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Okay, I don't want to be rude but everybody knows: Whited00r is WhiteD3ad.

Most contributors left, no updates since 2 years. Guys, it's over.
iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G etc. are extremely slow devices. It's not a big surprise that Apple dropped the support for them. Just get a new one. iPhone 5S is about 200-300$ right now.

Bye, I'll never come here back again.

- Artur
Used whited00r 2014-2014.
Has a new iPhone that is much better

Du kannst Whited00r 8 installieren auf dein iPhone 3G aber.. das ist kein echtes iOS 8.
Du kannst kein neueres iOS installieren auf dein 3G als iOS 4.2.1. Es tut mir leid.
Und auch mit Whited00r ist es nicht möglich neuere Apps zu downloaden wie WhatsApp. Die einzige Möglichkeit ist dir ein iPhone 3GS oder neueres zu kaufen, denn das ist von Whatsapp unterstützt (ich empfehle iPhone 6).

Dont you know its a free frimware! all the featurs in whited00r should have been paid !!
just for 3 crashes dosent mean the whole frimware is stupid!

Did I said its stupid because it crashes and yes it does crash if you open too many games or apps, but that's not the reason because I know old idevices are slow and it's hard to keep them fast.

Not just because of the apps, mind you. Yes, that is a very added bonus, but it is by far and large not the only reason people download whited00r.
Apps we cannot help being outdated. That is not under our control, or the App Time Machine.  That is purely Apple's doing. There is no way to make apps work on newer firmwares or make older devices run newer firmwares to get apps to work.  We also cannot make the apps work with newer versions or features, because we do not have the source code, or time if we did have source code. (explained all over the place as well, and all linked back to the Whited00r 7.1 FAQ/Bugs and Troubleshooting READ BEFORE POSTING.
 The App Time Machine is community driven. If a version of an app is not the last compatible version for 3.1.3, then there isn't anything the App Time Machine team can do, because they rely on user submissions. They don't go checking the internet to see if there is any newer version and seeing if it still works for 3.1.3 or not, and tracking down exactly what the last compatible version was.  They only test what is uploaded to them.
If you are complaining that it doesn't support iOS 4 apps, then that is the wrong place. It is a whited00r exclusive feature, and whited00r is not for iOS 4 devices (explanation later on in this...)

They are working on improving it, but they did just switch over to a native application as of whited00r 7, so give them some time...  ;) At least it has apps though, and you know every single one is compatible with 3.1.3.

Crashes slowly, or downloads slowly? There is currently a bug with downloading where it will crash on downloading if you do not wait for the icon image of the application to load up before attempting to download it, they are working on fixing that though.  If it downloads slowly, that is nothing to do with whited00r, that is your network speed, or else the sever is under stress.  The network speed stays the same, and whited00r does not mess with network speeds. If something is slow internet wise, it is not a fault of whited00r. Actual device speed all depends on the options you configure. A lot of the tweaks and options don't take up memory usage at all really (lock screen, UI tweak, banner notifications, control center, wallpaper), but some do sadly. Though, that's why we include a nice configuration utility for you to choose what you want from the device ;)
They do not reject games or apps that cost money, unless it is still compatible with 3.1.3 in the App Store. Then it is just for pirating, which no one here endorses.  The only reason the App Time Machine accepts paid apps is if the app has dropped support for 3.1.3, and thus there is no other way to get it.  They do not want to become another pirate store.  If you expected that, well that is on you, not the App Time Machine.
Ah, yeah. That is something that they do need to work on. I presume at some point if they can figure it out, they will more automate the uploading process and notify users of problems if something is not right with the application, or else email the person who submitted it if they want that it has been uploaded.  (at the moment, I don't think they even ask for an email though)
A very small amount of applications are crashing, some due to a very odd cache folder not existing/being created when the app is installed (they are trying to track that down), the rest would be because of the UI tweak on whited00r 7, which is needed to even make the device usable. That is however a very small number of applications, and for the one crash we have received reports of (whited00r is community driven too! No way we could test all the apps to make sure none of the tweaks break them in any way), we have included a method for bypassing in the apps that is breaks, although you do have to manually go in and add it in to the filter list. I would call that a minor inconvenience, not a horrible thing that makes whited00r suck. 
It also is all that the iPod touch 1G and iPhone 2G can run at a maximum, and we aren't going to be dropping those devices support wise. If we aren't dropping those support wise, then that means you are just lucky that we make firmwares for the iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G then as well, even if it isn't iOS 4, as we only will support one firmware. (Explained later) If you find whited00r itself buggy, try disabling the iOS 7 App Switcher and Sara, as those are not the best of our work... :(
We also did not "cancel" redd00r, it was never actually officially picked up by the main development team. Yes, it had an "official" go ahead from the team, and I even helped out on some things for it, but it never had the same amount of love and care that whited00r did.  Also, when it was going, many topics for help and troubleshooting were posted in other topics and boards, and they did not specify what they used. That also meant we had to ask every single user what device they are asking for help on, because many times people do not specify. They just assume we are all psychic, and know what device and firmware they use.  So that is an added reason for not having multiple firmware support. 
Also, more apps from the store, perhaps, but major apps still are killed off server side most cases on iOS 4 still.  So nothing much gained there aside from some more apps, but if you want those, just use iOS 4 and live with the sluggishness and lack of features.
That presuming people are using the versions of the app you are, and the achievements and the like have not been updated from previous app versions...
You can do that on 3.1.3 as well. However, like with any of the firmwares, you need to have actually downloaded the app while it supported 3.1.3 on the iTunes account you are logged in on trying to download the app with. If you didn't ever download a version compatible with 3.1.3, it will not provide one to you (same with iOS 4, 5, and 6).  I'm pretty sure that is how it works, at least from my experience...  So nothing gained there either for using iOS 4.
The passcode lock on the lock screen with the small graphical glitch that is explained in the FAQ?

I really don't know about that, unless it got sent to the spam folder for them :/

And, now for the long explanation of why we don't support iOS 4, or other firmwares.
That, and other reasons too, and some about making and keeping the forums more organized for users and developers/the team.

Ok I understand and I've got two wishes:

1. Custom Apps (you can code, so you can make custom games or? Such like flappy bird you just tap and the player goes up, so it's not so hard to do (but I only think so, I never coded, you can use other games to watch off))
2. If you just have 6 people in the WD team, that gonna took years until WD gonna be good, what about a tutorial how code? That gonna really support Whited00r cause more people can help.

Question : Maybe it's not so hard make Whited00r for iOS 4.2.1 just copy all code what you wrote from 3.1.3 and paste it in the files of 4.2.1. Is that possible?

Yeah and that makes it bad, rejecting apps? buggy and old iOS 3.1.3? Both of this are making whited00r stupid.
And you wrong understand me, i meant this : there's a game like Zombie Highway (just example) last compatible version for iOS 3.1.3 is 1.9 but which version is in the store? - 1.1
And second: iOS 4.2.1 is maybe slower but muuuuuuuch better.

Why it sucks?

Let's start with the damn Time Machine App:
-Everyone knows that everyone is downloading Whited00r because of APPS.
But the shop is stupid! Old versions of every App (less features, every second App is stupid because of that)
- Searching new games (or apps) is very shitty too cause in the Game section I just see 10 Apps not more, you can't refresh or scroll down for more.
-sometimes crashes while downloading (slowly because wd is sloooowww)
-Rejecting games that cost money (that makes the store more stupid)
-no reply if u send a app.
-some apps are not even working (crashing) like talking tom.

What makes whited00r stupid? :
-iOS 3.1.3, maybe it's "faster" but it's sucky because it's very old and buggy and other stuff like that.
Cancel ass damned redd00r what is never updated and make whited00r for iOS 4.2.1!!!
That's much better! Because you already have original folders and much much better support for safari (iOS 3.1.3 you see blank pictures in iOS 4.2.1 not :DDD)
And it's better because you get more apps for the store :D
And the nice Game Center :)
And in the 4.2.1 App Store you CAN download old version of Apps 0.o
-still stupid password entering.

To Brian:
By the way I replied the page owner over 3 months ago (translating you know) and he's still not answering anymore :(

Ok, soo i have to wait for the email..
But now back to AppTimeMachine...
Can i send them apps throught email attachment or i have to send links (im not sure is uploading cracked apps legal)?

Hi, sorry for my not avaible time, (you know easter and...) sooooo I didn't get any email. And what about the apps? I know very much games for ios 3.1.3 which aren't in the store. Where can i send you the ipa's?

heh, i just want to say "Can you do a quick update for wd7? " which includes
-New Passcode entering(i hate having a passcode right now) and Passcode Tab in the Main Settings (like ios 7.1)

Don't forget the "do not disturb" button in control center i'm still waiting for this ;)

Yes, i know many apps compatible with iOS 3.1.3 i can send the cracked ipa across e-mail or mediafire.

I can translate main website and the firmware ;)

Reply how i can contact you without posting on that forum  :P

Hello, Whited00r users and admins.

I Can help at translate whited00r (full pages) to german and polish.  ;)
Propose Apps for TimeMachine (Minigore,Nyan Cat,Tasty Planet...)  :'(


Reaply.  :D

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