35 MB
Bomberman.ipa   9.47 MB
BookShelf.ipa   455.87 KB
Boom!.ipa   1.37 MB
Boomers.SkyFishing.v1.0-NguyenThanhLuan.ipa   10.50 MB
Brain Tuner Premium (v1.4).ipa   524.30 KB
BrainChallenge.ipa   88.33 MB
BrainFreqz - Meditation (v1.0).ipa   18.49 MB
BreakClassic.ipa   1.94 MB
Brick Escape (v1.0.3).ipa   361.61 KB
BridgesManiak 1.0.ipa   174.40 KB
Brothers In ArmsВ® Hour of Heroes (v1.0.3).ipa   81.03 MB
BtBx.ipa   2.24 MB
BubbleBash.ipa   72.04 MB
BubbleLevel.ipa   1.20 MB
bugdom_2-v1.1.1.ipa   63.01 MB
Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab (v1.1).ipa   5.58 MB
Byline (v2.0).ipa   721.03 KB
Byline.ipa   158.76 KB
Caissa Chess (v2.1.1).ipa   1.55 MB
Caissa Chess(v2.1.1).ipa   1.55 MB
Calgary Traffic (v1.4.1).ipa   106.11 KB
CameraBag (v1.3).ipa   230.23 KB
CampFire (v1.1).ipa   36.98 MB
Cams Ahoy(v1.1).ipa   1.53 MB
Candy Catch - Halloween (v1.1).ipa   419.74 KB
Car Care (v1.15).ipa   268.67 KB
Caravan.ipa   223.48 KB
Carrom.ipa   3.01 MB
CarStat (v1.0).ipa   72.11 KB
CaveCopter.ipa   677.36 KB
CBNK 3D.ipa   7.37 MB
Chain Timer (v1.1).ipa   5.11 MB
ChartFight (v1.1).ipa   2.57 MB
Check-4 (v1.0).ipa   1.88 MB
Checkers Touch.ipa   1.73 MB
Cheers! (v1.2).ipa   79.06 KB
ChemiCal (v1.0.1).ipa   55.15 KB
Chess Classics (v1.3.3).ipa   75.83 MB
Chess Classics.ipa   75.83 MB
Chicks.On.The.Loose.v1.0-Pikachu.ipa   7.54 MB
Chimps Ahoy!.ipa   9.91 MB
Chopper (v1.1.1).ipa   3.32 MB
Chopper(v1.1).ipa   3.09 MB
Chopper.ipa   2.93 MB
Christmas Music (v1.0.0).ipa   951.80 KB
Chronology (v1.2.0).ipa   1.90 MB
Circulate Prolouge.ipa   19.75 MB
Classic Tic Tac Toe (v1.3.2).ipa   1.03 MB
ClassicMemo (v1.1).ipa   493.77 KB
Classics (v1.0).ipa   20.57 MB
Cleartune (v1.2).ipa   564.96 KB
Cloud Girls (v1.0).ipa   4.44 MB
Clusterball-v1.0.2.ipa   13.08 MB
Cocktails (v1.0).ipa   1.30 MB
Coconut Dash (v1.0).ipa   3.80 MB
Collage (v1.1).ipa   119.61 KB
Collapse! Chaos (v1.0.9).ipa   7.14 MB
Color Expert (v1.0).ipa   1.07 MB
Colorator (v1.1).ipa   343.38 KB
ColorRise 3D (v1.1.4).ipa   1.54 MB
Colors! (v1.0).ipa   771.03 KB
ColorTilt.ipa   805.65 KB
Columns Deluxe.ipa   3.08 MB
Com Center (v1.0).ipa   602.41 KB
Comic Envi(v1.0.4).ipa   588.79 KB
Comic Touch (v1.1).ipa   1.78 MB
Comic Touch.ipa   1.76 MB
Confucius (v1.1).ipa   237.44 KB
Converter (unit conversions) (v1.4).ipa   198.13 KB
Converter ++ (v1.0).ipa   220.79 KB
Converter(v1.6).ipa   217.72 KB
Cosmovox (v1.4).ipa   426.57 KB
CountryCallingCodes_1.1.ipa   825.20 KB
Cow Hunt (v1.01).ipa   17.05 MB
Cow Toss (v1.0.0).ipa   267.27 KB
Cowbell Plus (v1.1).ipa   20.69 MB
CraigsMobileList (v1.0.5).ipa   154.43 KB
CraigsMobileList (v1.2).ipa   330.20 KB
Crash_Kart.ipa   6.95 MB
Crazy Dummy (v1.0).ipa   8.81 MB
Crazy Harp (v1.0).ipa   4.07 MB
Crazy Laser (v1.0).ipa   2.30 MB
Crazy Lighter.ipa   394.36 KB
Crazy Metal Head (v1.0).ipa   3.66 MB
Crazy Snowboard (v1.0).ipa   9.55 MB
Cricket - Live (v2.1).ipa   661.48 KB
CricketSong (v1.1).ipa   231.82 KB
Critical Mass (aka Critter) (v1.1).ipa   1.70 MB
Critter.ipa   1.70 MB
CritterCrunch.ipa   10.82 MB
Cro-Mag.ipa   58.53 MB
Cronk (v1.0).ipa   13.15 MB
Cross Game (v1.01).ipa   1.60 MB
Crossword Help (v1.1).ipa   27.26 MB
Cube Runner II (v1.0).ipa   822.89 KB
CubeRise 3D.ipa   1.30 MB
Cubes (v1.4).ipa   4.37 MB
Cubes.ipa   3.83 MB
CubicMan Deluxe.ipa   2.52 MB
Currency Converter (v1.1).ipa   702.24 KB
Custom Hypnosis (v1.0.2).ipa   96.87 MB
Custom Sounds of Nature (v2.0.1).ipa   22.49 MB
Cyber Chess Ultimate Online Chess (v1.0).ipa   6.35 MB
Dactyl 2 (v1.0).ipa   2.97 MB
Dactyl.ipa   729.99 KB
Damsel in Distress by P. G. Wodehouse; ebook (v1.0).ipa   837.11 KB
Darts (v1.0).ipa   3.59 MB
DataCase 1.0.ipa       379.02 KB
David Copperfield by Charles Dickens; ebook (v1.0).ipa   1.74 MB
de Blob.ipa   8.43 MB
Deal or No Deal Million Dollar Mission (v1.0.1).ipa   15.90 MB
Delivery Status touch (v1.0.1).ipa   275.02 KB
Descramble (v1.3).ipa   146.40 KB
DeskClock (v1.0).ipa   711.12 KB
DiaMath (v1.0.1).ipa   393.33 KB
Dice.ipa   160.05 KB
Digital Clock (v1.1).ipa   31.07 KB
Discourse on Method by Rene Descartes; ebook (v1.0).ipa   590.01 KB
Disneys All Star Cards.ipa   7.33 MB
Dizzy Bee.ipa   8.28 MB
Dizzy_Bee.ipa   8.30 MB
Documents(v1.1).ipa   625.25 KB
Domino 1.0.ipa   6.04 MB
Domino Touch (v1.1).ipa   1.61 MB
Domino.ipa   6.04 MB
DominosaManiak 1.0.ipa   145.45 KB
Don't Fret! Guitar Fretboard Trainer (v1.1).ipa   4.90 MB
Dot (v1.0).ipa   437.67 KB
Dougie Moo’s Aqua Antics (v1.0).ipa   6.62 MB
Dr.Betotte TC (v1.1).ipa   536.81 KB
Dracula by Bram Stoker; ebook (v1.0).ipa   1.00 MB
Dragon Bane II (v1.1.2).ipa   1.57 MB
Dream Urban (v1.0).ipa   9.88 MB
Dreigit.ipa   2.35 MB
Drivers_(v1.0.2).ipa   723.06 KB
DropCopy - share files wirelessly (v1.1).ipa   929.19 KB
Drum Kit (v1.11).ipa   3.44 MB
Dual Level Pro (v1.1.1).ipa   397.34 KB
Duck Shoot (v1.0).ipa   3.77 MB
DuckDuckDuck (v1.0).ipa   5.96 MB
DVD Dashboard.ipa   516.59 KB
Dynolicious (v1.1).ipa   1.40 MB
Dynolicious.ipa   1.59 MB
Earthscape (v1.2.0).ipa   8.17 MB
Eat, Bunny, Eat! (v1.1.2).ipa   813.05 KB
EbIRC - Mobile IRC Client (vVersion 1.00).ipa   325.34 KB
EirText Pro (v1.3).ipa   439.61 KB
ElectionMap (v1.0).ipa   1.03 MB
Elections (v1.0).ipa   692.49 KB
ElectroCute (v1.1).ipa   3.96 MB
Elevens (v1.1).ipa   6.56 MB
Emerald Chronometer.ipa   2.71 MB
Encyclopedia (v1.0).ipa   135.29 KB
Endless Walls (v1.05).ipa   192.31 KB
English Russian English Dictionary (v1.0).ipa   7.46 MB
English Vietnamese English Dictionary (v1.0).ipa   9.43 MB
Enigmo (v1.2).ipa   3.23 MB
Enigmo.ipa   3.27 MB
Enso•Dot (v1.0).ipa   974.25 KB
Ernie Els Golf 2008 (v1.0.1).ipa   11.07 MB
Escape Pod (v1.0.3).ipa   6.89 MB
Etch A Sketch.ipa   4.06 MB
Everest Hidden Expedition (v1.0).ipa   117.24 MB
eWallet (v6.1.3).ipa   789.15 KB
eWallet.ipa   683.75 KB
Expando (v3.0).ipa   12.68 MB
EyePhone (v1.0).ipa   1.80 MB
Face Melter (v2.1).ipa   477.29 KB
Face Melter 1.0.ipa   686.49 KB
Face Melter.ipa   686.49 KB
FaceCall (v1.1).ipa   311.66 KB
Fake Calls (v1.0).ipa   1.57 MB   2.10 MB
Farmyard (v1.0).ipa   2.90 MB
FartBox (Position Detection) (v0.5).ipa   6.20 MB
Feeds 1.02.ipa   336.38 KB
Fembot (v1.0).ipa   34.77 MB
Fembot (v1.1).ipa   35.22 MB
Fieldrunners (v1.1.1).ipa   8.55 MB
The Converter (v0.32).ipa   1.74 MB
The Converter.ipa   1.18 MB
The Dark Knight Batmobile Game (v1.0).ipa   5.55 MB
The Drum Set (v2.1).ipa   1.17 MB
The Stone of Destiny (v1.1).ipa   18.71 MB
The Thumb (v1.0.1).ipa   363.00 KB
The Wobbles (v1.0).ipa   924.14 KB
Thereminator (v1.1).ipa   362.00 KB
Theseus (v1.1).ipa   1.20 MB
Things (v1.2).ipa   379.74 KB
Tic-Tac-Touch(v2.1.0).ipa   3.44 MB
TickerPicker (v1.1).ipa   91.05 KB
TicTacTouch.ipa   1.02 MB
TileMatch (v1.0.3).ipa   154.45 KB
Tilt Fighter (v1.0).ipa   6.82 MB
Tilt Fighter.ipa   6.83 MB
Tilt Me (v1.2).ipa   338.61 KB
Tiny Violin (v1.4).ipa   1.49 MB
Tip (v1.2).ipa   171.18 KB
TipCalc 1.2.ipa   63.50 KB
Tire Calculator (v1.0).ipa   199.39 KB
Todo (v1.2.1).ipa   658.99 KB
Todo 1.1.ipa   602.98 KB
Top 100 Rock Songs of All Time (v1.0.0).ipa   574.79 KB
Topple (v1.0.1).ipa   8.87 MB
TopSecret (v1.0).ipa   214.74 KB
TopSecret.ipa   214.74 KB
Toronto Traffic (v1.4.1).ipa   109.60 KB
Touch Ghosts (v1.0.2).ipa   189.53 KB
Touch Hockey(v1.0.0).ipa   3.53 MB
Touch4(v2.1.0).ipa   4.55 MB
Touch4.ipa   1.33 MB
TouchPlot (v3.2).ipa   316.45 KB
TouchPong 1.0.ipa   355.90 KB
TouchScan (v1.0).ipa   882.40 KB
TouchScan (v1.3).ipa   412.11 KB
TouchScan.ipa   883.60 KB
TouchSports Tennis '09 (v1.0.4).ipa   7.74 MB
TouchType (Landscape Email) (v1).ipa   81.79 KB
Tower-of-Hanoi-1.1.ipa   4.58 MB
Toxic Balls (v1.0).ipa   1.43 MB
Toy Camera (v1.2).ipa   223.06 KB
Traffic CA(v1.3).ipa   167.30 KB
Traffic Jam 2 - Parking Puzzle (v1.1).ipa   4.19 MB
Traffic UK (v2.1).ipa   127.80 KB
Trains (v1.0.1).ipa   203.30 KB
Translator (v1.0).ipa   1.68 MB
Translator(v1.0).ipa   1.68 MB
TreasureHunter.ipa   1.09 MB
Trein (v1.2).ipa   977.43 KB

Note: Since the first website doesn't seem to work for some people, or the torrents might not have any seeds sometimes, feel free to request any of the apps contained in the torrent and I'll upload them here  :P Or try one of the other methods below! Check out the full list of apps in the next 3 posts!

[ Tutorial ] Download 1046 Apps compatible with Whited00r ( iOS 3.1.3 )

Here's how to get 1046 apps compatible with Whited00r and iOS 3.0, 3.1.3, 4.1, 4.2.1 for free in 3 easy steps and completely free! And here's the best part: They're not in an archive, so you can easily pick which files to download and which ones to skip! I haven't tested them all ( obviously, since they're too much ) but all of the ones I tested work 100% on Whited00r and iOS 3.1.3

Method 1:

Step 1.
Register at by using this link:
Zamunda.NET - bulgarian largest torrent tracker. Free download movies, music, games, TV series, software and more.
New link! --->
Confirm your account and log in. The website should be in english, but if it isn't click on the icon on the top left corner.

Step 2.
After you've logged in, click on Torrents and scroll down a bit until you see a search box. Type Apps in it and press enter. ( There's no need to set a category or type anything else )

Step 3.
After typing  Apps in the search bar and pressing you'll be taken to the results page. Scroll down on the first page until you see there 3 torrents, then press on the icon next to the title to download the .Torrent files  ;)

If you're having trouble finding them, here are the links ( You have to register first to be able to download them )

Method 2:

Visit this website and click on the link next to СВАЛИ to download the part 1 torrent. The next two parts are in the description!

Method 3:

Here are the direct .torrent files. Just download them and open them with your preferred torrent client.
If you don't know how to use .torrent files, check out this guide from the Whited00r forum -> [Tutoria] How to use Bittorrent

Part 1.torrent
Part 2.torrent
Part 3.torrent

Method 4:

Just request an app and I'll upload it here! Take a look at the full list of apps in the next 3 posts and if there's anything you'd want, let me know. I'm slowly working on uploading all the apps here ( and in ATM ) so you can download them directly, but if the app you want is not included yet keep checking back  ;)

Apps Compatible with iOS 3.1, 3.1.3, 4.1 & 4.2.1 / Re: IMO messenger
« on: June 01, 2013, 06:43:28 AM »
Take a look at this thread :)
IMO.IM For Ios 3.1.3?
It doesn't work for me and another user though.
I too would very much appreciate it if someone can crack it and upload it here :D

It doesn't seem to work on iPod Touch though...

Hi! Welcome to the Whited00r forums

The FastAppSwitcher in Whited00r 6 is different than the one in Whited00r 5.2.1 since the apps you see aren't actually running in the background. That's why you can't close them - they're just the icons of the recent apps you've used so don't worry about your RAM. They're not open! ;)

If you want the AppSwitcher to actually show the apps you have open and running on your device, you need to install iOS 3 Multitasking from the Whited00r repo ( ) but don't forget to disable FastAppSwitcher from the configurator tool first.  ;D If you need any help with that feel free to ask~!

No problem :)

Now mark your topic as solved by putting [SOLVED] in the title and changing the topic icon to , like so:

Hi, you can just ignore the "Cannot connect to iTunes store" message as it doesn't actually stop you from using the App Store :p

Also, you can only use the AppTimeMachine website from the app found in app market on WD6. It doesn't work with any other browser or app!

ive read that thread already but i cant the answer to my question. i guess my question is, is it okey to update to ios 4.2.1 and whited00r will still be active? or if i do that, the whited00r6 will be erased? i really appreciate the help. thanks!
If you update to iOS 4.2.1, whited00r will be gone.
You can install redd00r on top of 4.2.1 if you want some of the cool whited00r features like reminders and newsstand. ;)

Ok,i see the problem now.When i opened System>Library>CoreServices It actually have no "systemversion.plist" maybe thats the problem how can i find the plist file now ?
You can either restore or use a file from another device ( I think there's no problem, since it doesn't contain any unique information )
Here's mine, taken from my iPod Touch: SystemVersion.plist

Place it in System/Library/CoreServices and reboot. ;)

. but still haven't managed to get it set up as I think it requires a reboot...
I'm not sure what you mean. Are you talking about setting up PushFixer? After you enter your code in terminal it should install your certificates and reboot automatically.

.. and my power/sleep button is not allowing that
You can use Activator to assign a different gesture to act as a power/sleep button :)

do push notifications not work with either as standard?
They require PushFixer on the unlocked version, since the locked gets valid sertificates during the iTunes activation and the unlocked doesn't need to be activated with iTunes... I think. I'm not very familiar with iPhones. Just iPods ;)

does whited00r have anything in the pipeline for the ebay app or is it something that its dev's wouldn't bother with?
Unfortunately the app can't be modified without the source code, which we don't have.  Any even then it would be really difficult.

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