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Should have been 0.14.b2 (not b3), but it shouldn't have made too big of a difference.  Have you tried the other solutions here?

Sadly, yes :( Okay imma try that, and also im gonna try with other pc. Maybe this cranky desktop is the problem LOL

If you are on window vista/higher, have you ran it in administrator ?

I'm on Windows XP :)

Latest iReb doesn't work at all for our devices, and doesn't work with an iTunes version higher than 11.05.  Redsn0w for PWNED DFU should be the one I linked to as well.

Ohhh. But I also tried entering PWNED DFU with Redsnow14b3 :) But it still gave me the error 1600. :(

Uhmm. sorry for the double post. I used Redsnow15b3 which is the latest redsn0w. After entering DFU mode. I clicked Extras>>Restore. And then picked the 4.2.1 Firmware with baseband 6.15.00.
After that, there's a window that popped up saying blabla, I clicked both yes and no ( I tried both )
But at the end, they said "Cannot upload iBSS".

Sir @revivaldev, can you please pm me the exact IPSW you usually use for the restore? I know this is a big disruption though >,< Or can you please teach me how to make a custom 4.2.1 IPSW through snowbreeze? cause I'm noob at firmwares. XDD Thanks sir in advanced :)

Thanks @revivaldev :)) I never did try that method, imma try it right now HAHAHA :D

@ bcooperizcool - I've used the latest iReb and also the redsnow pwned dfu :( Maybe the itunes itself made the custom firmwares impossible to bypass because the process stops during the "Preparing your Iphone for restore"  :( So imma try restoring through redsn0w just as @revivaldev said :) Thank yow again guys XD I'm going to tell you guys if it will be a successful restore :)

Restore to stock and use the 3.1.3 jailbreak verstion of redsn0w. using the 3.1.2 firmware go to extras -> even more then PWNED DFU ipsw this should get you out of the 1600 error

I cannot restore back to stock iOS 4.2.1 default because of my ipad baseband 6.15.00 ( because of jailbreak ) :( this will give me an error 1015 in itunes.  If I restore with a stock iOS 4.2.1 with 6.15.00 baseband, ( which is a custom firmware ) this would likely give me an error 1600 :( Thanks for trying to help though :) T.T I'm really panicking right now huhu.  :'(

Okay. I was trying to clear my iPhone for my preparation to whited00r. So I accidentally bricked my iPhone due to some idiotic moves of mine. I pressed the "Erase all content and Settings" on my iPhone 3G ( Then I suddenly realized that this should not be done on a jailbroken device ). Then yeah, this shit happened. T.T

Please help me. I've done every step. I tried restoring my iPhone through itunes by downloading the 4.2.1 firmware with the 6.15.00 baseband by doing Shift+Click restore while in PWNED DFU mode. But I get Error 1600 everytime. I even tried modifying the hosts file, and tried the TSS Server by Tiny Umbrella. I tried every Youtube video, even this >> but still same errors. :((

PLEASE HELP ME :/ This is the 2nd time I have bricked my phone. I've done this before, ( I've bricked my iPhone with a different situation ) and it was successfully restored to life back then. it is really weird that after the same process, now it's still bricked. Is it because iTunes' servers are now blocking custom firmwares?? O.o ( Cause I even tried lower versions of itunes as said in the New Whited00r video. )

HELP HELP HELP :((( I miss my iPhone. T.T Please help me restore even at least in stock firmware mode. Just help me make it work again :( THANKSSSS IN ADVANCED EVERYONE. :))))

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I know this is an odd question, but is it possible to own a Cracked Application? I mean, to register the cracked app to your itunes email account? I really wanna update my Fotorus to the latest possible version by using the compatibility system of itunes but when I do that, though my phone was able to receive the "Download to the latest possible version of this app" notification thingy, it gives me an error ( which was expected because it was a cracked app ). I tried deleting the Fotorus app, and installing it again through itunes in my phone, but now it says "You need to upgrade to iOS 4.3 to be able to install and use this application" - something like that. Please Help thanks in advanced :D

Add SevenSwords :D It's a very good MMORPG :) It is compatible with iOS3.0 above :)

Hi. I have decided now that I will use whited00r because I believe that my phone is now super slow.
But I have this game of mine that I play, it's called SevenSwords. an Online-MMORPG on the iPhone that is currently compatible with my iPhone Stock firmware (iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1) .

Though the itunes says that it is compatible with iOS 3.0, I just wanna be sure because the main site of SevenSwords says that it is fully compatible with iOS 4.0 ( nothing says it is not compatible with 3.0 but it just says that on the main site :D )

So... HAHAHA :D I'm pleasingly asking you fellow whited00r people to test this application, it is free by the way  ;D

For that very beautiful/handsome person who will test it with their whited00r-ed iPhone, Thank you very very much in advance  ;) God Bless :D

Anywhoo, if there are SevenSwords players here, my username is NoyNoyAquino LOL just sayin :)

It is a nice game by the way. You should try it all :3 Enjoy Playing  8)

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Hey guys, do you know where to find an ipa for this? I think v2.1.1 below works for iOS 4.2.1 >,< Not sure?

If you find one, please do tell. Thank you very much in advanced :))

I think there is on in the App Time Machine :)

Can you upload the ipa file for me  :-[ HAHAHAHA
I'm not on whited00r right now :/ I freshly restored my phone.  :-[ Thanks hehehe :D

Guys, I found that the latest version that requires iOS4 for Soundcloud is the version 2.2.4 :) Anyone knows a working/stable version, I found one but it crashes right from its starting screen O.o

I also believe that the version 1.7 is the latest version working on iOS3 but I also didn't seem to find a stable version ( also crashes )

Any of you guys have either one of the versions or atleast have 1.7+? :) Thanks in advanced :D

Blah I can't find it by google :(  Bubble smile seems not to have been popular enough to have been cracked and uploaded to the internets :(

Ohhhh. O.o It's ok then. :D maybe I'll try finding other apps like this :DD Thanks :))

Do you know the versions of any of these apps, if they were ever compatible with 3.1.3?  If so, I can do a quick search as well on google to try and find them :)

Thanks sir :D

"Fruit Pop!" is available for 3GS above, but the Bubble Smile ( w/c is the most similar app I know ) is fully compatible with iOS 4.0 above :D which is version 2.0.1. :) I also saw a version 1.0.2 which is compatible with iOS 3.0 above :))

Here's a Video :))

Thanks again in advanced :D

Guys, Can I ask if there's anyone who has an app similar to Fruit Pop! I found an app named Bubble Smile which is very much like it, but unfortunately, it's not available on the app store anymore :( Does anyone know an app like this, or has bubble smile on their back-ups? thanks :D

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