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My mistake. I miss the "S" from App'S. Im trying to install facebook and twitter

Does this app works on Iphone 2g iOS 3.1.3 Without jailbreak ?? I tried to install them using itunes and ifunbox, and they doesnt work

Yves, im foregain and im not using translator. The link for 4.4 isnt active. Try to download 4.4 and check by yourself

I starting to think im stupid....Where is the link for last stable version of 4.4.1 for 3G ?

Ok. and about the last stable version ? NO RC5 do u have a working link ?

Archives / Re: Can't Enable MMS on Whited00r 4.4.1
« on: January 03, 2012, 01:55:48 AM »
Sorry, download what mms version?

I imagine whited00r 441u has mms already. Has it?

If not i have installed the mms package for fw3.1.3, so i dont understand what you mean when you say i didnt install the mms version.

Could you please clarify.


Me too

I`ve tried RC5 on my iphone 2g and i did the same process for the last stable version - before RC 5 - and the RC5 on my iphone 2 didnt work properly so i back to the stable version for iphone 2g.

This is the reason i dont want to try the RC5 until the last and stalbe version.


I decided to try RC5 and itunes return 1604 Error.

Any help ?

In the download section i can only find the IOS 5 RC. I want the last one before RC 5. I think it`s the 4.4.1 ?! Is it right ?


I have the same problem. I downloaded the stable unlocker version for iphone 2g and i cant activate de mms. What i have to do to use mms on my old iphone 2g ?

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