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Apps Compatible with iOS 3.1, 3.1.3, 4.1 & 4.2.1 / Re: Viber for WD6
« on: January 14, 2015, 09:32:40 PM »
Hi :) please install ios4 and viber and active it...then get back up viber with document from itools...then restore to WD6 or ios3.1.3 then install viber that you get back up....then you have viber in ios3.1.3 :) good luck

Merry Christmas whited00r !

HI, I think the small one is better....

really thank you sir... :)

Amateur Developers / Re: Enhanced Whited00r 7.1 UI Theme V-4.0
« on: November 08, 2014, 05:52:16 PM »
very gooood....keep going on...:) thank you dear

Amateur Developers / Re: Enhanced Whited00r 7.1 UI Theme V-4.0
« on: November 07, 2014, 08:02:52 AM »
Hi...thank you for sustain many efforts to make WD better...
Can you make passcode option in first page of setting app?

Yes about speed test between WD firmware and WD vs other custom firmware...It could be interesting.....:)

welcome everyone :) I really Happy that you enjoy it....

Hi my friends...
I try WD5.2.1-WD6-WD7-WD7.1.x and Bl4ck0ut6-B06.1.x-B06.2-B07 beta1,5 and the final B07......
I now restore my iphone3g to last B07...because on ios4 based and does not have is slower than WD7.1.4 but have a less animation than WD...and have a better battery life in B07(Bl4ck0ut team does not do any thing for battery...)....i use lookinfo tweak for ios6 like notification on lookscreen and quick reply for SMS and Switcher mode for better multitasking and activator...but even my device speed and battery life are not addition in last B07 you can not choose your like option...
finally I really love WD7.1.4 because it is very fast and more look like ios7...but it is based on ios3 and have call-coming crash(you must disable ios7 lookscreen and ios7 notification to prevent crash...and it`s battery life is not good as the other hand : WD have a full support for their custom firmware and active forum WD you can choose your option to control your device has control center and even more animation like ios7...
my suggestion to you is : Use WD5.2.1 for more speed and smooth device(based on ios3) or Bl4ck0ut6(based on ios4)....

there is ios8 and iphone6 wallpaper for our iphone3g & 2g...enjoy it

hi guys ...please help me for changing these??

Edit by Bruan to provide more keywords in the title :)

yes I know that... :) I am joking :D

Look I am one of my wishes comes ture..... ;D

Thank you :) sorry for that ;)

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