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PierreP moderator note 2013-07-31:
Redd00r is really buggy and old and does NOT work anymore. We recommend waiting for an update that will be announced after the next Whited00r update. Sorry, we cannot give a release date yet so please do not ask.

Meanwhile, you can try bcooperizcool's Archetype -- Custom firmware package for every iOS


Original post:

Redd00r repo is down someone please fix it, I need redd00r!! :'(

itunes 11 do not detecting my ipod 2g mc in dfu but it can detecting when it not in dfu.
i can't jailbreak because Redsn0w can't detecting my ipod 2g mc in dfu  but it can detecting when it not in dfu :(

i try itunes and Redsn0w with my iphone 4 everything work fine

i am using windows 7 64bit

Please help

Redd00r - Archive / someone plz give me a link for Wdimessage
« on: March 17, 2012, 10:41:10 AM »
someone please give me a link  for Wdimessage.deb

(plz = Please)

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